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Bathroom furniture Verona and Vicenza

Welcome to this WIKI page! In this wikipelli we will talk about bathroom furniture, linking all the articles on the site that talk about the subject and various achievements.

For many years we deal with bathroom furniture for our customers in the provinces of Vicenza and Verona. The word "bathroom furniture" refers to the objects and elements used to furnish the bathroom. Some are necessary and have always characterised the bathroom with their presence, such as sanitary ware and tapware. Other objects have become part of everyday use over time and today we consider them indispensable.

There are articles of bathroom furniture that are necessary for our physiological needs and others that serve the care of our body, to make us more beautiful. On this page we will discover the characteristics, types and curiosities of all the bathroom furnishing products available today for your bathroom.

Topics dealt with:

I start here showing you the WIKI dedicated to all the articles related to the bathroom world:  Bathroom

Vicenza: modern bathroom with large shower

A modern penthouse in Arzignano, Vicenza, with photos of one of the 3 bathrooms. The large size of the room allowed us to install a very spacious transparent shower cubicle!

See the other spaces in the house:

penthouse in arzignano - sophisticated design

Bathroom furniture: sanitary ware

When a customer enters one of our shops in Vicenza to choose bathroom furniture, usually the first thing to be chosen is the sanitary ware. One of the most common questions is: "what are the best brands of bathroom fittings?". The right answer is: "Italian ones!". In Italy, in fact, there are excellences in the world of sanitary ware production that guarantee both technical quality of the product and aesthetics and design. 

The reason why bathroom sanitary ware is chosen first probably depends on the fact that the plumber needs the sanitary ware installation sheet to position drains and connections, already when laying the pipes. A second reason is that - at least among our customers - sanitary ware seems to be the easiest choice, with fewer options, so it is often approached first, to "break the ice" starting with the shapes: small or large? Tonto or square? 

While for some people the toilet and bidet are still an accessory to which little importance is attached, over the years manufacturers are transforming these two elements into real objects of bathroom furniture and we realise this when we compare a modern bathroom with the bathrooms of a few decades ago. Think of the wide range of coloured sanitary ware available today, for example, we can also choose between sanitary ware with glossy or matt enamel, with an external or internal cistern and toilets with or without a rim.

There is so much to say about the bidet and the toilet! You can find all the articles related to the world of sanitary ware in the dedicated WIKI:  Sanitary ware

Bathroom furniture in a renovation in Arzignano

A young boy, eclectic taste, a flat where his parents had lived, to be fixed up. 

See the furnishing of N.'s entire house here:

Renovating a penthouse in Arzignano

Bathroom furniture: taps and fittings

Taps and fittings is another subject that is fairly easy to deal with. As with sanitary ware, we only deal in Italian products because, in this specific sector, Italy boasts two districts of excellence: Brescia and Novara. Italian taps are certainly not the cheapest, but the whole world envies us the quality, design and skill of our tapware manufacturers

The main choice you will have to make when furnishing your bathroom with taps will be between steel and chrome mixers. We have dedicated an article to this question to allow you to compare the two types, which you can read by clicking here: are steel or chrome-plated brass taps better? Another important consideration is 'taps and saving', both in terms of water waste and energy consumption. The taps you choose can make all the difference. How? For example, with aerators that deliver water mixed with air, or with an off-centre lever.

And when you have decided on the right tap for you, here is how to remove limescale from taps.

You can find all the articles related to the world of bathroom taps in the dedicated WIKI: tapinetry

Bathroom furniture with stoneware top: bathroom furniture in Vicenza

Bathroom cabinet with stone effect stoneware top and integrated washbasin with deep basin. The chosen tapware is in chrome-plated brass, with a classic style.

Click here to see this creation:

liberty housw interiors in Vicenza

Bathroom furniture: the bath tub

The bathtub is undoubtedly a very important piece of bathroom furniture, and it is also the most "bulky" piece of furniture we can fit in the bathroom, given its size. Many of the bathroom renovations we undertake here at Pellizzari concern bathrooms in which the bathtub is not used and is removed to make room for a shower and a larger bathroom unit. So much so that we have dedicated an in-depth study to this topic: why is the bathtub turned into a shower

But the bathtub is loved by some customers who like to immerse themselves completely and let themselves be pampered by the warmth of the water and soap bubbles. In short, the bathtub can be defined as the "cross and delight" of the bathroom and the world is divided between those who hate it and want to demolish it and those who love to relax in a warm bath. The whirlpool bath has arrived to complicate matters. For some time, whirlpool baths were even a status symbol, only to become - again - an element of division between those who use them constantly and those who consider them perfectly useless. 

In short, not much has changed since Giorgio Gaber sang "Destra-Sinistra" and said:

Bathing in the tub is right-wing
Taking a shower is left-wing

You can find all the articles about the bathtub in the dedicated WIKI:bathtub

Modern bathroom furniture in a house in Vicenza

Oak bathroom cabinet with modern finish and embebbed washbasin.

Click here to see the realisation of this house

house in Nogarole, bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture: the shower

Speaking of Giorgio Gaber, he dedicated the song "Shampoo" to the shower. But he wasn't the only one: you can find many others, from songs written for the zecchino d'oro to current singers. And, let's face it, who doesn't want to sing in the shower? Choosing this element of bathroom furniture is more difficult precisely because of the importance we give to this space today. 

First of all, we have to decide which shower tray to make. If we decide for the traditional ceramic shower tray, the measurements are more limited. If we choose marmogres, on the other hand, we can make it to measure. But we can also make a shower tray using the same tiles as the floor or wall tiles. 

If you decide to remove the bathtub and transform it into a shower, you may also be interested in finding out about tax benefits for this intervention.

Here is a WIKI dedicated entirely to the shower tray with related articles: shower tray

Rustic bathroom furniture in Vicenza

When Martina comes to the shop she tells us about her house and speaks of it with real affection, she wants to 'fix it up well', she says. She is a volcano of energy, friendliness and sweetness.

Scroll through the photos of Martina's house:

rustic house in Arzignano 

Bathroom furniture: the shower enclosure

Once the shower tray has been chosen, it is time to decide which enclosure to install for the shower space. The enclosure can be made simply with a curtain (but very few people buy them anymore) or with a shower enclosure. At the moment the trend is for large enclosed shower areas with a fixed glass wall and free opening: we call them "walk-in showers". When building them you have to be careful not to make some: common mistakes and problems with open showers

If, on the other hand, you decide to close the shower space you will have to decide which type of shower enclosure to use: with a sliding or hinged door? With a saloon or accordion opening? And with which frame? Glass or acrylic? There are many options here. We also explain how to measure a shower enclosure and which are the best shower enclosure manufacturers.

All articles about shower enclosures can be found in the dedicated WIKI: shower bOXes

Modern bathroom furniture in Arzignano

In  a modern bathroom with wooden flooring, we opted for modern furnishings: sanitary ware and a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, a large walk-in shower covered with large slabs and GESSI taps.

Take a tour of the house:

Renovation in chiampo: new bathrooms and floors

Bathroom furniture

The bathroom furniture is the undisputed protagonist of bathroom design. Although some people still call it a "bathroom cabinet" or "washbasin", the cabinet (which can be suspended or floor-standingclosed or open and of various types) has gradually become more and more important in the bathroom, and the budget dedicated to it has also grown up to the approximately 2,000 euros spent on bathroom furniture on average today.

Clearly we are not talking about laminate or imported furniture, which lasts less than a cat on the ring road, but bathroom furniture made in Italy, modular and able to last a long time even in a humid environment. The bathroom environment puts a lot of strain on the furniture and especially the top, the top of the furniture. This is why cheap furniture with a laminate top will not last and you should choose a top in Corianmarble or glass or, finally, in porcelain stoneware (which is also used with excellent results for kitchen tops).

You can find everything you need to know in the dedicated WIKI: bathroom furniture

Vicenza bathroom furniture: large modern slabs

In this modern bathroom, the walk-in shower is clad in large decorated slabs full of colour! They are combined with large format porcelain stoneware tiles, with which we also cover the top of the bathroom cabinet.

Be inspired by the rest of the design:


Bathrooms and floors for a modern home in arzignano, Vicenza

Bathroom furniture: the mirror

Magnifying mirrors, built-in mirrors, container mirrors, adjustable mirrors, with baroque or minimalist frames, single or double, with integrated television or heated anti-fog... Even the choice of mirror can be made from a wide range of choices and is an important choice today. If, in fact, the mirror was once one of the elements of bathroom furniture considered an "accessory", today it has become indispensable. 

If you think about it, the mirror is the element that has transformed the bathroom from a service room to a room where you can take care of yourself. Thanks to this piece of bathroom furniture, placed above the cabinet, we have combined the need to put on make-up with the need to wash. In the past, people used to put on their make-up, powder and comb their hair while sitting on a piece of furniture called a "coiffesue", which was usually located in the bedroom. But the evolution of bathroom furniture and the combination with large mirrors has accustomed us to using the bathroom. 

Everything you need to know about bathroom mirrors can be found in the dedicated WIKI: bathroom mirror

Bathroom furniture in Verona: the importance of the mirror

In this bathroom with its antique pink tones, the mirror immediately catches the eye, its roundness backlit by an LED strip which is also used at the entrance to the walk-in shower.

See all the interiors of the house:

floors in Verona: a house in Albaredo d'Adige

Warmth but also decoration in the bathroom: the radiator

You need to be warm in the bathroom. We have all experienced the unpleasant sensation of stepping out of a shower or bath tub when the heating is off or not working. Underfloor heating, which we install in the vast majority of homes today, is not sufficient to heat the bathroom adequately. Not least because it is not positioned in the sanitary area and under the shower tray. The result is that one third of the bathroom floor area does not radiate heat. 

For this reason it is necessary to supplement it with another source of heat. The thermo-furnishing unit or bathroom radiator was born with this specific task in mind, although today it has evolved to the point of becoming a true design element. 

Find out more on the dedicated WIKI page: The thermofurnace

Bathroom furniture with customised slabs in Verona

A bathroom with a very special décor: customised large porcelain stoneware tiles reproduce the art of the famous artist Picasso.

Discover the whole house:

Verona: customised and creative floor and wall tiles

Bathroom furniture style

When you are choosing furniture for your bathroom, you will also need to decide which style to choose. We've written an article listing the different styles and included photos for each style identified to create a real photographic style guide. In this way you can browse through the photos and easily identify which style you like best:  photo guide to your bathroom style

In the meantime, here are some style suggestions

Bathroom furniture: the right colour for your bathroom

Colour has a great influence on a person's mood and in recent years we have heard more and more about Cromotherapy.

Below I will leave you all the colours you can colour your bathroom with: you will discover their meaning and how best to use them for the furnishing of your personal bathroom or for the furnishing of your guest bathroom. Playing with the colour of the furniture can make your bathroom more sensual, romantic, or more minimalist and bold, as well as relaxing and bright. 


Bathroom wall tiles as pieces of bathroom furniture

Bathroom wall tiles can become part of the bathroom decor. Clearly, you will need to be creative and brave enough to make them the stars of the bathroom, but once you have chosen the right wall tiles, the wow effect is guaranteed as soon as you enter. 

In addition to the classic mosaic, tiles and cement tiles, here are some fresh and trendy proposals that will complete your bathroom decor in the best possible way:

  1. Large porcelain stoneware slabs are starting to dress the best bathrooms around the world. Thanks to their exceptional size and the possibility of replicating any pattern on their surface (marble effect, stone effect, metal effect, resin effect...), they are a winning weapon for ensuring a "wow effect" as soon as you walk through the door.
    bathroom projects with large slabs
  2. Wood in the bathroom too, not just parquet for the bathroom, but also wall tiles. The result will be a calming effect, similar to what it feels like to enter a spa or a mountain chalet bathroom.
    wooden wall cladding
  3. Finally, you might want to cover your bathroom with wallpaper; wallpapers have evolved over time and today we can enjoy them in the bathroom as well, adding whimsy or personalised designs to the room.
    wallpaper in the bathroom

Bahroom furniture for a master bathroom in Vicenza

In this modern bathroom, the furnishings remain minimalist, the real protagonists being the large two-tone stoneware slabs. The bathroom does not miss a thing, including both a bathtub and a large walk-in shower.

Take a tour of the entire house: 



wooden house in vicenza, modern finishes

Increase bathroom size with furniture

If you have a small bathroom, bathroom furniture comes to your aid to give the illusion of a larger space. Choosing a generous bathroom mirror will create the optical illusion of more space, as will choosing a wall-hung bathroom cabinet and the right lighting

In the case of a bathroom of modest dimensions we should not clutter the space with large pieces of furniture: reducing the elements of the furniture to the essential, playing with light tones and choosing a bathroom cabinet of reduced dimensions will certainly help and not give the idea that the bathroom is cramped!

Discover more tricks in this article: 10 tricks to increase bathroom size

Furniture for a small bathroom in Valdagno

For the bathroom in the living area, dedicated to guests, we worked with 3D textured wall tiles, a cabinet with two elements including a wooden shelf, a countertop washbasin and polished steel taps.

Look at every room in this dream home:

customised furnishings in Valdagno

Bathroom furniture: how to light the bathroom?

Lighting is part of bathroom design. It is important in defining the atmosphere of the bathroom itself, as well as determining its perception: a poorly lit bathroom can appear smaller or not be functional when trying to get ready early in the morning or in the evening. 

An ugly chandelier can spoil the decor of the room, as can poorly lit wall lights or spotlights that are too bright. 

Find out how best to light your bathroom: bathroom lighting

The bathroom furniture in a Penthouse in the province of Vicenza

A bathroom with dark, masculine tones, where the large iron-effect porcelain stoneware slabs dominate, together with the enormous walk-in shower. The bathtub is located directly in front of the bed in the master bedroom.

Take the complete tour of the penthouse:

Renovate penthouse in vicenza

Guest bathroom furniture

The guest bathroom should not be ignored out of hand. Even those who come to your home should enjoy a good experience in it. Think about the fact that they will be used by friends, family members, colleagues, possible investors and participants in business meetings: what do you want them to think?

Taking care of the bathroom décor and, in general, all bathroom furniture, will be a great way to give those who use it a positive thought about you and your home.

Find here several ideas that might inspire you:  the guest bathroom: ideas, projects, furniture

Perhaps by following the rules of Feng-Shui, your boss might feel better after visiting your guest bathroom and decide to give you that promotion you've been waiting for:  Feng Shui: philosophy applied to the bathroom

Bathroom furniture in Arzignano: small but gutsy

In this small but gritty bathroom, we worked on the tiling with glossy strips contrasting with cement-effect stoneware. The bathroom cabinet is very unusual and is measured in length by a large LED-lit mirror.

Discover the whole realization:

floors and bathrooms in Arzignano

Bathroom furniture for a male bathroom

Everyone says that the bathroom is the woman's realm, she chooses the tiles and furniture and her husband just has to take notice and pay. But what if the man is single? How do you design a men's bathroom? Which bathroom accessories are preferred and chosen by men? 
We thought of the "poor" single men and wrote an article dedicated to them and their bathrooms, and here it is: a male bathroom

In any case, here is the complete guide to building your bathroom: Guide to build your bathroom

Verona: Elegant bathroom furniture and taps for these bathrooms

An early 20th century Art Nouveau villa in Torri del Benaco, Verona, overlooking Lake Garda.

The furnishings in the bathrooms in classical-pretty style are described here by Guido and Giulia: renovate on lake garda

Colourful and suspended: a piece of furniture that really takes centre stage in the bathroom

Futuristic bathroom furniture in Verona: wall-mounted steel tap

A large mirror on a wooden wall in a bathroom

Verona: modern bathroom furniture arredobagno with bronze taps matching the basins

Vicenza: bathtub and bathroom furniture matched to the wall tiles

Furnishing a bathroom in Vicenza: the tiled shower tray

Sanitary ware is one of the easiest pieces of bathroom furniture to choose.

Make an appointment to decorate your bathroom with us!

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  • Giulia accompanies you to discover the project that has seen her involved in the realisation of the four bathrooms of this house, set in the beautiful and fascinating Val Liona, in the province of Vicenza. Step forward and be inspired!