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The word "shower" derives from latin ducea" from "ducere", to conduct. In antiquity, this term referred to a pipe or channel-shaped conduit for the flow of water. In recent times, the term has changed meaning and today it precisely identifies a space, within the bathroom, dedicated to the cleaning of the body. The shower space is enclosed by masonry or glass walls and has one or more water sources at the top. The water is directed towards the body and then collected thanks to a shower tray or a sloping floor, which allows the water and soap to be collected and drained into a drain or channel. 

Shower enclosures in Vicenza and Verona

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The shower space: let's start with the shower tray 

In addition to the shower cubicle, the shower tray and the walls to be covered are fundamental elements for the creation of the shower space. In our shop you can discover the many possibilities for the construction of the shower tray, but we anticipate, with this link, a lot of information on how to build it, how to waterproof it and from which finishes to choose the right shower tray.
Here you will find the information:

the shower tray

piatto box doccia Vicenza Verona mosaico

Click here for information on which shower trays are the most commonly used, which are the most expensive and which are the cheapest, which are the most commonly used sizes. You will also find a lot of information about the materials that can be used to make the tray (and some of them can also be used to make the shower walls).
The most common ones are: ceramic, marble, corian, ceramic tiles, glass, resin... 

Water sources in the shower

The shower not only has the function of allowing us to wash our bodies, but can also make a fundamental contribution to the aesthetics of the bathroom, especially if we decide to make it large. 
Not only that. The shower is the space in which to regenerate, in which to relax under a nice hot shower or loosen up your shoulder muscles with a cervical waterfall. 

And this is a wonderful topic to tackle together, which will help us discover and choose the water sources to include in the shower space: the shower head, the nebulizers, the cervical waterfall, the fingerwellness, the kneipp pipe...

If you come and visit us in our shop you will discover how the organisation of the various water sources allows us to create a personal regenerating area inside the shower cubicle where you can take refuge and banish stress.

box doccia moderno Vicenza arredobagno Verona

Shower enclosures

Choosing a shower enclosure today is complicated: the range of products is enormous and every catalogue is an encyclopaedia. But how do you choose a shower enclosure? What criteria do you need to consider? 

A new standard, Uni En 14428, recently introduced in Italy, specifies the characteristics for shower enclosures for domestic use to ensure that the product, if installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, provides satisfactory performance. The standard does not apply to enclosures, nor to shower curtains. 
Here you will find some guidance on how to make a shower enclosure correctly:

a shower enclosure to the highest standard 

Obviously, the standard does not specify aesthetic or dimensional requirements: this is your decision. We, however, will guide you in your choice in the shop and we anticipate, here, some advice on glass, which is the most widely used material for shower enclosures.

the glass shower enclosure

box doccia vetro cristallo negozio Vicenza

The shower and lighting

We will see the possibilities of illuminating the shower in an innovative way, for example by using LED lights embedded in the coverings or ceiling spotlights with a "starry sky" effect.
In the shower we can also use RGB LEDs by integrating them into the walls or directly into the shower head. It is well known that chromotherapy is not only very scenic but also useful for our minds. 


discover the advantages of chromotherapy

doccia cromoterapia bagni moderni Vicenza Verona

Shower enclosure realisations in Verona and Vicenza

We will tell you about some of our realisations and explain some mistakes we have made, so that you can avoid making them and we will give you some useful advice.  
In some cases (for example, if you are creating a walk-in shower space) there are easily avoidable mistakes which, if not taken into account, can cost you dearly. Find everything here:  

walk-in shower

box doccia aperto walk in Vicenza bagni Verona moderno

Photos of shower enclosures in Verona and Vicenza

In the photo gallery of shower enclosures at the bottom of this page, we have included almost all of our work over the years, as well as some photos of the showroom. You will find both extremely practical solutions and innovative ideas. 

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