Shower tray

The shower tray

Let's start by citing the Uni En standard that regulates this sector: Uni En 14527, recently issued in Italian. The document specifies the characteristics that a shower tray must have, but also the test methods for assessing its conformity, tests and tolerances. The standard applies to "domestic shower trays". This term refers to shower trays of any type and surface (i.e. not only ceramic ones) except those used for medical purposes. 

The standard also defines, in a rather "crude" way, the shower tray as "that sanitary appliance which collects the water used to wash the human body in a shower and directs it towards a drain". 
Not a very poetic definition, but it is quite effective. 

The measurements of a shower tray

In what size can a ceramic shower tray be made? We discuss this in this article:

shower tray measurements


What if there is no size you are interested in? In that case, we can make a shower tray to measure in marmogres: one of our favourite solutions.  In the following link you will also find some price indications:

made-to-meaure-shower trays inmarmogres

Types of shower trays

Shower trays can be of various types. If you are undecided about which type of shower tray to use, here is a useful guide to help you choose: 

types of shower trays

Tiled shower trays

The choice of a tiled shower tray allows us to have a single floor in the bathroom, without steps. It is a fantastic solution for both aesthetics and ease of cleaning. If you are thinking of a walk-in shower, a tiled shower tray flush with the floor is the perfect choice. But how is it made? Find out here:

tiled shower tray



Which shower tray would you shower on?

We apologise for the quality of some of these photos, but they are 'real' shower trays made in various bathrooms over the last few years. Sometimes they are photographed on site, sometimes later, sometimes by us and sometimes by the customer.