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What is marmogres?

It is an agglomerate aesthetically very similar to marble but with some different characteristics that make it preferable. 
It is more compact, less porous, has no veins running through it, is much less absorbent and can have colours that do not exist in marble. For example, absolute white or absolute black. It is an aesthetically very simile to marble agglomerate, but with some different characteristics that make it preferable


Un piatto doccia in marmogres
A marmogres shower tray

It is produced by mixing marble powder and using a resin as a binder, in small quantities, and pressing the mixture.
Slabs of various thicknesses are thus obtained which can then be cut, rounded and hollowed out. In short, they can be worked like marble and various artefacts can be obtained which, like marble, have the characteristic of being 'full'. 

Marble elements for bathrooms

The product is suitable for use in bathrooms because, unlike marble, it does not absorb and does not stain with commonly used products. In the bathroom products are used that can ruin marble (just think of acetone or hair dye) so it is important to have non-absorbent surfaces. 

Marble slabs, available in various thicknesses, can be worked to make floor and wall coverings, even stair treads (with straight or rounded edges) but, above all, they are perfect for making elements in the bathroom: shelves to rest on basins, or basins, tops for bathroom furniture, bath tops and bath coverings, but above all shower trays.

Marmogres shower trays

Compared to resin plates, which are made by pouring resin into a mould, marbled plates are "full", heavy. They do not yield with the weight of the person. They also have the advantage of not being fragile: the resin makes them capable of adapting to any stresses. 
For this reason they can be embedded at finished floor level without fear of cracking or breaking in the event of slight subsidence or settling of the house. Ceramic, when subjected to stress, cracks because it cannot withstand this stress. Marmogres, on the other hand, slowly gives way and adapts.

Our marmogres shower trays are also thin: 3 centimetres if you choose the version without a border, or 4 centimetres for the version with a border. So even if you decide not to recess them, the end result is still very beautiful and minimal. 

Cleaning marmogrès

Together with the finished product, i.e. the plate, the bath top or the wall tiles, we also supply a cleaning kit that includes a specific detergent and a sponge.

If you need the kit or just the detergent, you can buy it in our shop dedicated to floor maintenance in Viale Europa 2 in Gambellara (Vicenza). 

In the gallery below and in the articles that follow you can find some achievements in which we have used marmogrès in the bathroom. 
Enjoy reading! 


Open shower and marmogres tray

Marmogres shower tray in a bathroom in Verona

Marmogres shower tray, bathroom in Verona

Marmogres shower tray, Vicenza

Marmogres shower tray laid in Vicenza

Marmogres shower tray in a classic bathroom