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The bathtub

Immersing oneself in a bathtub to wash is an ancient ritual, it brings back the sensations we feel when we enter the sea or a lake. The water supports us and our muscles relax, we become children again, we play with the water, we move our hands and move it, we create waves. If we submerge our heads under the water up to our ears, leaving our noses out to breathe, noises become distant and we are even more in touch with our deepest selves. In the bath, we feel the power of the water, which can calm us down or give us energy, in the case of the hydromassage.

bathtub: cradle of well-being

vasca stand alone in un grande bagno


We've come a long way from the vat...

Normal bath or whirlpool bath?

The whirlpool bath had its moment of glory in the 1990s when, thanks to its beneficial effects, it was included in all new bathrooms. Derived from the ancient practice of hydrotherapy, the hydromassage represents a privileged instrument to achieve psychophysical well-being. The body immersed in a hydromassage tub is in fact subjected to the pressure of water and air that come out of special nozzles. But in addition to these benefits, hydromassage stimulates blood circulation, tones the skin and tissues, relaxes the muscles...

That's why it is so popular with athletes, who take advantage of it after sustaining heavy physical stress, obtaining a pleasant feeling of well-being. Whirlpool baths are equipped with control panels on the edge of the bath, which allow you to memorise personalised programmes, control and maintain a constant water temperature, and increase or decrease the power of the jets.

Read more about this in the dedicated article: hydromassage bathtub: wellness AT HOME

The new methacrylate bathtubs

Since the bathtub began to be produced industrially, its appearance and ergonomics have improved considerably, meeting the tastes and practical needs of all users.

However, we had to wait until the discovery of methacrylate to obtain a comfortable, moulded, welcoming and equipped bathtub with a richer design and easy maintenance.

Modern freestanding bathtub in a penthouse in Vicenza

A large freestanding bathtub is placed in a special position in this modern bathroom: oriented diagonally, it is set in a recess in the wall covered with two-tone resin-effect stoneware tiles.

Go and see the rest of the home:

oak parquet and modern bathrooms: a penthouse in vicenza

The shapes of bathtubs

The variety of shapes of bathtubs available today is due to technical evolution and experimentation with new materials. The use of resins and plastics has made it possible to change the shape of the casing: if traditionally the bathtub was only rectangular, today we have round bathtubs, corner bathtubs, even bathtubs that can hold up to three or four people.

Even more interesting is the evolution of the internal anatomical design. If this was once completely absent, today we have tubs designed to be more comfortable, with non-slip bottoms, with armrests and headrests, with handles and built-in seat.

Corner bathtub in Chiampo, Vicenza

A large, comfortable corner bath takes its place in this totally renovated bathroom: the comfort of the headrest will make bathing a moment of pure relaxation.

Be inspired by the rest of the house:

floors and bathrooms in Chiampo

Bathtub coverings

Here, too, we have seen considerable changes over the decades. We've gone from the steel bathtub surrounded by brick walls which were then covered in tiles (the standard in the 1970s and 1980s) to panelled bathtubs and up to modern versions of masonry bathtubs covered with large stoneware slabs.

Discover coverings for your bathtub here: tiling a bathtub with large format tiles


Tiled bathtub in Vicenza

In this renovated former convent, we recreated a minimalist bathroom with the installation of a modern tiled bathtub.

Discover the realisation:

floors and bathrooms in a renovation in vicenza

How do you choose a bathtub?

There are many possibilities, and we are available to discuss the various choices with you: you will have to decide whether you want a stand-alone bathtub or whether you prefer the bathtub to be covered like the rest of the bathroom, whether you prefer the romantic style of a cast-iron bathtub with feet or whether you want to enjoy the benefits of a whirlpool bathtub... in short, come and visit us in our two shops in Vicenza and together we will find the right solution with a customised bathroom project. We'll figure out how to position the tub, what size is right for you, what shape and colour to buy and, if necessary, how to personalise it for you.

Bathtub covered in porcelain stoneware in Verona

In this house in Albaredo d'Adige we have a bathtub for relaxing moments, covered with a cement-effect stoneware that continues on the shower tray.

See the rest of the house:

floors in Verona: a house in Albaredo d'Adige

What if I don't want the bathtub anymore?

There is the possibility of transforming your old bathtub into a new, modern and spacious shower! How do I transform my old bathtub into a shower? We'll tell you in this dedicated article: 

from bathtub to shower: transforming the bathroom

Marble-tiled centrepiece bathtub

Centrepiece bathtub

Masonry bathtub covered with large stoneware slabs

Bathtub or shower?

Bathtub or shower?

Coriam freestanding bathtub

Masonry bathtub covered with large onyx-effect slabs

Bathtub: two alternatives

Come to the shop for your bathtub:

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