From bath tub to shower: transforming the bathroom

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Tub to shower conversion

We are often called by our customers in Vicenza and Verona who ask us to transform their bathtub into a shower cubicle. It is one of the most frequent modifications that occur in bathrooms, which is why we have dedicated this page to this specific intervention. Before knowing in detail what it is and how much it costs, we ask ourselves: "why transform a bathtub into a shower?". and "what are the reasons for demolishing a bathtub and replacing it with a shower?". 

We've tried to answer these questions based on the experience of our customers here in the shop, so if you're thinking of converting your bathtub into a shower but still aren't convinced, you might find some good reasons in this article: why do you turn your bathtube into a shower?

Find out the rest in this wiki, including articles and achievements:


Transforming a bathtub into a shower: intervention in Lonigo, Vicenza




  1. Covering and protecting all furniture that is not subject to intervention

  2. Demolition of any walls and existing bathtub arrangement and installation of drain and mixer for future shower

  3. Closure of tracks and installation of shower tray

  4. Installation of cladding, in this case with large slabs, installation of fittings and shower enclosure


Converting the bath tub into a shower: what inconveniences?

If, just by looking at the photos above, you are already worried about the work and the inconvenience to your home of removing the bath tub and putting in a shower... In this case, you should read the following article in which we explain all the steps to allow you to understand the extent of the inconvenience.

The practical steps to transform a bathtub into a shower [under review].

Problems and critical opinions about the shower

Before you decide to switch to a shower for good and abandon the "poor" bathtub (and to avoid having second thoughts after the work has been completed) I would ask you, however, to read these articles. 

The first one shows you the benefits of a bath in a tub: if you install a shower you will have to accept that you have to give it up. Reading it might make you change your mind... better now than when the work is done! 


the benefits of bathing in a tub


This second article will protect you from some of the risks you might run if you choose to install an open shower, i.e. a type of shower where the door does not close off the shower space. 

the walk-in shower: problems and criticisms


The open shower, which is also called "free entry" or "walk-in shower", is one of the formulas most frequently used by people who decide to change their bathtub into a shower. 

Doccia aperta walk in
An example of a walk-in shower, i.e. with at least one side open and the side glass fixed.


From bathtub to shower with large slabs

How to turn a bathtub into a shower?

If you have reached this paragraph, it means that you have already decided to replace your bathtub. Well then, let me explain the two different methods by which we can transform your bathtub into a shower:

  • convert from a bathtub to a shower using a shower enclosure (some call it a "shower cabin"), which is a ready-made product that includes everything you need.
  • transform from a bathtub into a shower by combining a shower tray, tiles, mixer and shower heads, i.e. by building a customised solution, combining different products, even from different companies. 

Let's see the pros and cons of both cases.


Doccia in resina a vicenza
This bathroom had a tiled bath. In a very radical intervention, we demolished and completely rebuilt both the shower space and the rest of the bathroom using an ecological resin.

Converting a bath tub into a shower: the walk-in shower

This is the quickest and - in many cases - the cheapest solution.

You buy a shower enclosure which includes the shower tray, the walls, the glass panelling and the mixer tap and shower head. 
In many cases it is not even necessary to restore the cladding at the back of the enclosure because the walls of the enclosure "hide" any cracks caused by the passage of pipes. 

da vasca a doccia cabinato
A shower enclosure: note that the dimensions of the tray are available in the same sizes as the bathtubs on the market, to allow quick and easy replacement.

The pros and cons of this solution are analysed in this article:

enclosures: a rapid transformation from bath to shower

Replacing the bathtub with a shower tray and box

If, on the other hand, you prefer to transform your bathtub into a shower with a customised solution and you are willing to accept a higher cost as well as a longer lead time, you can choose the second method. 

In this case we will choose the different elements together, starting with the shower tray: 

which shower tray? types, advantages and disadvantages

Piatto doccia
A shower tray in marmogres, but there are also shower trays in ceramic, corian, methacrylate...

We will then be able to decide on the type, opening and glass finish of your shower enclosure:

which shower box? 

moderno box doccia
A modern shower box

Finally, we will decide which shower head to use and, if necessary, which other accessories to include in the shower space in order to create a small personal wellness environment, perhaps even with Chromoterapy.

Transforming a bathtub into a shower, intervention in Vicenza

How to cover the walls behind the bathtub to be demolished?

This is one of the questions everyone has when they have to demolish a masonry bathtub.

You are probably asking yourself: how can I cover the portions of the wall where the old tiles have been removed? You would need a quantity of spare tiles, which one hardly ever decides to keep. 
In this case, once the bathtub has been removed, there is still a section of wall to be tiled... what material can be used? How can you combine this new wall covering with the old tiles? 

We have several solutions: Corian, marmogres or large stoneware slabs

There is a lot of documentation on our website about large tiles, including one on this very subject:

tiling the shower area with large stoneware tiles

grandi lastre in gres in doccia
The bathtub space has been covered with large porcelain stoneware slabs.

What are the benefits for converting from a bathtub to a shower?

Nowadays, the tax authorities allow you to renovate your home and benefit from significant tax breaks. If you decide to remove the bathtub and put in a shower, is this intervention facilitated? To what extent? 

We have dealt with this subject in the article:  Qwhich amounts in the case of transformation from bathtub to shower?

How much does it cost to transform a bathtub into a shower?

Given the two renovation solutions, we would have two different prices for transforming the bathtub into a shower cubicle.

In the solution where a shower cubicle is planned, the cost must be taken into account:

  • Part of the demolition of the existing bathtub;
  • The transport of the residues to the landfill;
  • The construction of sand cement screed;
  • The restoration of the connections;
  • Installation of the new shower enclosure.

The total is approximately € 2,900 + VAT.

In the second solution, where a full-fledged shower is planned, the price takes into account:

  • Total demolition of the existing bathtub;
  • The transport of the residues to the landfill;
  • The displacement of the connections of the new shower and their restoration;
  • The construction of a sand cement screed;
  • The restoration of the walls;
  • The laying of tiles measuring 100 x 100 cm (e.g.);
  • A resin shower tray (e.g.);
  • A walk-in shower enclosure (e.g.);
  • Chromed brass external taps (e.g.).

With these specifications taken as an example, the indicative price will rise to € 3,700 + VAT.

A large shower area lined with large slabs

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