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Bathroom shops in Vicenza and Verona

Fratelli Pellizzari offers you, here and in the two shops dedicated to bathrooms, its experience to design, build or renovate your bathroom in the areas of Vicenza, Verona and Padua.

Our website is full of advice, projects and ideas. Among the thousands of photos of bathrooms and renderings of projects, you're sure to find the one best suited to your home. In the in-depth part of this WIKI you will find articles with lots of information on how to design, how to choose the various elements of bathroom furniture and how to renovate or build a bathroom, but also photos of renovated bathrooms, so you can see the before and after. 

Designing and building bathrooms has been our speciality for many years, it is our job and our passion

... let us help you! 



Bathroom specialist shop: what do we do?

At Fratelli Pellizzari we deal with:

  • Complete realisations
  • Turnkey bathrooms
  • Sale of individual bathroom components (new and outlet)
  • Sale and installation of floor and wall tiles

We design and build all types of bathrooms, providing all the furnishings and coverings in a single solution. For private homes, for public areas, for bars and restaurants, for spas and wellness centres, for B&Bs and hotels, there is no area in which we cannot operate (and we have already operated) and we always do so with a creative spirit in response to the customer's needs! 

Learn more about the various areas according to your needs:


Bathroom furniture shops: all elements

In our bathroom, surface and kitchen furnishing shops, we display a large quantity of furniture to give you the possibility to touch with your hands the furniture you are going to buy. In the Gambellara and Costo di Arzignano showrooms we display a selection of our offer: we focus on Italian quality and durable elements. We do not like to present and sell furniture that will break in a few years!

As a necessity we also work with made-to-measure furniture, created by relying on master craftsmen in our area to carry on an all-Italian art. Whether you want a walk-in shower, a wall-mounted or floor standing unit, or innovative steel taps, you'll be able to find something to your taste and take home durable, high-performance furniture.  

Discover all the bathroom elements we deal with in our shops:

Bathroom shop: floor and wall tiles

If our core business has always been bathrooms, you'll find flooring and wall tiles alongside it. We have always sold and laid tiles, parquet and all kinds of flooring and wall tiles! In your bathroom we will combine furniture and tiles into one creative solution.

For your modern bathroom we have several options for surfaces. The latest products include: 

    Whether decorated or not, large slabs are now a highly sought-after surface, both in terms of performance and appearance. 
    Another popular thing to do is to enter bathrooms with the same wood flooring as the rest of the house. It's not utopia, on the contrary, it's a design choice that gives a sense of continuity to the spaces, a cuddle for your feet when you enter the bathroom early in the morning, an aesthetically pleasing element. Click on the link above to find out why it's not so true that water and wood are total enemies!
    Wallpaper was relegated to the outskirts of the bathroom world until several years ago, but new fibreglass papers make it possible to cover bathroom walls without fear of them coming off the wall.

Each design, however, is unique and beyond trends we are interested in designing bathrooms that will last, both in terms of quality of materials and style.

How we work in our bathroom shops

As we have just pointed out, every project is unique and deserves to be studied carefully. And that's exactly how we proceed when it comes to renovating or building new bathrooms: we look at your needs, tastes and budget to create a solution that fits you perfectly. We help you choose furniture, flooring and wall coverings in line with your style and advise you on lighting, accessories, taps and fittings, sanitary ware, but we also support you in the implementation!

We personally follow the construction sites in the Vicenza and Verona areas for a complete service: we work in the areas bordering on us so that we can personally follow the construction site and promptly deal with the problems that arise during renovation (and in 50 years we have seen and solved many problems). If you live outside these provinces we cannot follow the construction phase, but we can still provide a project and the material for the realisation of your ideal bathroom! 

The plans we create are digitised, so you can get an immediate idea of what your bathroom will look like once the building site is closed.


Bathroom projects: matching tiles and furniture

In our bathroom shops at Costo di Arzignano and Gambellara (Vicenza) we work with photorealistic renderings to help you make a more informed choice. 

The photorealistic project of a bathroom is essential to allow you to appreciate in advance the combination of shapes, surfaces and colours chosen. The render will allow you to evaluate the goodness of the combinations, perhaps discarding ideas that seemed good at first sight.

Take a look at the gallery below to understand the level of work done by our renderers!

Examples of renderings made in our bathroom shops for Verona and Vicenza

Do you want to see more projects and find the designer who can combine tiles, furniture, styles and colours just the way you like them? Look at their portfolios and find the right inspiration.

Our staff will then direct you to the most suitable vendor, so you can create the bathroom of your dreams! There is no need to visit different shops and lose sight of the end result: we will present you with everything from flooring, furniture, fittings and heating elements to achieve a harmonious, functional and aesthetically beautiful overall result. This is certainly what sets us apart and what allows us to achieve particularly consistent construction results in terms of materials and style.

Be inspired:

Bespoke bathrooms

Each room has its own story and each has to respond to different needs and personalities. For example: 

  • The bathroom in the living area should tie in with the materials and colours of the living space, there is usually no need for large furniture and it is almost always smaller in size than the other bathrooms in the house.
  •  The bathroom in the master bedroom could have the same floor as the bedrooms, so maybe parquet, and we will take into account that it is the main bathroom, which you use in the morning to get ready to go out. We will study spacious and well-lit spaces. 
  • The children's bathroom should be easy to clean and "child-proof", which doesn't mean tiling it with cartoon tiles (but we have those too if you want).

So even a guest bathroom and an attic bathroom will have their own special features! You can see this in our realisation articles, in which we explain the reasons for the choices made: 


Or read this selection of articles related to bathroom renovations that we have carried out and get inspiration for your own home:

Negozi bagni: una realizzazione a Verona

One bathroom colourful and dynamic, the other quieter and more luxurious. 

Take a tour of the realisation:

new house in Cerea, Verona

Tiles and bathroom furniture in Vicenza

Two different bathrooms with a strong character: one with wallpaper, the other with dark tiles. 

Discover them both:

wood flooring and bathrooms in Camisano Vicentino

Complete renovation of four bathrooms in Vicenza

In this realisation we took care of four turnkey bathrooms, taking care of the furniture, floors and wall tiles in a new way for each bathroom.

Discover them all:


Modern bathroom furniture and wall tiles in Vicenza

Marble-effect blue slabs, mirrored wall-mounted cabinet, custom-designed lighting, steel taps. 

Discover this bathroom and the rest of the house:

New house in the province of Vicenza

Furniture and wall tiles for a guest bathroom in Vicenza

In this realisation a bathroom with red coloured stoneware slabs is combined with essential furniture to create a modern guest bathroom.

Discover the whole house:

furnishings and coverings of a new house in vicenza

A resin and wallpaper bathroom in Vicenza

A modern and original bathroom in resin and wallpaper that we created in Arzignano (Vicenza).

To see all the photos click on the link below:

Modern resin bathroom

Bathroom costs and benefits

At this point you may be wondering: OK, how much will it cost to redo my bathroom? The answer is always and only one: it depends. Generally speaking, I can already tell you that it is difficult to completely renovate a bathroom for less than ten thousand euros. You can find explicit examples in this article, where we have included the realization and the reference cost: how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

You may also be interested in finding out what concessions, discounts and advantages there are to completely or partially renovating your bathroom now. You will find below the WIKI dedicated, constantly updated, with the new benefits related to the world of restructuring: 

tax benefits and vat

Bathroom showroom in Vicenza and Verona

Thank you for visiting us on our bathroom page, we hope to see you in the shop soon! If you have any questions do not hesitate to write to us, if you are interested in buying bathroom furniture or completely renovating your bathroom use the box below to make an appointment.

We only carry out a few complete jobs a year and only in the areas of Vicenza, Verona and Padua, focusing on top quality Made in Italy materials and often handcrafted. If you think we can do it for you, we will accompany you with passion in the creation of your bathroom, private or public, of your dreams!

Here are the addresses and contacts of our showrooms for bathrooms, floors, surfaces and kitchens:

Bathrooms, Kitchens and Surfaces
36071 COSTO DI ARZIGNANO (Vicenza) 

[email protected]

We work by appointment so that we can concentrate fully on you

Bathrooms, Kitchens and Surfaces
36053 GAMBELLARA (Vicenza)

[email protected]

We work by appointment so that we can concentrate fully on you

Ps. You will find in addition to the box dedicated to appointments a list of in-depth articles written by our designers related to the world of the bathroom that might interest you!


  • Natural and practical materials for a bathroom dedicated to the youngest members of the family: Andrea and Greta talk about how the project was born, publishing photos of all the phases of its realisation.

  • Today, let's see together how to create an industrial style bathroom that is completely out of the ordinary!

  • Giulia accompanies you to discover the project that has seen her involved in the realisation of the four bathrooms of this house, set in the beautiful and fascinating Val Liona, in the province of Vicenza. Step forward and be inspired!