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lavabo bagno, mobile con lavabo

The washbasin is an essential accessory for the bathroom: we wash our face, hands, sometimes our hair and maybe even a baby. But... how do you choose a washbasin? What are the criteria to be considered? What materials should be used? How do you avoid choosing a nightmarish washbasin

In this WIKI we deal with this subject with useful articles and creations. In particular you will read:

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Coloured freestanding washbasin in a creative bathroom in Vicenza

Un unusual matt-coloured freestanding washbasin in line with the forest effect bathroom.

Discover the innovative bathrooms in this house:

creative bathrooms with large slabs in sossano, Vicenza

Washbasin: which one to choose?

Washbasins come in different shapes and structures. Depending on your needs and personal taste, you can choose from a variety of washbasins, including:

Each has its own characteristics that make it ideal for different needs. We discuss these in more detail in the following article: 

bathroom washbasin, which to choose?

Countertop washbasin in a modern bathroom in Verona

Countertop washbasin for this modern bathroom in the province of Verona.

Discover the whole house:

new house in Ronco all'Adige: floors and bathrooms

Single basin or double basin? 

It is important to consider the design aspects when deciding to buy a washbasin. A common question, especially if the bathroom is large enough, is whether it is better to have a single or double wash basin in the bathroom. And how much space is needed for a double basin? And what types of double washbasins are available on the market? 

We answer all these questions in this article: the duble washbasin in the bathroom

Modern washbasins for bathrooms in Vicenza

Single washbasin and double washbasin in two modern bathrooms of the same house in Vicenza

Take a tour of the whole house:

new house in the proince of Vicenza

Washbasin for the bathroom: material

One of the first things you need to decide is the type of material you want your wash basin to be made of. The most commonly used material for washbasins is certainly glazed ceramic, in the classic white colour. Of course, this is also the cheapest material: a ceramic washbasin can cost a few tens of euros. Ceramic has replaced marble, which is being used less and less in the bathroom due to problems of absorbency and stainability.

The pros of ceramics are:

  1. Low price;
  2. Easy to clean;
  3. It does not stain or absorb.

The shortcomings of ceramics are:

  1. Predefined shapes and sizes, not customisable;
  2. Fragility when dropped.
lavabi bagno moderni Vicenza


However, there are other options, as we tell you in this article: bathroom washbasin: which material?

Modern bathroom for living area in Vicenza

The modern, softly shaped washbasin in polished ceramic contrasts with the wooden shelf in this bathroom.

Take a tour of the whole house:


Corian bathroom washbasin

Among the other materials that make up modern bathroom washbasins today we find Corian and other types of "solid surfaces" that are becoming increasingly popular and prominent in the world of bathroom furniture.

It is a versatile material that can be adapted to countless shapes and sizes; there are no 'standard' sizes for Corian tops, in fact they can easily reach 2 metres in length. White is undoubtedly the colour with which this resin is associated, but thanks to the possibility of adding colour pigments directly into the mix there is a wide range of choice.

You can find lots of information here: corian in the bathroom

Lavabo in Corian


Corian washbasins for a B&B in Verona

In this bed&breakfast in Verona we installed a wall-mounted washbasin and a capacious washbasin in Corian.

Discover the realisation:

Renovate a bed&breakfast in Verona

Bathroom wash basin: porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware, the new protagonist in the home, is another good, modern option. It is characterised by its typical square shape and minimalist beauty, boasting infinite qualities in terms of resistance to heat, scratching and wear. 

Find out all you need to know in this article:  stoneware washbasins for the bathroom

You should know that a stoneware washbasin is almost always integrated into a bathroom furniture unit with a stoneware top or covered entirely with stoneware. These have an unmistakable style and, like stoneware sinks, are characterised by square and essential lines. 

We talk about them in this article: bathroom furniture with stoneware top

Modern washbasin integrated in the cabinet top, Vicenza

Washbasin integrated into the top of the porcelain stoneware bathroom unit, with its distinctive square, monolithic shape.

Discover the whole house:

furnishings and coverings of anew house in vicenza

Bathroom cloured washbasins

A very interesting trend for creative people is the use of coloured sanitary ware and washbasins. The coloured washbasin will give the bathroom an extra touch of eccentricity and sophistication, which we promise will not go amiss.

You can find several examples in this article: coloured washbasins and sanitaries

Coloured countertop washbasin in a bathroom in Gazzolo D'Arcole, Verona

In this bathroom we installed a countertop washbasin in matt coloured ceramic, matched in colour to the drawer of the made-to-measure cabinet.

Discover the whole house:

floors and bathrooms in Gazzolo D'Arcole, Verona

Bathroom washbasin: which tap?

Faucets in the bathroom should always be matched, so when you go to choose a faucet you should consider how it relates to the various spaces in which it will be present: does it fit in the shower, on the bidet or next to the chosen sink?

Hardly any of the bathroom elements live independently, so just as the washbasin influences the choice of tapware, so too does the tapware influence the choice of washbasin. It all depends on what struck us first and what weight we give to one or the other detail.

You can find out everything you need to know about bathroom taps to match your wash basin in the dedicated WIKI: tapinery

Classic style washbasin for bathrooms made in Vicenza

In this classic house we have created a bathroom with a glossy white ceramic washbasin and stylish chrome taps.

Discover the realisation:

classic style bathrooms in Montecchio - Vicenza


In addition to coming to our shops and ordering a new washbasin, you can take advantage of our showroom exchanges and take home at a lower price elements from the showroom or wrong orders, still in excellent condition and ready to be brought into your home!

Enter the outlet and find the right deal for you:  OUTLET bathroom washbasins

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