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Details are important, which is why we devote an entire space to taps and fittings: as well as being functional, the design you choose for your bathroom taps and fittings can change the whole environment. We can go from a more modern air to a more classic one, to industrial or essential styles, changing materials, shapes and jets.

On this page you have reached a junction point where you can find all the specialised articles on taps and fittings that we have written over time, on the strength of our experience. You will be able to find all the answers you are looking for, get an idea of our company, discover which brands we welcome in our showrooms and in our designs. By contacting us, then, we can help you design and build your bathroom, with the right taps and fittings, of course!

In this WIKI I will therefore direct you to several topics:

The mixer in the bathroom

With the introduction of the modern bathroom mixer, we are moving beyond the old model of a two-control faucet to a more effective and visually pleasing design and, above all, better functionality. The mixer tap can be of various types, different finishes, various styles.
Recently, families of 'evolved' mixers have also been introduced and become established, such as the mixer with thermostatic function and automatic mixers, which activate the water supply when a body meets the infrared sensor. And finally, the latest arrival, hydroprogressive mixers, which with a single movement allow you to switch from cold to lukewarm and finally to hot water.

But let's look at one thing at a time. 
In the meantime, if you want to get an overview of bathroom mixers you could start by clicking here:

the mixer in the bathroom

Gessi "Goccia" taps: bathrooms created in a penthouse in Vicenza

Modern bathroom tap in Vicenza

For the bathroom of the living area of their penthouse, the customers opted for a beautiful Gessi tap from the "Goccia" line, installed on the wall on a countertop basin.

Discover the rest of the realisation by clicking here:



Bathroom taps: steel or brass?

Chromium-plated brass has always been the best-selling faucet, as it is the most popular material for bathroom taps. However, I would not underestimate the super-strong stainless steel, which is also gaining ground in the taps and fittings market

Steel is not very popular in the taps industry. Until recently it was only used in public areas or for special situations, but now we are also seeing this durable material enter the bathrooms of private homes, usually as a complement to modern-looking furnishings. But the opaque finish that characterises it cannot meet the tastes of everyone and the design of every bathroom: if you want a more glossy and reflective surface, the choice will necessarily fall on brass.

There are many differences, so I leave you with this article to delve into the subject and identify which material is best suited to your tastes and needs:

taps: brass or steel?

Steel taps for a modern wooden house in Vicenza

In this realisation the customer opted for steel fittings: here we can appreciate the fittings for the integrated washbasin and the thermostatic mixer for the large stoneware-lined bathtub.

Take a tour of the entire house:

wooden house in vicenza, the modern finishes

Steel bathroom taps

If you weren't aware of it yet, bathroom taps are encountering a new material: stainless steel! Stainless steel taps have an important feature: they cannot have the reflective sheen of brass, the main material used in the production of bathroom taps, but have a semi-matt finish. It remains a shiny and durable object, but you won't be able to reflect yourself on it!

However, this can be a plus: in modern bathrooms a matt finish is very much in vogue. You could contrast the opacity of the tap with an extremely shiny ceramic basin, or accompany it with a matt ceramic basin for the sake of essential continuity. Of course, whether it contrasts with or matches the basin you have chosen, the steel tap will make a statement in your bathroom!

On this subject, I leave you with this article where you will discover the 10 good reasons to choose a steel tap:

steel bathroom taps

Black and steel bathroom taps in Vicenza

In this beautiful realisation in Vicenza, the bathrooms in the sleeping area are fitted with steel taps, while the guest bathroom in the living area is fitted with black taps.

Take a tour of the house:

furniture and coverings of a new house in vicenza

New finishes of bathroom taps

A bare material without the right finish does not complete the bathroom. Depending on the design you choose and the look you want to give your bathroom fittings, you should choose the right finish.

The finish not only allows you to choose the right colour for your bathroom tapware, but also ensures greater resistance, durability and hygiene of the product: limescale water can be ruinous for the tap, so it is important to choose a finish that prevents it from ruining the tap, an essential and highly visible element in the bathroom.

I therefore suggest the article on finishes to learn about the differences between the various ones we offer:

taps: the finishes

Bathroom mixer for a renovation in Vicenza

In this renovation we dealt with the bathrooms: the client opted for a modern design which is reflected in the choice of a white bathroom tap with a particular shape. This is the "Goccia" line by Gessi, bathroom mixers with a unique essence.

See the whole realisation:

Renovate bathroom in Lonigo

Cleaning bathroom taps and fittings

Before you think that the obvious solution is a classic chemical limescale remover bottle, let's look at all the options together. Like any good citizen of the planet, you should try to avoid using and wasting too many chemicals, because there are good 'natural' alternatives that don't harm the environment or your tap. While the chemicals in limescale removers will solve your problem, over time they will also ruin the surface on which they are used

This is why we have dedicated an article to the maintenance of taps, how to avoid problems and how to prevent the formation of limescale:  taps and fittings: cleaning limescale

Some natural methods - which are just as effective in cleaning up limescale in your bathroom faucets - may seem like 'old-fashioned methods' to you, and indeed they are. For others, you will have to interact with your plumber, but bear in mind that what you will spend today to prevent limescale build-up (not only in taps) you will certainly save in the time of breakdowns and service centres. 

Taps and fittings for a classic-styled bathroom in Montecchio Maggiore

In this house, the customers wanted to bring the classic style into the present: the unusual, non-linear tapware reflects the customers' chosen style with its design.

Take a complete tour of the house:

classic style bathrooms in montecchio-Vicenza

Save water and benefit the environment with the right tap

Did you know that you can find taps on the market that are designed to save water? Choosing a water-saving tap will not only be good for the environment, it will also be good for your pocket! Lower bills and green choice, need I say more?

The waste of drinking water on our planet is a serious problem which, if not tackled, will lead to a real "water crisis" in our country too (there are already several areas of the world where the scarcity of drinking water has led to serious consequences on people's quality of life and life expectancy). Water is life, it is important to respect and conserve it.

In this article we explain how a simple change can have a big impact:

bathroom tap: save water!

Black taps for an industrial bathroom in Montebello (Vicenza)

We have installed black taps (currently very popular) in this industrial-style bathroom. The right faucets complete this unique bathroom with their design.

Take a look at the rest of the bathroom:

Bathroom made in Montebello

The thermostatic tap

Once you've tried it, it's hard to do without the convenience of a thermostatic bath mixer: its function is to keep the temperature constant, protecting and preventing any scalding due to changes in water temperature.

Once the temperature has been set, the thermostatic valve will regulate the mix of cold and hot water so that the temperature remains constant: the occasional drop in temperature while in the shower can be forgotten!

Read more about it in this article:

thermostatic mixer, opinions and advice

Thermostatic shower taps: home in Vicenza

In this project, the customers chose to use thermostatic steel taps for all the showers in the house, which are covered with porcelain stoneware and large slabs.

Take a look at the whole project:

new house in Camisano Vicentino

Our brands for bathroom taps and fittings

As a company, we choose high-quality, Italian manufacturers. We rely on experienced craftsmen in our area, focusing on made in Italy products, and we assiduously search for the highest quality items (which, therefore, have an amazing durability and remain perfect for many years) to offer our customers.

We deal in particular with first-class and relevant companies in the bathroom fittings sector, such as CEA, Gessi, Bellosta and Nobili.

You can learn more about the various brands in this article:

our suppliers of taps and fittings

Shapes and styles of bathroom mixers: which one do you prefer?


As well as coming to our shops and ordering new taps and fittings, you can take advantage of our showroom exchanges and take home at a lower price elements from the showroom or wrong orders, still in excellent condition and ready to be brought into your home!Enter the outlet and find the right deal for you:  OUTLET bathroom taps

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