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Bathroom furniture

When our customers from Vicenza and Verona come to visit us in our shop to have a bathroom redone, they know that one of the main expenses is the bathroom furniture. When it comes to bathroom furniture, the furniture alone often costs almost as much as everything else (sanitary fittings, taps, shower cubicles, etc.).  But it must be said that the right furniture, and in particular the furniture itself, has a considerable impact on the final effect of the bathroom. 

So, how do you choose a bathroom furniture unit? What are the criteria to follow and the precautions you should know in order to buy the right one for you?  We will try to resolve these doubts with this article where we will examine this subject in depth. 


Classic style bathroom furniture, home in Vicenza

A classic-style white wall-mounted cabinet with a Corian top and integrated washbasin completes the bathroom furniture in this bedroom area.

Take the tour of this classic house:
classic style bathrooms in Montecchio - Vicenza

Deciding on bathroom furniture

Choosing the bathroom furniture is a complex decision, as you have already realised, because it is the protagonist of the room and because it has to satisfy several needs: 

  • Help us to carry out the tasks we do in the bathroom efficiently;
  • Resist the stresses to which it is subjected;
  • Resist in a humid environment;
  • It must be large enough to hold the products we usually keep in the bathroom. 

It should also match the surfaces, the chosen coverings, and be able to enhance the bathroom, giving a feeling of order and cleanliness. 

Mirrored bathroom cabinet in Vicenza

A wall-mounted mirrored cabinet with black profiles is highlighted by a red-coloured panel. A free-standing basin and black taps complete the picture.

Discover the rest of the house:

furnishings and coverings of a new house in Vicenza

How many options on bathroom furniture?

When our customers come to the shop to buy bathroom furniture, they are faced with a number of choices, options that raise doubts or questions. Not least because you'll hear furniture described with terms such as:

  • Monoblock;
  • Shelf and basin;
  • Suspended drawer and basin;
  • Top with built-in basin;
  • Soft-close doors;
  • Hanging column to be placed next to the cabinet.

You can learn more about this topic with this dedicated article:   bathroom furniture: types

Modern bathroom furniture in Verona

To furnish their bathroom in a Mediterreanean style, our clients decided to opt for a white furniture which contrast with the intense blue of the walls.

Click here to discover the floors and bathroom furniture of this house in Verona:

floors and bathrooms in verona 

Bathroom furniture: wall-mounted or floor-standing?

This is probably the first question you will ask yourself when choosing a bathroom furniture... which is the best solution? A larger, roomy piece of furniture that extends from the floor, or a wall-mounted piece of furniture that lets you see the panelling but has less space for bathroom products?

We talk about this in depth in this article:  bathroom furniture: hanging or unsuspended?

Black bathroom cabinet for a modern bathroom in Arzignano, Vicenza

An unusual bathroom unit: a single piece that rests on the floor, matt black lacquer throughout, black resin top.

Discover the home:

floors and bathrooms in arzignano

Bathroom furniture: is it better closed or open?

Another option is to choose between a bathroom cabinet with completely closed compartments (with doors or drawers) to conceal the contents, or a bathroom cabinet with open compartments for easy access to everyday objects. See the link below for photos and our advice:

We help you decide in this article:  open or closed bathroom furniture?

Big white bathroom cabinet for a house in Arzignano, Vicenza

The structure of this bathroom furniture includes a drawer unit and spacious columns, covered in the same porcelain stoneware top as the wall tiles.

Discover the project:

Bathrooms and floors for a modern house in arzignano, Vicenza

Bathroom furniture with doors or drawers?

Bathroom furniture also differs in the type of closure of the compartments, which can be with doors or with pull-out drawers. I can tell you straight away that the drawer is more convenient because it allows access to the contents from above, although it is important to invest in a good hinge otherwise it will have problems over time.

Bespoke bathroom furniture for a new house in Vicenza

The washbasins are placed on a large, custom-made wall-mounted bathroom cabinet running the length of the wall.

Take a tour of the rest of the house:

new house in the province of Vicenza

Bathroom cabinet with integrated or countertop washbasin?

There are different solutions for the bathroom furniture top:

  • Top with a countertop basin;
  • Top with a semi-recessed basin;
  • Built-in washbasin.

We have described them in the link below, which will help you make your choice: 

bathroom sink, which to choose?

Large modern bathroom furniture for a renovation in Chiampo

For their bathroom, the customers opted for a large two-piece bathroom cabinet with integrated washbasin.

Discover the realisation:

Renovation in chiampo: new bathrooms and floors

What material should be used for the top of the bathroom furniture?

The furniture top is the most stressed part. The market offers various possibilities including glass, Corian, wood, stoneware, marble, metal, laminate or lacquered. Some of these tops are super resistant, others present problems or limited durability. 

We analyse them in the article dedicated to bathroom furniture with porcelain stoneware tops, explaining the pros and cons of the various materials and why we prefer modern stoneware tops:

bathroom furniture with a stoneware top

Bathroom cabinet: the various materials for the top

What is the best interior structure for the cabinet?

Many materials are used to make the 'shell', the interior of the bathroom furniture. 
These include:

  • Solid wood
  • Plywood
  • MDF 
  • Lacquered 
  • Aluminium

Certainly the internal structure is less important than the top of the furniture, but in the long term, having a structure made of materials that can withstand moisture without problems is certainly a great advantage. MDF structures (a kind of plywood) covered in laminate, although the most popular type of bathroom furniture, do not have the ability to withstand humidity for long. 

Bathroom furniture with wooden shelf in San Bonifacio, Verona

The client chose a solid oak shelf as the bathroom furniture, with a resin countertop washbasin and a white lacquered floor-standing chest of drawers.

Take a look at the renovation:

turnkey bathroom in San Bonifacio

Bathroom furniture: which style to choose?

There are so many styles you can choose from for your bathroom: from minimal to classic, from glamorous to industrial... The bathroom furniture should be consistent with the choices you make for the wall tiles and the rest of the bathroom.  

Choose the style of your bathroom and your furniture here: WHICH STYLE FOR YOUR BATHROOM?

Which bathroom furniture do you like best?


In addition to coming to our shops and ordering a new bathroom furniture, you can take advantage of our showroom exchanges and bring home at a lower price elements from exhibitions or wrong orders, still in excellent condition and ready to be brought into your home!

Enter the outlet and find the right deal for you:   outlet bathroom furniture

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