Tax benefits and VAT

"In this world nothing is certain
except death...
and taxes."

(Benjamin Franklin)

DISCLAIMER: this page referes to the tax benefits in force in this moment in Italy, they won't be applide in any other country.


You have just landed on the "tax relief and VAT" wiki, the page where you will find updates on all the reliefs in the world of construction. 

Don't worry, you're not on the Inland Revenue website! So, no big words and complicated phrases, but instead let's try to understand how the Italian State helps people like you who decide to invest in their own homes.

Home and tax benefits

The Italian tax authorities offer a number of concessions for those who are renovating or building a new home. These benefits are mainly the possibility to benefit from a reduced or subsidized VAT rate (i.e. 4% or 10% instead of 22%) or to enjoy tax deductions, i.e. to have part of your expenses paid back over a certain number of years. 

Far be it from us to replace your accountants or consultants, but we would like to give you some indications based on our experience in an area that needs to be studied in depth. 

Do you renovate your house? Deduct 50% from IRPEF

Tax deduction or invoice discount?

If you renovate your entire home you are entitled to a significant tax break, with a 50% deduction of your expenses (up to a maximum of €96,000).
In simple terms?
You can deduct from your IRPEF 50% of what you spend on renovating your home, over 10 years and in annual instalments of the same amount.

But what if I have a VAT number under the flat-rate scheme?
In this case, and in other cases, you can ask us for a discount on your invoice!

Find out more about the 50% deduction and our invoice discount scheme:IRPEF deduction 50% on renovations

Did you know that if you extend your home, VAT is 4%?

Yes, that's right!

The new portion that you add to your home to extend the existing space is seen as new construction and as such is subject to reduced VAT of 4%.

If you are thinking of extending your home and would like to know more: VAt 4% on extended spaces

Shower box vs cabin box: reduced VAT or 22% VAT

Shower cubicle or shower cabin?

In your choice you will have to take into account, besides the aesthetic and functional characteristics, the budget you want to set for the bathroom and in particular the space you dedicate to your shower. The two solutions are in fact very different, precisely because they meet different needs.

That's why it's only right that you also read this article in which you can see a difference in economic terms: 

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