Bathroom sanitaryware

Modern wall-hung sanitaryware in a bathroom in Verona

Modern sanitaryware installed in a bathroom in Verona.

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Floors and bathrooms in Gazzolo D'Arcole, Verona

What are bathroom sanitaryware?

When we talk about bathroom sanitaryware, we are referring to two product categories: WCs and bidets. In an Italian bathroom, one is inseparable from the other and they often go together in terms of style and design.

In Italy especially, the bidet is considered "necessary": but this is not the case everywhere.

Discover the "troubled" history of the bidet: BIDET: semi serious history

Below you can start to see the sanitaryware brands we host: our sanitaryware suppliers

Modern and colourful sanitaryware in a bathroom in Verona

In this bathroom we installed modern mud-coloured sanitaryware, combined with the bathroom furniture.

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Wall-hung or flush sanitary ware?

Sanitary ware can be wall-hung or flush. If you already have floor drains and do not want to redo the system, the choice is obligatory: floor-standing sanitary ware. Of the floor-standing sanitary fixtures, flush-fit ones are more aesthetic, because they occupy the space behind the sanitary fixture, making it possible to hide the pipes and prevent dirt from collecting in the back.

If, on the other hand, the drains are on the wall, you can choose freely between floor-standing and wall-hung sanitary ware. The most obvious convenience is the possibility of easily cleaning the floor under the sanitary ware in the case of suspended sanitary ware, which also have a more attractive and modern appearance. They allow the room to be perceived as larger and the light to be diffused better because they take up less space, as well as being quieter because the flush is on the wall.

Have a laugh by reading how the most famous sanitary ware in history came into being: the history of the WC: that bowl that no one wants to talk about

Flush sanitaryware for a renovation in Arzignano

These modern bathroom fittings are flush with the wall, so they take up the whole part of the wall behind the fitting. The white ceramics contrast with the beautiful dark polished strips in the background.

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floors and bathrooms in Arzignano

Modern sanitaryware: the aesthetic importance of the bathroom

Did you know that the average person spends 4 years in the bathroom in their lifetime?! Forty minutes every day on average, but I personally spend a lot more time there. It is a much-used room in the home, the space where we get ready in the morning and relax at the end of the day. Recharging in a cosy, well-designed enviroment can make all the difference!

Today, sanitaryware is taking on an increasingly modern and essencial look, becoming part of the bathroom furniture and, without lacking practically, giving elegance to an important enviroment such as the bathroom. Even in the bathroom, the eye wants its part. A modern design will not lack of warmth and will give the room an air of luxury and sophistication: a modern sanitaryware can make all the difference!

Are you thinking about replacing your old sanitaryware with newer, more modern sanitaryware? Are you fed up with the design of your sanitaryware? Or is it simply time to change them after years of wear and tear? Then read this article on how to replace old sanitaryware with new: replacing old sanitaryware with new ones

But remember to avoid certain mistkes as you think about how to modernise your bathroom: Renovating the bathroom: 10 mistakes not to avoid

Wall-mounted sanitaryware in a house in Vicenza

Wall-hung sanitaryware are a good choice if you want to create a modern, elegant style in your bathroom. In this renovation, we chose wall-hung bidets and toilets, which help keep the space from feeling cramped and make it brighter!

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Coloured and black sanitaryware

When we talk about bathroom sanitaryware, porcelain white is not always the answer: it can be impersonal and too cold for some customers who shine with creativity and prefer colour in their homes. Colours can be the right medicine for the soul: colour therapy will make your home a haven for the mind!

In this regard, in the following article we talk about how much truth or otherwise there is in cryotherapy:  Chromotherapy: business or real well-being?

So why not dare with coloured sanitaryware, which in its whimsicality does not lose its elegance. It is certainly an unusual choice, but with the right bathroom furniture it will pay off in originality and beauty! A trained eye for aesthetics will be able to find the right balance and coherence between the various pieces that make up your bathroom, making it an environment to boast about with guests and relax in peace.

To read more about coloured bathroom sanitaryware click here: coloured bathroom sanitaryware

And why not try daring with black sanitary ware? The style of the bathroom will certainly be more interesting, personal and a bit masculine.

Curious to see what makes a bathroom more "masculine"? Read this article: male bathroom: 5 ideas for a stylish bathroom

Black sanitaryware for a stylish bathroom

A bathroom with a strong character and minimalist furnishings: the choice for the wall-hung sanitary ware was a dark matt basalt black finish. A brave choice, but full of style!

Be inspired by this realization:

floors and bathrooms in a renovation in Vicenza

Flaminia colourful sanitaryware

How to choose bathroom sanitaryware?

When buying a sanitary ware, whether it's a toilet or a bidet, here's what you should always keep in mind:

  • ENAMELLING - Sanitary ware must be enamelled at every point in contact with water: this guarantees hygiene and durability of the purchase. If the quality of the enamelling is poor over time you will, for example, have a toilet with very unsightly streaks on the bottom that are impossible to clean.
  • ERGONOMICS - Toilet seats should be comfortable, not too narrow and no annoying edges to the seat. Sometimes design doesn't meet comfort, we recommend testing the seat to see if it's for you or not!
  • CLEANING - Cleanliness for sanitary ware is crucial: you could try a model of toilet without a rim, much easier to clean!

It is important to choose a product that you feel comfortable with and that at the same time ensures durability over time: this has always been our goal. Every bathroom is different and the design of the bathroom is a big influence on the choice!

Find out about rimless WCs: rimless water: opinions and advice

Modern wall-hung sanitaryware for an industrial bathroom

In this industrial style bathroom, the wall-hung toilet and bidet contrast with the metal effect stoneware slabs. A unique bathroom!

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floors and bathroom in Chiampo

Sanitaryware for the bathroom: the hydroscope

Can't stand the idea of putting a classic toilet brush next to your toilet? Do you find it unhygienic? The alternative is to opt for a modern and hygienic hydroscope, a kind of hand shower that you can use to clean the toilet after use. 

Convenient and discreet, it is appreciated by many of our customers who have chosen it. Easy to use and with a safety lock.

Read more about it in the dedicated article: hydroscope

Bathroom sanitaryware in a house in Vicenza

Suspended sanitary ware installed in modern bathrooms in a house in Vicenza.

Discover the realisation:

new house in Vicenza


Modern sanitaryware: WC cisterns

A toilet is not complete without a cistern. The cistern allows the toilet to be cleaned by pumping water into it. The operation of the cistern is the result of a combination of two variables: the amount of water that is poured in and the speed with which the water cleans the toilet. So choosing the right cistern is not as straightforward as you might think.

Read all you need to know about flushing cisterns: the flush cisters

Once you've chosen a cistern, you'll need to match it with a nice plate. Not only does it have the practical function of operating the flushing mechanism, but it also has an aesthetic function! As it is in plain sight, you need to think about which one best matches your décor and the rest of your bathroom. The latest trends are seeing increasingly fine and minimalist plates on the market, almost flush with the wall so as not to be too annoying or detract from the beauty of the wall tiles.

Discover the plates for your new and modern bathroom: wc button, which to choose?

Modern wall-hung sanitary ware in a bathroom in Lonigo, Vicenza

Modern wall-hung sanitaryware complements the children's bathroom, which features a mosaic decoration in circles.

Discover the creation:

Renovating a house in lonigo: floors and bathrooms

Sanitary ware production in Italy

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but in Italy the sanitary ware market is worth close to a billion euros a year, with an ever-increasing trend despite the economic crisis that hit the building sector several years ago. This increasingly positive growth is encouraged and correlated with the increase in demand for renovations, followed by the obsolescence of furnishing components, which give customers an incentive to swap old sanitary ware for new.

Here is an article on replacing old sanitary ware: replacing old sanitaryware with new ones

Italian exports are also making waves in this sector, where the demand for unique, handcrafted pieces from our fellow countrymen is increasingly high. Italian furniture is a must abroad and a source of pride for our country

Sanitari da bagno a Vicenza
Sanitaryware production plant in Italy: exiting the kiln

In Italy just over 90 companies operate in the sanitaryware sector, around 20 of which are medium-sized and the remainder are medium-sized or small: our region is still home to small businesses that preserve the richness of traditional craftsmanship while keeping up with the times.

These companies compete with each other on price. At the top end of the market, design, performance, brand differentiation and reliability are important competitive factors. In addition, Italian companies compete with large distribution companies that play on low prices but cannot compete on product quality and durability.

English-style sanitaryware: classic and contemporary bathrooms

And why not go for a classic English style? The clients of this house wanted to install sanitary fixtures with an old-fashioned feel, going against the grain: they are floor-standing and have a practical external ceramic cistern.

See the rest of the installation here:

bathroom furniture and tiles: english style for a house in Soave 

Price of bathroom sanitaryware

How much can bathroom sanitaryware cost? Prices can vary and it all depends on:

  • The material of the sanitaryware;
  • The quality of the glaze influences the price;
  • If the sanitaryware is wall-hung, it generally costs more than if it is floor-standing;
  • Whether the drains need to be changed or repositioned;
  • With wall-hung drains, adequate wall thickness (at least 12 cm) is required, so it will be necessary to work on the wall if it is less thick;
  • With different brands, prices may vary.

Understanding the customer's needs and starting conditions allows you to better define the price of sanitaryware. 
To find out more about the price and the choices to be made, we recommend that you make an appointment!
Our bathroom experts will certainly be able to guide you in your choice: 

Vicenza: wall-hung bathroom sanitaryware for a modern bathroom


As well as being able to come to our shops and order new sanitary ware, you can take advantage of our showroom exchanges and take home at a lower price elements from the showroom or wrong orders, still in excellent condition and ready to be brought into your home!

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