Bathroom mirrors

The bathroom mirror

If the kitchen is the space for "us", for being together, the bathroom is the space for "yourself", the place where you look in the mirror and are finally yourself. In front of the mirror, we have made great promises, given ourselves goals and commitments, often insulted each other, but just as often winked at and complimented ourselves. 

If it is true what a recent research says, an Italian looks in the mirror on average 10 times a day. But what does the Italian look for in the mirror?
They check for wrinkles (32%) but also dark circles, blackheads, pimples... and then the accumulation of fat (here men beat women, demonstrating that vanity is now bisexual). 

In short, the mirror seems to be an accessory that is anything but secondary. For us, who have made the design and construction of bathrooms our core business, the mirror is also important from the point of view of helping to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom, being one of the most important elements of the bathroom furniture.

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How to choose a bathroom mirror?

There are many mirrors available for the bathroom, some of which you can see in the photo gallery below. The mirror should be chosen in combination with the other elements of the bathroom furniture and should be consistent with the shapes chosen for the wall coverings. But - if well thought out - it can also be a contrast, like a baroque mirror in a minimalist bathroom.  

We discuss this in detail in this article: the bath mirror

A well-executed bathroom plan (and a photorealistic rendering) will help you understand the impact of choosing this important accessory. Good choice! 

Mirror for a special bathroom in Vicenza

A round designer mirror was installed in this particular bathroom.

To see the realisation of the complete house, click here:

house in Vicenza 


In addition to coming to our shops and ordering a new mirror, you can take advantage of our showroom exchanges and take home at a lower price items from displays or wrong orders, still in excellent condition and ready to be brought into your home!

Enter the outlet and find the right deal for you:   mirrors outlet

Round mirror for a bathroom in Vicenza

A round mirror was installed in this Mediterranean-style children's bathroom.

To discover the realisation of the complete house, click here:

floors and bahtrooms in Verona

Large mirror in a bathroom in Vicenza

In this modern-style bathroom, the mirror is of an incredible size, making the room even bigger and on which two mixers and the plate have been installed.

Click here to see how this attic has been transformed: 

penthouse: sophisticated design

Full-height mirror for a bathroom in Arzignano, Vicenza

This bathroom has been furnished with a made-to-measure full-height mirror, like the marble-effect stoneware slabs touching the ceiling.

To find out more about these achievements, click here:

floors and bathrooms in Arzignano 

Two classic-style mirrors for a house in Montecchio, Vicenza

For this house in Montecchio, two classically styled bathrooms were created and therefore furnished with equally elegant mirrors.

Click here to see the complete realisation of the two bathrooms:

classic-style bathroom, Vicenza 

Rectangular mirror flush with the wall for a bathroom in Vicenza

In this bathroom in Albettone, Vicenza, a mirror has been installed flush with the wall surrounded by wood panelling.

To see the complete realisation of the bathroom, click here:

turnkey bathrooms in Albettone

Two backlit mirrors in a house in Vicenza

In this new house in San Vito di Leguzzano, Vicenza, two modern bathrooms have been created, both furnished with mirrors, one round and one rectangular, backlit.

Click here to see the realisation of the new house:

new house in Vicenza 

Rustic-style bathroom mirror, Vicenza

In this rustic style bathroom, a mirror has been installed with a refined frame that is always in keeping with the style of the bathroom.

To see the complete realisation of the bathroom, click here:

rustic bathroom in Vicenza

Two differently styled mirrors for two bathrooms in Nogarole, Vicenza

For these two bathrooms, one modern styled and one natural styled, we installed mirrors that were in harmony with the environment.

To find out more about this renovation, click here:

Renovation in Nogarole

Rectangular mirror for a bathroom in Arzignano, Vicenza

For the renovation of this bathroom, a rectangular mirror was installed flush with the wall.

To see the complete transformation of the attic:

Renovation of penthouse in Arzignano 

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