A modern penthouse: furnishing

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12/15/2021 - 15:54

A modern penthouse, with designer furniture, large spaces. Luxury combined with functionality! Today Chiara will take you to visit this penthouse in the province of Vicenza.

Modern penthouse with designer furniture in Vicenza

M. is a young but determined guy. He has clear ideas about how his new, ultra-modern penthouse should be finished: 

  • He loves designer furniture pieces;
  • Loves wood;
  • Loves neutral colours;
  • Does not want excess;
  • No garish colours;
  • And then, as far as possible, wants large spaces.

For the renovation of his modern penthouse, the client chose Giulia Ramina (in the first photo, above, it's me and her together) from One Farm Design. Giulia is a fantastic interior designer from Padua who worked with us to find the right materials, colours and surfaces for this house. 

I remember that it was very clear from the project that the character of this house matched well with that of the owner: the surfaces and furnishings of this penthouse would be modern, rigorous and design-conscious.  


Colours in modern attics

Furniture and surfaces in modern attics usually have neutral tones and minimalist lines. This is also the case in M's attic. The parquet floor has a bleached surface with a taupe and light grey tone. At the same time it gives the feeling of wood, of nature, but manages to have the right tone that makes the furniture stand out.

Giulia and the client will choose a light brushed oak, a sandy tone which will be laid in a Hungarian herringbone pattern and diagonally. 

Here is a guide to finding your own personal style: home renovation: which style?

The renovated attic in Vicenza

A modern penthouse: the floor chosen

This penthouse, with its clean and sophisticated look - thanks also to the wooden floor - manages to combine modernity with a warm, welcoming feeling that a real home should have. An oak parquet floor has been laid throughout the attic in the Hungarian herringbone pattern.

The diagonal lines of the floor are found in every aspect of the project: cuts, diagonals and intersecting lines are strongly characterising elements which are repeated in the finishes and furnishings.

Modern house furnishing

The minimalist guest bathroom

Wood also enters the guest bathroom in the living area where it ties in with the continuous surface of the walls and the large slabs in the shower. We choose a very scenic washbasina to go with an unusual mirror, cut close to the roof. 

The design of this bathroom also includes a large walk-in shower, separated from the bathroom by a simple pane of clear glass, and suspended sanitary ware.

Discover which wood is most suitable for the bathroom:  the wood floor in the bathroom

The guest bathroom

Furnishing a modern penthouse: the bedroom 

The master bedroom is a real gem, both in terms of the materials and finishes chosen and the fact that it is directly connected to the bathroom by a large glass door from which you can glimpse the stand-alone corian bathtub, the star of the show. 

The large open walk-in wardrobe completes this modern luxury bedroom.

Find out everything you need to know about furnishing your bedroom: bedroom furnishing

Furnishings in the bedroom and large walk-in wardrobe

Modern attic: furnishing the bathroom

And here we are in the master bathroom: as soon as we entered, in front of the bathtub, we  created a large niche which houses a very spacious shower. M. chose large slabs of opaque white statuary marble effect stoneware to cover the interior, reflecting the light from the spotlights.

Here, too, we enter with the wooden floor,  which enhances the bathroom furniture and lighting. Everything in this bathroom is refined and precious: the mirror, of incredible dimensions, makes the room even bigger and houses both the two wall-mounted mixers and the Geberit plate.

The wall-mounted sanitary ware and the large made-to-measure bathroom cabinet with sample lacquer, also wall-mounted and with a double basin, complete the bathroom.

Let yourself be inspired by our other modern bathroom projects: modern bathrooms: projects and ideas

The master bathroom of the house

A modern penthouse: the bathroom in the guest room

For the guest room, which also has a bathroom, we chose simpler but still high quality finishes and products. The watchword in this case was "functionality". 

The tiles are made of porcelain stoneware with a matt surface and in two colours. Here too the shower is large and, thanks to the flush-fitting Corian shower tray, will be very functional and easy to clean. The bathroom cabinet is made of corian, the washbasin of ceramic and the mixer tap is installed on the wall.

Impress your guests with an unforgettable bathroom: the guest bathroom: ideas, design, furnishing

Guest room with private bathroom

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this realisation article, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or concerns please ask me using the comment box below! If you are also thinking of renovating your home, you can contact me at the address and numbers below or fill out an appointment request.

Please note that we are a small company and have at least three special features

  • Our team of interior designers use Italian products, sometimes handcrafted and always of high quality, which is why we are not exactly cheap;
  • We are not able to do huge construction sites, we prefer to do small and careful jobs;
  • We can only do a few jobs in a year, and we usually prefer to operate in the Vicenza and Verona areas in order to be able to offer the right assistance to the jobs and to our customers.

If you live (or will live) in these provinces, you can visit us in our shops and we will be delighted to design your home together!

Here are the addresses of our shops specialising in floors, wall tiles, bathrooms and kitchens:

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We work by appointment so that we can concentrate fully on you

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We work by appointment so that we can concentrate fully on you

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