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The word "room" comes from the Latin camara and the Greek kamàra which means "that which is covered by a vault". In today's usage the term generically indicates any room in a house, although in common usage it is the word "room" that indicates any room while "stanza" implies "bedroom". 

Modern bedroom with decorated wall and LED lighting in Vicenza

A modern bedroom with a wall decorated in wallpaper, wood and LEDs: the custom-made walk-in wardrobe behind the wall that houses the bed could not be missed.

You will fall in love with this house:



Modern bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house: it is the place where we regenerate and rest, it becomes our oasis of peace when necessary and our refuge in times of difficulty. How do I furnish the bedroom? How do I design a modern bedroom? What materials, colours and finishes do I use for the master bedroom?

In this article, in which we talk about the choice of furniture for the room, the wardrobe, the bed itself and much more, I leave you with many projects and ideas for a modern bedroom: Camere da letto moderne

Modern bedroom furniture for a penthouse in Vicenza

In this bedroom we have mounted a structure that gives the illusion of a modern suspended bed, with integrated bedside tables at the same height. The room is completed by a very dramatic free standing bath.

Take a tour of the attic:

Renovate penthouse in Vicenza

Bedroom: decorating a wall

To make your bedroom more interesting, you might consider decorating one wall of your room. We often design the back walls where the beds rest as real backdrops, where the headboard disappears leaving space for backlit decorations: they can be covered in wood, with wallpaper or with some plaster with a special finish.

In this article you will find everything you need to know and images to draw inspiration from: DECORAting the bedheadboard

Before making a choice, however, I advise you to identify the style you want to give to your bedroom: based on that you will decide whether to keep the environment a bit more minimal or to exaggerate with a fancy wallpaper! Two things are crucial: when you enter the room, what will it make you feel to see that wall covering? Would you be able to look at it pleasantly while you are in bed trying to relax?

Custom-decorated bedroom in Vicenza

In this renovation we have custom-made all the furniture in the bedroom, which features a large walk-in wardrobe and a custom-decorated wall!

Take a tour of the entire house: 

Custom kitchen and furniture in Arzignano (Vicenza)

Bedrooms: designing walk-in wardrobes

Why limit yourself to a wardrobe if you can design a walk-in wardrobe? Walk-in wardrobes can be different: open, closed, angular, with a plasterboard structure, they can also be equipped with special accessories to order the walk-in wardrobe itself. A bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe is the dream of many, and we can make it come true!

In this article we talk about it in more detail:  walk-in wardrobe: open or closed?

Modern bedroom with walk-in wardrobe in Valdagno, Vicenza

Designing a walk-in wardrobe for a bedroom is quite a task: you have to divide the doors and drawers well and find the right accessories so that everyone has their own space. You can see an example here.

Look beyond the walk-in closet in the bedroom and discover the house:


Bedroom: the right light

Which chandelier should I choose for my bedroom? What is the right lighting for the bedroom? Are wall lights used in bedrooms? These and many other questions about lighting for the bedroom are answered in this article:

Light: illuminating the bedroom

And the answer is not always super diffuse light! Getting the right lighting design in your room is essential to make it a comfortable place to rest at night and get up and shine every morning before facing the day. Remember that a poorly lit room can make the room seem smaller, darker, change its colours and the feeling it gives you. It is important that you choose the right lighting in your bedroom so that it conveys calmness and serenity.

Minimal made-to-measure bedroom, Vicenza

Camera da letto con parete in legno e colori chiari a Vicenza

Light colours have been chosen for this bedroom. A boiserie on the wall of the bed adds a fresh and calm tone to the room.

Discover the whole house:

renovate house in Arzignano

Double bedroom furniture in Vicenza

In this double bedroom we have included a custom-made suspended bed frame, which hooks onto the wall  covered with the same wood as the flooring and the counter that you will see in the kitchen.

See the rest of the house:

Custom-made kitchens in Vicenza

Modern bedroom in Montecchio Maggiore

Wood for bedroom in Vicenza

In this double bedroom we took care of the flooring: we choose together with the customers a very knotty, matt varnished oak.

Discover the rest of the house:

wooden house interiors in montecchio Precalcino, Vicenza

Bedroom for a teenage girl

A modern bedroom, particular and tailor-made for a young teenage girl with clear ideas that led us to design this intimate space.

If you would like to know more about this achievement, click here: GIRL'S BEDROOM, CUSTOM-MADE FURNITURE

Come and design your bedroom:

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