Attic bathroom

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The attic and bathroom design

An attic is defined as a practicable attic space, made habitable by opening windows directly in the roof. The attic is typical of the architecture of Nordic countries where the high inclination of the roof imposed by the climatic conditions makes it possible to obtain habitable attics. In use in central and northern Europe since the Middle Ages, it became very popular in France in the 17th century thanks to the work of Francois and Jules Hardouin Mansart (the architect who was responsible for the conclusion of Versailles), two French architects after whom it is named. 

A bathroom in an attic

When we have to design a bathroom in an attic or loft space, we are happy for three reasons:

  • The attic bathroom allows us to take advantage of a new dimension: the roof, which, by tilting, envelops, welcomes, generates movement. 
  • the walls are free, without windows, so the surfaces can express themselves better, without interruptions 
  • the light, in many cases, comes from an opening at the top: it is more diffuse, the bathroom is brighter but the perspective also changes.

How do you design an attic bathroom?

The fact that we have fun designing them does not mean that designing an attic bathroom is easy. On the contrary!
It is necessary to take into account the sloping course of the walls and the difficulty of having the tile covering intersect with the attic, perhaps with wooden beams. 
The arrangement of sanitary ware and other bathroom fittings must also take into account the various heights in order to create a functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. In attic bathrooms, the position of roof windows (skylights) is very important. 

Photos of attic bathrooms

On this page, we have put together a gallery of photos and projects of bathrooms we have built in attics. After the photos you will find in-depth articles where we will examine in detail some of the projects and how to design this type of bathroom. 

Enjoy your reading!

Attic bathroom in Verona

Attic bathroom, classic style project

Modern attic bathroom

Marble attic bathroom

Bathroom projects in attics or lofts

Attic bathroom with cement tiles and wood panelling

Attic bathroom with a large mirror made in Vicenza

Bathroom projects with ceiling beams

Attic bathroom with bathtub made in Vicenza

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Attic bathroom, the project

Attic bathroom ideas

Other attic bathrooms in Vicenza and Verona

A project for an attic bathroom


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