Turnkey bathrooms in Val Liona, Vicenza

"You learn a lot about people when you're sitting on their bathroom floor
or on their toilet seat, rifling through their stuff."

_Emily Weiss_

12/14/2021 - 17:57

Giulia accompanies you to discover the project that has seen her involved in the realisation of the four bathrooms of this house, set in the beautiful and fascinating Val Liona, in the province of Vicenza. Step forward and be inspired!


Hello, I am Giulia Panato, designer at Fratelli Pellizzari in Gambellara. Today I'm taking you to the home of Marco and Manuela, parents of two lovely daughters, to tell you about the design and construction of the four bathrooms in their new home, supervised by architect Marco Campesato, in the beautiful Val Liona, a small town in the middle of Colli Berici, in the province of Vicenza.

A fresh, young couple, with a newly built house and bathrooms that were looking for their own identity: there were a lot of completely different ideas, but in the end we found "the right fit" and today the clients say they are happy with the results.

But let's cut the preamble short and go and see all four bathrooms together!


Modern bathroom in the bedroom

The master bathroom is part of the most beautiful bedroom I have ever seen! To enter, you have to open a sliding door that opens onto a horizontal corridor: on one side is the bedroom, on the other is the walk-in wardrobe and in the middle is the bathroom in all its splendour, with a partial view of the beamed roof of the house through a glass panel in the middle of the room. A spectacle for the eyes!

In this space I used dove-colour resin-effect stoneware in a large 120x120 size, for both wall and floor coverings, leaving a central strip of wood flooring to distinguish the entire sleeping area. Stoneware also covers the floor-level shower tray that forms the large walk-in shower, completed by square taps and thermostatic mixers. It is impossible not to notice the large illuminated niche on the wall which houses the shower and sanitary fittings: a full-wall insert embellished with translucent tiles decorated with the dominant bordeaux colour.

The same colour is used for continuity in the radiator and the modern wall-mounted bathroom unitThe cabinet has a hardwearing corten metal-effect porcelain stoneware top, which picks up on the burnt, warm tones of the bathroom. On top of this we have placed a large polished ceramic basin, complemented by square taps.

The bathroom was intended mainly for the couple, but Manuela tells me that it has now become a free zone that everyone uses. Definitely everyone's favourite bathroom, and mine too!

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The modern bathroom in the sleeping area

Girls' bathroom

The second bathroom is for the girls and can also be used as a guest bathroom if necessary. It is a very warm bathroom with a "chocolatey" look: maybe it's the choice of colours and the striped paint on the walls, but it reminds me of a cremino! A warm, inviting and welcoming bathroom, suitable for two growing girls who, with time, will need more and more personal and private space.

It was decided not to install a shower or bath in this bathroom. The space has been used to install a large, modern bathroom unit measuring two metres in length, with deep and spacious drawers (so the girls won't have to fight for space when they grow up!). We chose a Corian top, which also covers the integrated double washbasin and forms the splashback of the cabinet. Above it is a mirror with an integrated LED light along the entire length of the cabinet.

The wall of sanitary ware, on the other hand, is covered with corten effect stoneware. I decided to keep the covering lower than standard, reaching 90 centimetres instead of the usual 120 centimetres, to allow the toilet plate to remain outside, thus maintaining a continuous surface. A small detail that can make all the difference.

Girls' bathroom

Attic bathroom project

Arriving to the attic we find a small bathroom that is not very used at the moment from the family. Being a little frequented bathroom it was decided to mantain a simple and natural design.

To wall-covering and floor cladding we use dove-colour resin-effect tiles matched with a special shower covering with tridimensional effect. The large with niche shower has the same squared taps of the other bathrooms.

The sanitaryware is installed in a contrawall that allowed to create a useful support space in the bathroom.


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Attic bathroom

Laundry bathroom

We conclude our tour in this bathroom/laundry room. A service bathroom where we installed a shower in the niche and designed a capacious and functional laundry unit, completed by a cupboard that echoes the structure of the laundry room.

Given the modest space, I thought of a composition that could exploit every inch of the room, while maintaining a clean and tidy look. 

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Laundry bathroom unit

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this article realisation! I hope you enjoyed it and that it sparked your creativity.

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