Interior painting

Interior wall painting 

Are you looking for an interior painting company? Or do you need to decide on a finish for the interior walls of your house? In this section of the site we collect photos of our painting work carried out inside homes, shops or offices.
If you want to paint your house call us, we will come with our colour van!

il nostro furgone


What colour to choose for interior walls 

In this section of the site you will find solutions, tips, photos, ideas that you can use at home. We will talk about colours, decorations and effects. 

tinteggiatura spatolato Vicenza
A metallic effect spatula in Vicenza


The colour of the walls is chosen by matching it with all the materials, objects, floors and other surfaces. To do this, a moodboard, a palette, is created, which will become the constant reference in the design of interior spaces. You can find all the information here:

the moodboard

La scelta del colore mediante il moodboard

5 tricks for painting the interior walls of your home

When you have chosen the moodboard for your house, you will have to decide whether to paint all the walls in the same tone, or whether to vary the colour between walls and ceiling. We have prepared a small photo guide in which we apply various colour combinations to the same room to help you decide. You can find it here:

interior painting: 5 tricks and 3 mistakes not to make

Tinteggiatura delle pareti e del soffitto


Decorating interior walls with three-dimensional colour

When we think of painting a wall we think of a more or less smooth layer, but with colour you can also create special, three-dimensional effects.  Taking advantage of grazing light, these effects can create exciting scenes in your home. 
We talk about this in this article, dedicated to 3D effects on raw lime:

raw lime

tinteggiatura parete con calce cruda decorata


What if you need to paint your exterior? Find information here:

painting exterior walls


New interior decors from Graesan

Painting walls in Vicenza

Painting with Graesan colours in Vicenza

Beam bleaching, house in Vicenza

Painting with decorative stone effect in Vicenza

Painting restaurant walls in Vicenza

Painting kindergarten walls in Vicenza

Painting offices in Gambellara (Vicenza)