Resin effect stoneware

All you need to know about resin-effect porcelain stoneware

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Why choose resin-effect porcelain stoneware? What are the opinions on resin-effect porcelain stoneware? The latest trends have brought porcelain stoneware back into vogue and have made us appreciate its various uses, from flooring to cladding, to the creation of stoneware kitchen tops and outdoor flooring.

Thanks to its versatility and technological progress, today we can give the tile the look we like best: cement effect, stone effect, plaster effect, wood effect, metal effect, even marble effect and we can even find tiles with a Venetian blind effect! But we also find the resin effect and the spatulate resin effect, which we will discuss in this article.

If you are looking for a contemporary setting, the resin effect is ideal for your home! The tiles are easy to lay and allow us to enjoy all the advantages that a stoneware floor covering offers: in addition to ease of installation, exceptional performance in terms of resistance to wear, durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning. You will be able to create environments with a "metropolitan" look, a bit "industrial" or, by combining them with warmer and softer furnishings, a modern style that is not at all impersonal.


If you are still considering the style you want to give to your home, we will come to your aid: home renovation: which style?

In particular here we will talk about:



Resin-effect stoneware in living areas in Chiampo

Resin-effect porcelain stoneware laid in 60x60 tiles in the living area of this house in Chiampo, Vicenza. 

Click here to see this flooring set:

floors and bathrooms in Chiampo

The advantages of resin-effect porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware, whether resin-effect or not, has several advantages, but for the sake of simplicity I will list the three best known and most appreciated:

  1. It is a material with high mechanical resistance, so it is not prone to scratching or trauma;
  2. As it is not very porous, unlike concrete for example, it does not stain easily;
  3. It is very hygienic and easy to clean, as it is not delicate and you can use any detergent to remove dirt;

You can find out more in this article: Porcelain stoneware: advantages over other products

Ivory-coloured resin-effect stoneware for a house in Montecchio Maggiore

In this renovation project, the customer opted for a 60x120 resin-effect porcelain stoneware floor in an ivory colour, with a warm and light tone, suitable for the modern and minimalist furnishings of the home. Resin-effect stoneware is also used here for the kitchen top!

Discover the creation:

Restructuring in Montecchio Maggiore: a made-to-measure kitchen

Resin or stoneware floors?

Resin is recognised for its essentiality of design and continuity of surface, but it has a number of inherent problems and pathologies that can be appreciated or detested. It is natural for this material to tend to discolour, crack and tend to create cracks. It changes over time as it is a 'soft' coating and its wear and tear is characteristic and must be accepted if one chooses to opt for this product.

We explain its problems better and more clearly in this article:  floor resin: problems and patologies

If you do not like the idea of the floor changing as resin tends to change, you can use stoneware flooring: you will enjoy the beauty of a resin effect, with all the advantages in terms of durability and resistance intrinsic to stoneware. Being a tile, it will be necessary to grout them and the sense of effective continuity will be somewhat lost: but we can reproduce it by matching the colour of the grout to the colour of the tile and opting for large formats, so that the number of joints is considerably reduced. In this way the design can be preserved and a sense of sought-after uniformity in the flooring can be achieved with a few small adjustments.

Is it better to opt for new tiles or for a micro-resin covering of the existing floor in your bathroom? covering the bathroom in resin

Resin effect gres to renovate offices in Arzignano

Resin effect stoneware is perfect for an office where footfall is continuous: this material is more than resistant, it is hygienic and extremely easy to clean.

See the results of the renovation of these offices:

contract offices in vicenza: from floors to furniture!

Resin effect stoneware slabs

The resin effect can also be used for large stoneware slabs! The large resin-effect slabs have the advantage of giving the room a refined design with a scenic and linear essence. In their entirety they represent a furnishing element in its own right.

They are undoubtedly very delicate pieces to work and install: their weight and on-site cutting make installation particularly difficult, and you will need to be careful of the "tensions" inside the slab to prevent it from cracking. But once this small hurdle has been overcome by our technicians, the slab will be easy to clean, particularly resistant and aesthetically very pleasing.

In this article we tell you how to lay large slabs: large slabs: how to lay them

In addition to bathroom tiling, here is how you can use a large stoneware slab:

  1. You can cover the walls of the living area for a more attractive look covering walls of the living room with porcelain stoneware
  2. You can use it as a fireplace cladding covering the fireplace and wall with large slabs
  3. You can make counters for your bar (or any shop you have)Bar counter in stoneware: how to make it
  4. You can create a customised table that resists heat, scratches and stains Tables in large porcelain stoneware slabs

As we have said, it is a very versatile material, it is up to you to decide where to use the large resin-effect stoneware slabs!

Resin effect stoneware floor for the living area

In this renovation we tackled the bathrooms and embraced the house with a new resin-effect stoneware flooring in a large 120x120 format.

Take a tour of the rest of the house:

Bathrooms and floors for a modern house in Arzignano, Vicenza

Resin effect stoneware prices

How much does resin-effect porcelain stoneware cost? We can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Each tile varies in price depending on the format, brand and workmanship. Generally, however, the stoneware tiles that we sell in our shops in Arzignano and Gambellara are certified Made in Italy products of the highest quality: we start from 25€/sqm.

In addition to the cost of the material, we must also take into account its transport and the cost of laying the new floor and/or wall tiles. We care about doing a complete and accurate job, so we always offer the laying service and recommend it to obtain the desired result. 

On this page you can find out more about the price of stoneware tiles: the price of a stoneware tile

Resin effect stoneware for floors in a house in Colli Berici, Vicenza

The customers were adamant that they wanted 75x75 tiles in their home, we then showed them the various effects and in the end they opted for a light resin effect stoneware for their living room.

Discover also Mediterranean-style bathrooms:

floors and bathrooms on the slopes of colli berici

Shower tray covered in resin-effect stoneware, Vicenza

In the renovation of a former convent, we created a walk-in shower covered in light grey resin-effect stoneware: the shower tray was also covered in stoneware, as was the made-to-measure channel drain. 

Discover the rest of this particular house:

floors and bathrooms in a renovation in vicenza

Resin-effect stoneware flooring in Chiampo

For the renovation of his house, the client opted for 80x80 stoneware tiles with a resin effect in the dark colour. A strong and decisive floor that we laid throughout the living area up to the bathroom.

Discover the rest of the house:

floors and bathrooms in Chiampo

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