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Colour affects our state of mind and produces emotional effects on those who live in a coloured environment. There are many studies on colour perception and colour matching. The subject is very broad, but we would like to present here, in summary, some thoughts and insights on individual colours or combination possibilities. 

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Painting of renovated offices completion in Arzignano

In the renovation of these offices we also took care of the painting of the walls using a deep blue and raw lime decorations.

Discover the realisation:

contract offices in Vicenza: from floors to furniture!

Wall colour and the subjectivity of feelings

The feeling and meaning of a colour varies from person to person, from context to context. What looks good in one environment cannot always be replicated in another. Every colour has a different meaning depending on the person who perceives it. And a solid colour will not give us the same feeling as a decorative pattern. Different colours will influence our perception of space.

In short, when we deal with this subject we must know that there is no certain rule, there is no colour that suits everyone and no shade is objective. This is why we say that spaces must be designed and seen as a whole, surfaces must be hypothesised, matched with furnishing elements, examined and selected.

3D design and photorealistic renderings are very helpful because they allow us to simulate different situations and choose the one that excites us the most. In fact, interior painting allows a different perception of spaces based on where and how the chosen colour or texture is applied.

We talk about this in this article:  wall painting and the perception of spaces

Red painting on a plasterboard wall in Vicenza

The double-sided structure is partly painted a warm brick red, which contrasts and creates a point of interest in the room.

Take a tour of the house:

furnishings and coverings of a new house in vicenza

How to choose the colour of your walls

The most important thing for us, who find ourselves interacting with clients who are choosing the colours of their homes, is to leave aside our personal taste. We have to listen actively to our client, which could be you, and let ourselves be infected by the sensations he or she feels, absorbing his or her emotions and slowly arriving, thanks to the composition of mood boards and the juxtaposition of colour palettes and types of flooring, at establishing which wall colour is most appropriate.

We discuss the influence of colour on the psyche in this article:Cromotherapy: business or real well-being?

The colour of the walls is decided by finding a balance, a harmony among different elements:

  • The context;
  • The person;
  • The characteristics of the colour.

By context we mean all the elements and materials that will interact with the colour of the walls. Then we need to take into account the person, that is, the sensations that the owner of the house wants to feel when he lives in that environment. Finally, we need to know the characteristics of the colour itself.

Painting a house in Vicenza

The light and lively colour chosen for the walls of the hallway is also found on the column of the three-sided fireplace, covered with a stone effect stoneware base.

Take a tour of the entire house:

new house in the province of Vicenza

Choosing a wall colour: saturation

Once the colour has been defined, it is important to work on its characteristics: saturation, tone, texture, thickness, material effect...

Clearly, we will have to show you these basic elements and let you see for yourself the tactile and visual difference between the different effects that can be obtained with the same colour. This is particularly true for finishes and decors, such as those by Graesan, which are beautiful effects but not easy to understand at first glance. 

You can discover them in our shop or learn more about decors in this article: decorative plasters for interiors: crude lime

Painting house in Vicenza: the television blue wall

In this realisation we painted the wall housing the television in blue, the same colour used to make the made-to-measure side cabinet.

Discover the realisation:

Renovate house in Cornedo Vicentino

Trends in wall colours

One of the most popular trends at the moment is to characterise just one wall in each room with full, intense colours, or with special textures or very rich wallpaper, leaving the other walls neutral.

As far as decorative colours are concerned, metallics, textured decorations and wallpapers are very popular.

In terms of colours, the current market demand is for blues, greens and powders, while some very fashionable colours such as sand, rope and dove grey, which were in vogue a few years ago, are falling in demand.

Colour and the importance of the applicator

The evolution of the interior paint sector is such that it requires trained applicators who are able to make the most of what the market has to offer.
We work hard on the technical training of the applicators, on their knowledge of the subject. The painter must know the Uni 11704 standard that regulates the sector and must constantly dedicate part of his time to training in order to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to handle the most advanced products.

Painting a new wooden house in Vicenza

An all-round well-kept house which also saw the painting of a wall in the open space: a very dark and striking stone effect.

Take a tour of the house:

wooden house in Vicenza, modern finishes

How much colour is sold worldwide?

In 2019, the market for paints, colour and coatings in general reached a global turnover, worldwide, of approximately 140 billion dollars. This is a truly significant figure and is estimated to be growing by at least 5% per year.

In Europe, too, growth is expected to be around 4% per year, with the building sector accounting for at least 50% of the total paint sold.

The lion's share of this 50% is accounted for by residential: wall coverings in homes, decorative finishes, house paints, account for more than half, followed by commercial and then other uses.

Painting interior walls and door: renovation of an attic in Vicenza

In this attic we painted the entrance to the house black, as well as the door, and decorated the living room with a raw lime wall.

Discover the attic:

Renovate penthouse in Vicenza

Environmentally friendly walls and colours

Decorative paints are on the rise, but only if they meet increasingly stringent environmental standards and the demands of homeowners for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Awareness of indoor chemical pollution issues is becoming increasingly important in the choice of product, which must therefore be water-based, environmentally friendly and, at the same time, guarantee high performance.

Painting a bathroom in Arzignano, Vicenza

In this bathroom, a dramatic plasterboard arch is painted in an animated midnight blue.

Discover the realization:

Custom kitchen and furniture in arzignano (Vicenza)

Anti-mould indoor paint

We often hear about indoor pollution or diseases caused by unhealthy environments. One of the factors that puts our health at risk is the presence of mould in the walls. For this reason, paints that counteract the formation of bacteria in walls are becoming increasingly popular.

The best solutions are those with a composition based on lime, a product that sanitises and regulates the humidity present on the wall, or those, more recently, that contain silver ions in the mixture. Thanks to the natural action of silver, painted walls eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms, guaranteeing a high standard of cleanliness and well-being for those who live there.

Colour producers in Italy

The Italian paint market has around 600 companies and a number of painters and decorators that is difficult to estimate. In Italy, 500 million litres of paint are used every year to paint homes, of which approximately 320 million are used for interior walls and 180 million for exterior walls.

The top 10 companies that produce paint achieve a turnover of 940 million euros, but, as mentioned, there are many producers and some are small or very small: it is therefore difficult to estimate the overall turnover. Let's take a look at some of the top manufacturers:

  • Boero Bartolomeo
  • Colorificio San Marco
  • Akzo Nobel Coatings
  • Sherwin-williams Italy
  • Dow Italia
  • Lechler
  • PPG Unilever
  • Chromology Italia
  • Estalia
  • Oikos
  • Kerakoll
  • Mapei
  • Covema Vernici
  • Farbe
  • Valpaint
  • Spiver
  • Remmers Italia
  • Loggia Industria Vernici
  • Barozzi Vernici

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