The cementines

Traditional cementines, made of coloured cement paste, are back in the form of porcelain stoneware tiles, bringing a burst of colour, energy, geometry and decoration. 

On this page you will find a series of articles in which we will tell you which types, decorations and formats are most in vogue today. 

Here are the topics that we will discuss together:

Multicoulored floor cementines

Traditional cementines

Some brands - including Bisazza in particular - repropose the traditional product with absorbency and stainability characteristics (which must be considered). Bisazza Cementine floors allow you to play with geometries as seen in this image:  

Cementine Bisazza
An example of Bisazza's Cementine Floors.

While being more delicate and fragile, traditional cement tiles are a wonderful product that conveys a taste of naturalness with its soft, matt surface. The vintage feel of the tiles gives rooms a strong and original connotation

Cementine bisazza di Paola Navone
Another example of Bisazza Cementine Floor​​​​​: ancient material but decoration revisited in a contemporary key

Other manufacturers - such as Ceramica Sant'Agostino - repropose the traditional style but interpret it with the new technologies of porcelain stoneware. These are what we call "cementine-effect stoneware" which combine aesthetics with unparalleled strength and durability. 
Like this cementine stoneware kitchen wall tile that imitates Amalfi majolica tiles:

cementine colorate geometrie negozio piastrelle Vicenza


Laying cementines in the niches of a bathroom in Vicenza

Cement tiles in porcelain stoneware

The majority of cement tiles are now offered with this new technology of digital porcelain stoneware, which combines aesthetics with maximum practicality. There are dozens and dozens of versions of this cementine-effect porcelain stoneware: matt or smooth, with bright or faded colours, with modern geometries or vintage curves. 

This is the product we recommend you evaluate and use, especially if you are thinking of using cement tiles for floors, because it combines the aesthetics and practicality of porcelain stoneware.

Cementine Fioranese
One of the Fioranese Cementine series

As I told you, there are many different types: from the colourful Fioranese proposals to the more sober and elegant Sant'Agostino ones.
But you can also find cementine stoneware in black&white versions, which are very original and striking. 

The beauty of this product also lies in its ability to combine perfectly with the colours grey, beige, greige and dove grey, which - used as backgrounds - enhance its decorative capabilities. 

rivestimento cucina in cementine a verona
A wall covering in San Giovanni Ilarione (Verona) of a wood-burning kitchen, made with vintage cement tiles

Recently we have seen the emergence of another type of decoration, again on cement effect tiles. Instead of using a coloured decoration, the tiles seem to be made by inlaying different materials, such as wood and marble. This allows us to make a cementine bathroom wall covering by combining it with a wood-effect stoneware floor.
An example of this product can be seen in this patchwork:

piastrelle cementine effetto marmo e legno intarsiati
This mix of decorations reproduces inlays between precious marbles and woods of various types. 

Of course, there are also others in various styles. The one above is richer and more ornate but with softer tones, while the one below is more elegant and with brighter colours:

Piastrelle cementine decorazione
Cement-effect stoneware tiles representing marble and wood insets


Cement tiles: prices 

The most common question you may be asking yourself is: how much do cement tiles cost? 

There are so many different types that it is really difficult to give you an answer. But I don't want to evade the question either, so I'll try to answer it: an Italian cement effect stoneware, of good quality and with a good design can cost around 25/30 euros per square metre. This is for a rectified product (i.e. with the edges cut so as to be sharp-edged), with a nice design and with a variety of decorations. 

Of course there are cement tiles with lower prices. You can find, for example at Leroy Merlin or Bricoman or Iperceramica, versions with a non-rectified edge, a thinner thickness and with less refined and more repetitive graphics, even at 10 euros per square metre. 

Your choice depends on what you have to do, on where you want to place the cement effect stoneware. 
Here are a couple of examples. 

1.Vintage kitchen tiles 

For example, if you want to cover your kitchen with cement-effect stoneware tiles, I recommend that you invest in a high quality product, because:

  • (1) you will only need a few metres,
  • (2) they will be highly visible, at eye level and well lit
  • (3) the kitchen cladding has a significant impact on enhancing or detracting from the kitchen furniture... you can't invest a lot on furniture and then save on such an important element. 

In this case, the "right" price for cement tiles will be at least €30 per square metre

2. Floor of a bar or restaurant

In cases where space is at a premium and the graphic aspects, the design, the care in the execution of the tile are not so important, it is possible to opt for cheaper products. Without going as far as Asian imports, there are Italian products that allow you to create cement floor tiles at prices below €20 per metre. 

Alternatively, you can find high quality second choice cement tiles.
In that case the price of the tiles, which would cost 30€ or more, is reduced by at least 30%, perhaps due to defects that are not very visible in a large space. Again you are down to around 20€ per square metre. 

3. Cementine bathroom wall tiles

Even if you decide to cover a portion of your bathroom with cement tiles, the small amount of space you will need does not justify finding the lowest price on the market. 

Keep in mind that putting too many cement tiles in the wall would be a wrong choice, you would get a confused, psychedelic environment. So choose a high quality product and try instead to "dose" the quantity, diluting the coloured and decorated tiles with more neutral ones. 

So what prices are justifiable for bathroom cement tiles? In my opinion, the necessary investment is at least €25 per metre. 

Cementines used to cover walls in a bar

What decoration for cement tiles?

Stoneware cement tiles have become very popular, many tile manufacturers offer them, and today you can find a very wide range of decors:

  • modern black & white
  • traditional decorations in bold colours
  • or with pastel colours
  • ironic, almost cartoonish decorations
  • vintage cement tiles from the 50s and 60s
  • worn decorations to simulate a cementine which has been trodden on for decades
  • Mediterranean decorations, from the Amalfi tradition

and others. 

Cementine per Rivestimento cucina
"Retro" tiling of a kitchen with cement tiles

We recommend that you come to the shop to see them live and have fun playing to find the combination you like best.

Proposal for cement tiles in the kitchen

Cement tiles: how to use them? 

You can buy cement tiles and use them to make an insert in a floor, but you can also decorate a bathroom, perhaps even just one wall, or use them to enrich niches. We also offer them as kitchen wall tiles, especially if you have chosen a country or rustic kitchen

Please note that you can use them either in the patchwork version, mixing different colours and shapes, or in the version with a single decoration repeated in a full field.

Cementine a pavimento
A cement-effect stoneware floor can be created using a carpet of cement tiles combined in a patchwork of colours.


Photos of laid cement tiles

On this page we collect some achievements and give some advice on the use of this fantastic product. If you too are in love with Cementine, come to our shops and play with us to find the right combination, personalised for you.

1. Black&white cementine setting

2. Mediterranean bathroom: cement floor and wall tiles

3. Cement tiles for bathroom wall tiles

4. Cement for cladding a wood-burning cooker

5. Cementine bathroom wall tiles

6. Cement effect tiles for this kitchen

7. When laying a cement shower wall covering

8. Kitchen cladding with Black & White cement tiles

9. Cementine insert in a floor in Vicenza

After this overview of achievements, we will now present some of our projects in which we have used cement tiles. 
Try to find the right project for your bathroom among them.
Have fun discovering how cement tiles can enrich a wall, decorate an area of the bathroom, enhance niches or the shower space.

1. Cementine attic bathroom project

2. Cementine as floor decoration in this bathroom

3. Paths of coloured cement floor tiles

4. Cementine and stoneware with cement effect

5. Cementines in the niches of a bathroom

6. Cementine and stoneware wood effect

7. Parquet and cementine bathroom

8. Bathroom with cementine niche

9. Cementine and Corten effect slabs

10. Rectangular cementines in bathroom

11. Cementine and porcelain stoneware

12. Horizontal strip of cement tiles in the bathroom

13. Cementine bathroom wall tiles

14. Project for a restaurant bathroom with cementines

15. Design and construction of a bathroom with cementines

Use of cementines in many rooms

I leave you with a collection of photos showing various environments in which cement tiles have been used: public places, bars, private residences... In all these buildings, cement tiles have contributed, with their decorations and colours, to bring cheerfulness, but also a touch of vintage. Here are some photos of samples of cement tiles in our shops, where you can find the ones you are looking for. 
Enjoy your work! 

Cementine bathroom wall tiles

Projects and realisations of stoneware cementines

Are you looking for photos and projects of stoneware cementines? Do you want to use cementines and are you looking for ideas? Cementines, especially stoneware, are used in many areas.
Here are some articles you might like to read:

► Cementine as a floor covering and boiserie as a wall covering: a super cosy bathroom!
Cementine as a kitchen wall covering in Martina's house in Arzignano (Vicenza)
Bar counter with modern stoneware cementines

cementine bagno rivestimenti
Bathroom project with cementines decorated for a restaurant, Verona

Cementine tiles to clad a bookcase

bathroom wall tiles with decorated cementines in Vicenza

Come and choose the geometries and colours of cement tiles for your wall covering.

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