Tile brands: the best

Top tile brands

Looking for a tile for the floors or walls of your home? Do you want to know which are the best brands of porcelain stoneware? And do you want to know where to buy them? 

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of those that - in our opinion - are the best tile brands: we have selected them from among the over 200 Italian tile brands and we have also listed - for the recognised quality of its products - a famous Spanish manufacturer.

In order to compile this list we have visited dozens and dozens of companies, attended trade fairs, examined articles live, rejected and promoted hundreds of individual products on site to arrive, today, at a list of those who are the best tile manufacturers.
If you live in Vicenza or Verona, you can also come and see the collections here, in our shops. 


i migliori marchi di piastrelle, nel nostro negozio di vicenza
A setting by ABK, one of Italy's top ceramic tile manufacturers

The best tile brands in Vicenza

The tile brands in the list below can be found and purchased in our two shops in Vicenza, one in Arzignano and one in Gambellara
The Gambellara store is easy to reach if you live in Verona: it is 500 metres from the Montebello Vicentino exit, along the state road to Verona.

It is worth visiting us even if only to get some ideas for the bathrooms in your home (we have all kinds of settings) and to get an idea of the world of surfaces. Not just tiles...

migliori marche di piastrelle e gres
Italian ceramic tile brands are in great demand on foreign markets and Italian ceramic tiles are considered the best porcelain stoneware flooring.

The best tile brands must be laid well

Be careful, however: the quality of the tile will go down the drain if you don't have a good tiler able to enhance the product. This is why we offer a "turnkey" service, even if only in the provinces of Vicenza and Verona. 
Floors must be laid with love and care to avoid the problems that can arise on a ceramic floor. What are these problems? Here are some:

Problems with ceramic floors

In order to avoid all these problems we continuously select and train our installers. In addition, we provide the customer with an experienced technician, Sergio, who coordinates the work and finds solutions to the problems that inevitably arise. 

So you decide whether you want to: 
► simply purchase the tiles selected by us or
► take advantage of the "turnkey" service, entrusting us also with the laying of the tiles  

migliori marche di piastrelle
Quality ceramics brands cannot guarantee a good end result if you then rely on an inexperienced installer for the installation!
Also expect a good installer

The best rustic, modern, elegant tiles...

Whatever style you have in mind bfor your bathroom or kitchen, you can have fun looking for the right tiles in our shop.

We have selected the best brands of tiles for you in minimal, industrial, urban and modern styles. 
But if your dream home is in a rustic style, don't be afraid, you will find tiles in (real) terracotta or stoneware with an antique terracotta effect. We will satisfy you just as we have satisfied Martina, the owner of this beautiful house, who wanted it to be rustic and welcoming:

a rustic house in Arzignano

If you prefer stone, you could choose slate or stone-effect stoneware with irregular edges and a split surface.
Or are you looking for tiles that imitate marble? Or would you like to cover your bathroom with majolica tiles in the Amalfi style? Or are you looking for English style?

We'll stop there, but trust us: whatever your style, we've selected the most beautiful tiles for you.

migliori marchi di piastrelle artistiche
In our shop you will find the best brands of porcelain stoneware, with set and original products.

The best large format tiles

Have you heard of large stoneware tiles? Would you like to see them live? In our shop in Gambellara we have created 6 settings using the large slabs: they are beautiful!

In the Costo di Arzignano shop we have even created an entire "fake" home with floors, a fireplace and a large table, all using large and very large format tiles.

Come and visit us in our shops, you will see, it will be like entering a furnishing magazine.

If you don't want to have to wait when you get to the shop, call us first and make an appointment
You can get advice from our experienced interior designers and get a free quote for the floors and walls of your home.

But now we present the list of the best tile manufacturers, the best brands, chosen for you: