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"Il miglior amico della terra dell’uomo è l’albero.
Se usiamo gli alberi con rispetto e parsimonia,
noi abbiamo una delle più grandi risorse sulla terra."

(Frank Lloyd Wright)
Uno dei più grandi architetti di sempre

On this page we will tell you all about the charm of owning a wooden floor, we will let you experience the atmosphere it can create in a home. You will discover different creations and work in progress projects in which the characteristics and main issues to avoid will be pointed out to reduce the risk of error. In short words: this is a real guide to the world of wooden floors.

Pavimento in legno negozio Vicenza Verona

Wooden Floors and Parquet in Vicenza and Verona

Are you looking for a hardwood floor? Do you want to lay wooden flooring at home?


We are ready to give you advice, ideas and suggestions on wooden floors both here and in the wide spaces inside our two stores at Costo di Arzignano (Vicenza) and Gambellara (Vicenza), in two areas of the showroom dedicated specifically to parquet.

Wooden Floors: What type?

We have been dealing with wooden floors since the use of solid wood and we have followed the technical evolution and changes in the wood market that have led to the advent of refinished wooden flooring, while on the topic, do you prefer it with two or three layers?

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Wooden Floors: What essence? 

When you have to choose your wooden floor you will have to decide, in addition to which type you will have to chose the essence to be used. You will have to take into account both aesthetic and technical reasons to make this decision.

In fact, you will have to look for a parquet with a color that suits itself well with the rest of the house’s environment.

But you will also have to take into account technical aspects such as the resistance to scratches and humidity that each essence has to make a decision.

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Pavimento in legno: la posa

We know that laying down a wooden floor is much more complex and risky than laying a ceramic floor. This is the reason for which we not only carefully selected for you the best suppliers of parquet but also the best installers from the areas of Vicenza and Verona.

In many years we have laid thousands of square meters of indoor and outdoor wooden floors in the area of Vicenza and Verona. These are floors that maintain their beauty, year after year, and these testify to our care and attention till the final result.

Alcune di queste realizzazioni le trovi alla fine di questa pagina...


Wooden Floors and Screeds

We are also able to make the screeds, the supporting layer on which the wooden flooring is then glued too. We strongly advise you to read the articles we have dedicated to this fundamental element of the flooring.

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Quality prefabricated wooden floor

We know that the durability of the wooden floor is the result of an optimal combination of many factors: it is important that the tree from which it is made of is cut in the right season; that it has been dried naturally and patiently; that it has been worked respecting the times and with the right adhesives, finishing paints or oils that can protect it properly.It is also important that it has undergone a correct anti-woodworm treatment, which preserves its durability over time.

But it is equally important that the substances used to produce it are not harmful, that the adhesives do not release volatile substances, that the woodworm treatment is not toxic for those who sleep around it and that the paints or oils do not give problems.


Wooden Floor: Advise

Throughout our website, browsing the articles you will find tips on how to avoid problems on wooden floors.

We will also tell you about the little precautions to be taken when laying a wooden floor. With the right precautions, your hardwood floor will last a long time.

We will explain what are the environmental conditions to be respected for the installation. We will see what timeframe is necessary, what types of adhesives for the wooden floor, what conditions and characteristics the screed must have.


We will also explain the maintenance of a wooden floor:

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Laying of wooden floors

We have gained much experience throughout the years of laying wooden floors and we know which essences to recommend, as well as guiding you between various decisions you will have to make:

  • Which essence of wooden parquet? Is walnut to oak better?
  • Parquet finishing: better oiled or varnished?
  • Which treatment should be used for a wooden floor?
  • Can you lay a wooden floor in the bathroom?
  • How do I maintain a wooden floor?
  • Which wooden floor to use outdoors?

Wooden flooring guaranteed for 10 years

We will answer these and other questions and guarantee that your Fratelli Pellizzari hardwood floor  will last many decades… speaking of guarantees: we would like to emphasize that Fratelli Pellizzari, thanks to its fifty years of experience in the production of wooden floors in the provinces of Vicenza and Verona guarantees its work fo 10 years!

Wooden Floors laid in Vicenza and Verona

We have described some of our creations of wooden parquet floors and they have become in-depth articles. The following 7 articles are laid wood interventions which we carried out between Verona and Vicenza.

Have fun discovering the style which you like the most and would fit in your house the best.


  1.  A Hand-Planed Oak Floor In Cornedo Vicentino (Vicenza)

  2. Woodflooring in Arzignano Offices

  3. Wooden wall in an office building in Chiampo (Vicenza)

  4. Pavimento in noce in un attico ad Arzignano (Vicenza)
  5. Pavimento in legno in una casa a Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)
  6. Pavimento in legno a spina pesce in un attico ad Arzignano (Vicenza)
  7. Pavimento in legno di noce in una casa a Verona

Altre foto di pavimenti in legno posati da noi qui di seguito:

Whitened oak floors in Vicenza

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