Chiara Pellizzari

Chiara Pellizzari - Fratelli Pellizzari Costo di Arzignano (Vicenza)

ROLE: Owner, showroom manager, consultant and designer of complete houses
OFFICE: Costo di Arzignano

MOTTO: The real game is played on implementation. That is where the real challenge lies.





Chiara Pellizzari

Who is Chiara?

Chiara is one of the owners of Fratelli Pellizzari, but she is also the manager of the Costo showroom in Arzignano and she deals with consultancy and projects for large projects together with her team. From an early age she has spent her time playing inside the Arzignano shop in contact with materials and colours, being fascinated by everything related to furniture. After a brief excursus into the world of fashion, she returned to the family in 2000, taking up a position in the company to follow her greatest passion: interior design.

In these twenty years of experience, Chiara, driven by a strong need to innovate and seek novelty, has helped the company to grow by expanding its sphere of competence over the years. So today we offer "turnkey bathrooms", we study your made-to-measure lighting and create kitchens of high quality, as well as offering the "Atelier Casa Pellizzari" solution dedicated to the total renovation of your home.

Mother and entrepreneur, strong and decisive, she works with passion and always tends to the best by coordinating her private life and her busy working life! She is an ever-changing dynamo, we can only wait and see what other great projects she will bring forward!


Chiara Pellizzari


Chiara's team

Chiara strongly believes in the importance of teamwork and so, at the Arzignano office, she brought together great professionals in the sector: Ilaria Tognolo, Maria Carollo, Martina Piovan and later Angelica Meggiolaro. She wanted to bring the team together in a single environment, to create a group where everything is shared and nobody is isolated. Together with her team she tackles large-scale projects and is therefore keen to leave a wide communication window always open.

Chiara in Arzignano is a strong motivator: she wants everyone to give their best, to continue to improve and always aim to create something innovative and fresh, to work as a team and to help each other grow with their own style and qualities. Who better to tell you who she is? Here are some extracts of what 'her girls' think of her:



Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari
Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari


Her style: continuous innovation and strong passion

If you have had the opportunity to meet Chiara, you will know that she is a superwoman: she never stands still, she is always on the lookout for the latest innovation, she always pushes everyone towards continuous improvement and she dedicates herself to her work with great passion. If you put your trust in her, she will always try to offer you something innovative and unique: "So many salespeople my age sell products they know by heart and repeat the same projects over and over again without personalisation. I rather make mistakes in a hundred new projects, but I keep changing and proposing different designs, texturing colours, materials". If you are looking for something new and not yet seen, she will be able to help you!

She works with passion on every project she takes on and which excites her, sometimes working long hours to satisfy every request from her clients. She doesn't identify with a single style, she likes to vary according to the client's requests and the context of the house.

The realisation: a made-to-measure dress

"I listen carefully to those who come to me. I have to get to know their story in order to build a project that is made to measure for them, that is unrepeatable and that fully reflects them. I don't use large-scale retail furniture or brands that impose pre-printed designs on me. For me, design is 'made-to-measure' and it is precisely when working for a specific client that we realise the value of a designer".

Chiara's projects are driven by the conviction that every client deserves a design made to measure, which envelops the home reflecting its personality, character, dreams and needs. You will always find her touch in her work, but she will never make all houses the same: they all have to be different and must be designed to the measure of the person in front of them. 

And don't be afraid if you have a large building site: is unparalleled in oversee all! She will complete every turnkey project, no matter how difficult it is, because she loves to complicate life a little and feels immense satisfaction when she completes a great challenge. She will leave nothing out of place and keep everything in order while you relax in the knowledge that you have entrusted the entire house to safe hands. These are some of the achievements that make her particularly proud and will give you an idea of what you can expect from working with her!



Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari
Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari
Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari
Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari
Chiara Pellizzari  Chiara Pellizzari


And what do your customers say?

The final verdict of a customer never comes in person, but comes online, after he has left the shop after a purchase and lived in the converted house for some time. It is the customer himself who bears witness to the success or otherwise of a job and whether the designer has that "something" that made him enthusiastic. Here are some reviews that clients who have worked with Chiara have written about her:

Do you want to contact Chiara?

If you like her style and think that your home (or business) needs Chiara's touch, you can contact her by email by taking a long time in advance (because the number of jobs she can do in a month is limited): if you find the right feeling, she will be happy to accompany and advise you on the journey of creating your new space. Whether it is the whole house or a large project, you will find her in the Arzignano office.

Chiara is not the perfect partner for everyone: if you already have a list of materials to buy for your house and you are looking for the biggest discount, she is not suitable for you, just as she is not suitable for you if you intend to entrust her with only a part of the project (keeping an overview is very important for her).

We receive customers by appointment, so we can devote the right space and attention to anyone who needs it. We inform you in advance that we work in the areas of Vicenza and Verona, while we can supply our materials, of Italian origin and often handcrafted, thoughout the rest of the Italian territory. 

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