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Turnkey renovations

The Fratelli Pellizzari Atelier Casa service is reserved for just a few customers (one per month) with whom we agree to manage the entire renovation and furnishing of the house, shop or office. 

Let Marina, one of our customers, tell you about it:

atelier Casa Pellizzari


Atelier Casa Pellizzari: contract, turnkey in Vicenza and Verona

As Marina writes, if you rely on us for this service we will manage the turnkey renovation of the property you entrust to us. This means that we will supply all the products and also the operators who will install them with an all-inclusive contract at a fixed price. This is what we call "contract work" and what we can do for the provinces of Vicenza and Verona.

The advantage? Having a single interlocutor, Fratelli Pellizzari, who takes care of everything: from demolition to false ceilings, from plant engineering to flooring, from the supply of furniture to the study and supply of lighting.
All signed:


Atelier Casa Fratelli Pellizzari


Some of our renovations in Vicenza and Verona:

Renovation, flooring and furniture in Vicenza

In this penthouse in Vicenza  questo attico a Vicenza

we have dealt with screeds, floors, wall tiles, bathroom, kitchen and home furnishings. In this article I will show you all the stages that led to the amazing final result!

Renovation of an attic in Vicenza

Complete renovation of a penthouse in Arzignano (Vicenza)

A young boy, eclectic taste, a flat where his parents had lived, to be demolished and completely rethought. Spaces, surfaces, furniture... everything was thought out and coordinated. The before-and-after photos are amazing

a completely renovated and furnished attic

Floors, furniture and lighting in a house in Vicenza

A style that was elegant but not classic or even minimal. A very tight deadline to get the job done. A successful challenge that allows us to show you this wonderful turnkey house: 

a turnkey renovation in Vicenza

Kitchen, bathrooms and floors in a house in Vicenza

Wooden floors rising up to envelope furniture and walls in this house where we did all the interior finishing, including the made-to-measure kitchen, bedroom and wardrobes. 

turnkey house in Vicenza

Turnkey furnishing and renovation in Arzignano (Vicenza)

Mr. F. entrusted us with the complete renovation of this penthouse in Arzignano (Vicenza) where we took care of the project, the bureaucratic aspects, the new windows, the floors, the furniture, the lights, the colours and all the plant engineering. The final result is amazing! Click to see all the photos:

turnkey renovation of a penthouse in Arzignano

Construction of a turnkey swimming pool in Valdagno (Vicenza)

Atelier Casa Fratelli Pellizzari has been entrusted by a historic client with the creation of the floors of the house and the turnkey construction of the new swimming pool with annexed synthetic grass garden. We'll tell you all about it here: 

A modern turnkey swimming pool in VALDAGNO

Flooring and furnishing of new offices in Vicenza

If you want to renovate your offices using the "contract" formula and if you prefer to have a single contact person to avoid wasting energy and time, contact us! 
We will support you in the supply and turnkey implementation of all the necessary works, as we did for... 

the new albermec offices in Cornedo Vicentino (Vicenza)

House renovation in Arzignano

A house to renovate, to modernise! Enrico and Gigliola wanted to give a new face to their home, laying a wooden floor over the old floors and furnishing the kitchen and all the rooms.

Click here to see this intervention: Renovating house in Arzignano

Offices renovation in Arzignano

A turnkey renovation, but in this case on commercial spaces. We are talking about the Retecasa offices, in the centre of Arzignano, where we have taken care of the finishes and furnishings.

Click here to see all the photos: contract offices in Vicenza: from floors to furnishings!

How to become a Pellizzari Atelier Casa customer

We have dedicated some of our interior designers to the "atelier casa" project by forming two teams: one for the Arzignano office and one for the Gambellara office.


Do you need a deposit?

To access the services of Atelier casa Fratelli Pellizzari :

If you have already been a Fratelli Pellizzari customer for the last 10 years, you can simply make an appointment and we will start designing for you, without asking for anything.
The fact that you are already a client gives you access to these services because you know our quality standard and we can start working immediately with mutual trust.

If you have never been a client before, we will ask for a deposit of between 1,000 and 2,500 euros, depending on the project.
This deposit will be refunded if you decide to buy the floors and bathrooms from us as well.


Who to contact?

You can choose the Arzignano or Gambellara offices:

► ARZIGNANO: An appointment must be arranged in the Arzignano shop with Chiara (designer and head of the "atelier casa" team at the Arzignano office) and Alberto (site technician).
► GAMBELLARA: An appointment has to be fixed in the shop in Gambellara with Andrea (designer and manager of the "atelier casa" team at the Gambellara site) and Sergio (site technician).

Here is an example of a living room and kitchen project

New house or renovation? Make your appointment!

To make an appointment in one of our offices in Gambellara or Cost of Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, fill in the following form and we will contact you shortly.
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