Turnkey Renovations

«To build a building you need your hands, but only with the heart you can build a home.» Anonimo

We take care of everything: study of the interior design, surfaces and floors.


Turnkey renovations in Vicenza

Turnkey renovations: “Atelier Casa Pellizzari”

Thanks to the collaboration with design studios, craftsmen and operations in the sector and thanks to our “Atelier Pellizzari” team, we can manage an entire “turnkey” renovation, from demolition to the supply and installation of furniture. We did it, for example, in this intervention.

How many things to think about!

Our interior designers and the professionals with whom we collaborate are able to solve all the bureaucratic tasks: they will take care of the executive design, the plant design and the study of the furniture and thanks to the collaboration with different design studios, also of the municipale practices.

We are used to work in teas for which we will draw up the time schedule and update in according to the progress of the construction site.

How many things to choose...

Our showroom is a large material library in which choosing the finishes, colours and surfaces will be fun.

Also because you will always be followed by a colleague of the "atelier Pellizzari" team who will be attentive to the combinations between the different materials and will guide you among the thousands of possible combinations.

The stress that all these choices normally entail will be for Atelier Pellizzari to handle, while for our customers only a distant memory.

How do I make up my mind?  

Fortunately today we have a technological tools that help us a lot in choosing. Thanks to the 3D design we can simulate the finished and furnished environment with a photorealistic rendering.


We will only ask you to tell us your wishes: we will transform them into photographic renderings and finally into reality.


Who guarantees me the quality?

The Pellizzari family for 50 years has been dedicated to researching the best products and offering them to its customers. Those who know us know it and who has experimented with our products is the best sponsor of the "Pellizzari quality".

This allows us to offer our customers a 10 year guarantee on our work!

We will not be able to do it if we are not sure of the selected products and of the people who collaborate with us.

Yes, but...what about the costs? 

Our close-knit team of operators, coordinated by our technician and under the guidance of the interior designer responsible for the project, will complete the renovation of your home on time and with the expected costs, limiting "construction site stress" to the maximum.

The coordination between operators reduces costs compared to an intervention involving operators who do not know each other. Furthermore, Pellizzari's remarkable experience allows to implement intelligent solutions which, combined with the management of unexpected events, allows you to save and a lot compared to a DIY renovation.

What if I need funding?

We are able to offer two financing formulas:

Unicredit Voucher: up to €30.000 without mortgage, without fixed rate fees, up to 7 years (for more information click here)

 Compass financing: up to €10.000 at zero rate for up to 12 months.

We will be happy o give you more information in the shop.