Flooring for Exteriors

"Una casa non è una questione di mattoni, ma di amore."
(Christian Bobin)

The external floors, if well designed, will enhance the volumes of your home. The external flooring encloses and crosses the garden, communicates with public spaces, welcomes your guests and also performs other functions that you can discover by reading this article.


Exterior flooring of Fratelli Pellizzari

Outdoor floors in Vicenza

Are you thinking of making an exterior floor for your home? Or maybe you want to improve the aesthetics of your home by redoing the walkway or driveway?In this article you will find photos and indicators on the materials to be used and projects that we have put in place in Vicenza and Verona.

Pavimento esterno porfido a Vicenza
A pathway that crosses the garden in irregular porphyry slabs


If you want to make an appointment, scroll to the end and click to book an appointment and come visit us in ou showrooms in Arzignano and Gambellara (Vicenza): together we will see some creations in our showroom and we will try to find the right solutionn for your home

Pavimento esterno: marciapiede a Vicenza
Round sidewalk made with porphyry cubes and with a band of train stone.

In order to be able to give the right assistance to the construction site, we have chosen to only work in the provinces of Vicenza and Verona,

Here we have become quite famous in the outdoor design sector: it is the sector from which we were born and in which we have gained a lot of experience.

Pavimento per esterni in ciottolo
An external stone and cobblestone floor in a private house in Verona

But to become famous we first had to build up experience.

Well if it is true that “experience is the name we give to our mistakes”, well then we confess that in 50 years of mistakes we have made them and we have used them to learn that the external floors are much more complicated than the internal ones. 

Pavimento esterno in travertino
External flooring in tumbled travertine palladiana

Outdoor floors: Why Pellizzari? 

► Because we can give many tips, advise on outdoor floors. If you come to visit us you will find out.


Pavimento esterno, progetto a Verona
Project of an external floor in Verona

► Because we are convinced that you could save money, that the prices of our outdoor floors are excellent. How do we do it? We do a lot of work and therefore we use a high quantity of stones and porphyry which allow us to have a good purchase price

Pavimento esterno in un viale pedonale
Squared porphyry external floor for a pedestrian path in Vicenza

► Because we will carefully study the characteristics of your home before making any specific proposal for you.

Posa di un pavimento esterno in cubetto di porfido
Laying porphyry cubes on an external floor


Outdoor Floors: Our passion for 50 years

Our love for outdoor floors was infused by the founder of Fratelli Pellizzari, Mr. Dario Pellizzari, who from a very young age worked in a marble quarry in Brescia, learning about natural stones, their characteristics and the laying methods of these.

Posa di pavimento esterno
An external floor during the laying of a porphyry cube with the “dovetail” pattern

Today, 50 years later, Mr Dario Pellizzari still personally visits the construction sites where we lay porphyry and stone. If you decide to rely on us, he will also come to see your house: our installers know this and for this they put twice as much effort.


Outdoor floors in porphyry, stone, pebble, ceramic…

A well-designed outdoor flooring will be essential to enhance the volumes of your home.

A properly designed floor encloses the garden, crosses it, creates geometries, harmonies and sensations.

Pavimento per esterni a Vicenza
In this external floor the necessary expansion joints(one is still visible in green on the photo but will then be removed and siliconed) become the pretext for crossing the floor with pebbles.

When we plan it together, you will notice how fundamental the dialogue between the home and the outdoor spaces is.


Pavimento esterno: posa del ciottolo
The layering of pebbles in an external floor

Outdoor floors: how are they designed?

We often design external flooring for houses in Vicenza and Verona and when we do it for your home we will think about all their functions: parking for you or for guests, driveway to the house both pedestrian and driveway, but also space for leisure, the space to celebrate with your friends and relatives and finally a relaxation area.

Pavimenti esterni, progettazione
The first study of the external floors of a house is made into a plan, taking into consideration the available spaces and their intended use, preferred materials and functional needs.

Based on the function and the expected stresses, we will chose the different materials or surface processes together with you.

Pavimenti esterni decorati
Decorated outdoor pavement

This below for example is a project for a relaxation area, in which you can read or entertain ourself with friends on summer afternoons:

progetto pavimento esterno a Vicenza

Outdoor floors: Which materials to use?

One of the most frequently asked questions of those like you who are thinking of making a floor is which materials should they use?

Pavimento esterno in pietra e ciottolo
External stone and pebble floor

The characteristics you need to look for when choosing an outdoor floor are:
► weather resistance
► Frost resistance
► slip resistance,
► sviliti to correctly convey rainwater
► easy cleaning

Although much will depend on the use you want to do that specific outer space.

Pavimento esterno in trachite e cotto
External floor in tracheae and terracotta that we made on the Berici hills in Vicenza

Traditional or new outdoor floors?

As you will see in our showroom, we have a preference for local natural materials such as the Lessinia soon which is extracted in the Veronese area, the Giallo Reale of the Vicentine pre-Alps area or the Trentino porphyry. In outdoor floors we rarely use them alone, most of the times we combine them together.

Pavimento esterno in marmo a Verona
In this villa in Verona we have laid steps in brushed marble in three colours.

In addition to the “autochtonous” materials, we use the Lucerne stone or the Serena stone, obviously we also work with concrete or Brazilian quartzite.

Each material has specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that we will discover together or that you can find by clicking on the links in the next paragraph.

Pavimento esterno in ciottolo e cotto
In this house we are laying an outdoor floor in pebble and terracotta


Outdoor floors: Characteristics of materials

By clicking on the links you can see photos and characteristics of some of the most used materials for flooring the external parts of your home,


Pavimenti esterni in pietra di prun



Pavimento esterno in porfido



Pavimento esterno in sasso o ciottolo



Pavimento esterno in Betonella autobloccanti


Outdoor floors: the laying of stone

We have a lot of experience in the realizations: we know well how to lay a porphyry cube and we have prepared and professional installers able to achieve what our exterior designers plan. We don’t just design outdoor floors, we also give you advise on how to integrate them with the garden. 

For example we always suggest the right external lighting to enhance materials and decorations bit also facilitate the driveway and pedestrian transit. We consider the design of external floors one of the most demanding and complex creative processes: much more complex than any internal floor.

Illuminazione pavimento esterno


Outdoor floors: Realizations

We have collected below some of our creations in Vicenza and Verona that could help you get some ideas.

To consult them click on the photos or links.

 Outdoor Porphyry, Pebble and stone floor in San Bonifacio (Verona) ;

Pavimento esterno in porfido squadrato a Verona


Exterior floor in porphyry, royal yellow and pebble decorations in local (Verona);

Pavimento esterno porfido squadrato pavimento a verona



Outdoor porphyry floor in Verona

Pavimento esterno in cubetto in porfido a Verona


Outdoor stone drive in run on grass Lonigo ;

Pavimento esterno, vialetto in pietra


Outdoor Porphyry Floor on driveway and walkway in Sandrigo (Vicenza)


Pavimento esterno in porfido squadrato e cubetto


Exterior Porphyry cubed floor in driveway in Schio (Vicenza)

Pavimento esterno in cubetto, vialetto a Schio


 Outdoor floor in white pebbles and bricks in Vicenza

Pavimento esterno in ciottolo bianco

 Outdoor floor on pedestrian avenue and sidewalk in squared porphyry in Vicenza

Esterno: marciapiede e vialetto in porfido a Lonigo

Pedestrian Exterior floor in decorated Porphyry in Vicenza

Pavimento esterno in porfido squadrato a Vicenza


Outdoor floors: Warranty

We have already told you: in 50 years of errors we have made many, we have paid for them, we have fixed them and in the meantimes we have learned from these mistakes. This is why today we can guarantee you the work we will do at home for 10 years.

We warn you tat we operate only in the the areas of Vicenza and Verona : we have chosen not to take on distant construction sites because we think we are unable to give the right price and because we want to give you the right assistance to the customer and the construction site.

If you are not in the area you can still find a lot of information on out website and you can also ask us questions by commenting on the articles or writing to us.

If instead you live in these parts and you are interested to visit us, we will be happy to welcome you and put all our passion and experience at your disposal.

To avoid making you wait when visiting our showrooms, we recommend you to book an appointment at the following link: Click here and book an appointment

Or you can scroll through all the galleries of our outdoor flooring constructions to get an idea of what we have made in the past and give you some inspiration. At the bottom of the page you will find a form to fix your appointment.




Foto di altri nostri lavori:

External porphyry flooring with uneven pattern in Montecchio - Vicenza

External floor in porphyry slabs with random pattern (Vicenza)

External raised floor in porcelain stoneware (2cm thick)

Outdoor stoneware floor in Monteforte - Verona

Floor of an outdoor pool in stoneware, in Vicenza

External stone and pebbles floor in San Bonifacio - Verona

External floor in Prun Bianca stone in Vicenza - Lonigo

External porphyry, pebble and stone flooring in Trissino

External floor on quartzite cubes radially laid in Vicenza

External porphyry floor decorated in Vicenza - Arzignano

External terracotta, tracheae and steel flooring in Vicenza - Lonigo

External marble staircase in Verona

External stone floor, swimming pool in Lonigo - Vicenza

External floor in porphyry cube in Vicenza

Outdoor paving in cobblestone and stone in Vicenza

Porphyry and royal yellow outdoor floors in Verona

Lying the external floor in porphyry cubes

External porphyry and marble flooring: the importance of the project

Outdoor flooring in Verona

Outdoor stoneware flooring for a house in Vicenza

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this article and browsing through the galleries of some of our outdoor floorings. If you have questions or any doubts, please let us know using the comments bellow. Even for any information or insights, or even critics… There is always something to learn.

If you also need to renovate or design your exterior, you can get advise and estimates by filling in the appointment request at the bottom of the page.

“In small barrels there is good wine”

We must apologize because we cannot answer all the questions: we are a small company that operates only in Vicenza and Verona. Indeed, to be honest we are a team of designers with internal technicians who then realize what is designed. But we are not a multinational company like French Bricoman and Leroy Merlin with thousands of stores.

This also means that we do not necessarily seek the purchase at the lowest price, nor the cheapest products ever. We prefer to work with quality products, worked with care even if they cost a little a little more. All of our suppliers are and must be Italian. In short, we do not find Chinese porphyry tiles at 10€, but Trentino porphyry(amoung other things, a few euros more).

We create exteriors in Vicenza and Verona

We have a few other flaws:

  • We can do a limited amount of jobs each year: on average about fifteen “turnkey” outdoor floorings, no more.
  • We cannot move to far from Vicenza - Verona. (We get to Padua and Lake Garda at the most)

This is because we must give the right assistance to the jobs we are doing and to the customers.

For this we make outdoor floors mainly in these municipalities in the province of Verona: Monteforte d’alpine, Costalunga, Montecchia di Crosara, Soave, San Giovanni Ilarione, Vestenanova, Soave, Costeggiola, Cazzano di Tramigna, Caldiero, Colognola ai Colli, Vago, San Martino Buon Albergo, Zevio, San Giovanni Lupatoto, Locara, Illasi, Tregnago, San Bonifacio, Arcole, Albaredo d'Adige, Ronco all'Adige, Belfiore, Veronella, Cologna Veneta.

In the Vicenza area the municipalities in which we work most often are: Montebello Vicentino, Lonigo, Arcole, Meledo, Sarego, Brendola, Grancona, Zermeghedo, Montorso Vicenza, Arzignano, Chiampo, Nogarole Vicentino, Trissino, Castelgomberto, Brogliano, Cornedo Vicentino, Valdagno, Recoaro Terme e Mille, Sovizzo, Creazzo, Costabissara, Isola Vicentina, Malo, Thiene, Schio, Thiene, Villaverla, Dueville, Arcugnano, Quartesolo towers, Sarcedo, Longare, Ponte di Nanto, Barbarano, Sossano, Albettone, Campiglia dei Berici.

Estimations for outdoor floors? Come visit us!

If you live in these areas and you want to understand how much it would costs too, come and find us in our showrooms and I am sure that we will be able to find the right solution for the exterior of your home together!

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We work by appointment to be able to concentrate completely on you