"The absent-minded person tripped over it.
The violent one used it as a bullet.
The entrepreneur used it to build. 
The tired farmer used it as a chair. 
For children it is a toy. 
David slew Goliath and
Michelangelo made the most beautiful sculpture out of it. 
In any case, it was not the stone that made the difference, but the man." 


ciottoli acciottolato pavimentazione esterna

Pebble or round stone flooring

Welcome to this Wikipelli page about pebble floors!

But what is a 'Wiki' page? It's like a tollbooth on a motorway: this article takes you to all the articles related to a topic of interest to you. In this tollbooth you can find all the roads that will lead you to discover more about cobblestones.

If you've landed here, you may be wondering how to design outdoor paving with cobblestones? Or how much does cobblestone paving cost? We are ready to help you with all your questions!

Before linking you to all the articles on the site related to this topic, I will leave you with a short introduction that will tell you more about this material. And if you're thinking of creating an outdoor pebble floor, redoing pavements or driveways in your home and you don't know how to lay them and what materials to combine them with, then you've come to the right page: here you'll find information, photos and advice on using round river stones as outdoor paving stones.

Let's start with the most generalist, but which will give you useful information on how to make your own outdoor floor with "round pebble": OUTDOOR FLOORSPavimento in ciottolo, Vicenza Verona

The "round stone" in floors in Vicenza and Verona 

Here we will tell you how small river stones, rounded by water and time, can be transformed into beautiful floors. We will show you some photos of works made in Vicenza and Verona and we will give you advices and suggestions on how to use this material that Palladio already loved above all others for the external floors of his villas.

You can read:

Pebble paving in the province of Vicenza

We took care of the exterior of this house in San Bonifacio, combining stone, porphyry and cobblestones for the laying of the driveway of this small villa.

See all the photos:

exterior paving in stone, porphyry and pebbles

The pebble decoration of an outdoor floor

While Palladio used pebble as a full field, distributing it over the whole pavement and mixing its various colours and sizes, today we tend to use it as a decoration. The pebble can become a band, a decoration, a carpet inserted in an outdoor paving to enhance shapes and geometries. In addition, today there is the possibility of determining the colour and size of the river pebble to obtain even more precious results. 

This realisation is an example:

Porphyry flooring and pebble decoration in Vicenza

For this majestic driveway we worked with porphyry and river pebble decorations: the round stone lends itself well to decorating the outdoor paving.

Discover the realisation:

square porphyry and pebble driveway in vicenza

Garden pebbles: what colour?

Pebble (also known as round stone or river stone) exists in various sizes and colours and can be used, by drowning it in cement mortar, to create outdoor paving, either as a full field or as decoration
It is a natural material and therefore certainly not subject to fashion, and offers the advantage of being able to easily follow round lines. Used as a decoration, it allows the outdoor paving to be linked to the garden of the house: in fact, it lends itself to creating dry flower beds. 

In this article we talk about what colour to choose: garden pebble: what colour?

River cobblestones for outdoor paving

The river stone is "drowned" in cement mortar to create an elegant and classic outdoor floor, together with prun stone.

Watch the moment of laying:

cobblestone and prun stone

The treatment of cobblestones

The real question is: how do I keep the pebbles beautiful? It is easy for them to get dirty and lose some of their original beauty, but you can take action to preserve it as long as possible. The protection and maintenance of these materials depends on the type of surface finish.

We explain this in this article: natural stone treatment

White pebbles for outdoor paving in Vicenza

In this realisation the white Carrara pebble is used questa realizzazione viene impiegato il ciottolo bianco Carrara for laying a white, brick-decorated outdoor floor.

Enjoy laying pebbles for this exterior:

outdoor pebble paving

Pebbles for a Japanese-style garden

Your garden should be an oasis of peace, a space where you can regenerate your mind and body and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this article you will find a paragraph in which black pebbles were used to create a small Oriental-style garden and much more.

Find out more in this article:  stone paths in the garden: the japanese style

Majestic cobblestone driveway in Verona

Squared porphyry and river stone are used to create this outdoor paving in the province of Verona.

Discover the realization:

outdoor paving in verona: porphyry, royal yellow and cobblestone

A round stone floor for an outdoor pathway

A beautiful home is also a home that looks neat and fresh on the outside. An outdoor pathway for your house will not only help you avoid ruining the grass with constant walking, but it will also make the outside of your house more aesthetically pleasing (as well as helping you keep your shoes cleaner!).

Get inspired by the paths we have made in other houses:  floors and outdoors paths

A cobblestone and porphyry entrance in Vicenza

The cobblestone and porphyry paving of this entrance to the house is located in the province of Vicenza: the difference of a well-kept entrance is clearly visible!

Discover the realisation:


And how do I best illuminate the pebble floor?

It is not enough to create a beautiful garden or walkway, you also need to know how to illuminate your outdoor cobblestones in the best possible way. Lights can set the right mood when the sun goes down, create an intimate and delicate atmosphere and, at the same time, provide security by guiding the path and keeping intruders away.

Choose the right lighting with this article: Light: lighting outdoor floors

Cobblestone, porphyry and stone driveway

In this creation we played with stone and pebble decorations to create a pedestrian pathway leading to the house.

Read more about the realization:

cobblestone, porphyry and stone driveway

Laying a pebble floor

The aesthetic beauty of a pebble paving requires a great deal of patience and dedication on the part of the installer, who must lay each individual stone, assessing both the colour combination and the shape and size. Once the shape and colour are satisfactory, the installer inserts the stone into the bed of mortar and uses a hammer to adjust its height, allowing it to penetrate more or less deeply.

Below are photos of an outdoor paving where pebbles have just been laid on the mortar bed:

Grouting the cobblestone floor

Once the cement has set, the cobblestone floor is grouted in a full field by applying a layer of cement grout of the desired colour.
Wait for the grout to start setting, and before it hardens too much, wash the floor with a high-pressure cleaner and plenty of water to remove the grout residue.
The resulting water must be sucked up and not dispersed into the environment, and care must be taken to close all grates and drains to prevent the cement from blocking the drains.

Laying outdoor pebble paving

Classic outdoor stone and pebble flooring

Outdoor paving: the pebble as an outline

Old cobblestone paving in a courtyard of a building

Pebble floor in a staircase in Sicily

Stone and pebble floor

The pebble in some of our floors


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