Lighting for outdoor floors

Welcome to this Wikipelli page! What is a "Wiki" page? It is a page where we collect all articles related to a topic, in this case we want to answer these questions: Which lights for outdoor paving? How do I light the outside of my house? What kind of lighting do I need for the garden? Do you have any ideas for lighting your stone or porphyry paving? Then we will collect tips, photos, information and insights on how to light up outdoor paving.

illuminazione vialetto pedonale

Let us start by suggesting that you read the article on outdoor flooring. Knowing what you need to light will make it easier for you to choose the right light:  outdoor flooring


External driveway: floor lighting

Thanks to this outdoor pathway we cross the garden resting on large slabs of corten effect stoneware, with floor lighting created using LED spotlights with a finish to match the tile.

See the rest of the realisation:

wpc and stoneware outdoor flooring for a house in arzignano

Mistakes not to make when lighting external floors

  1. Inserting elements that cast grazing light on surfaces: grazing light highlights every smallest irregularity. An almost invisible grain of inert material on an external plaster can cast such a shadow that it looks like a huge defect. Grazing light is sometimes very useful, for example to highlight a naturally uneven stone wall;
    But if a grazing light is used to illuminate, for example, a ceramic floor, the effect is terrible. Just as it should be avoided on a wall in the case of plaster or coat: the slightest, invisible depression will look like a huge defect;
  2. The colour of the chosen floor covering must be taken into account: a light-coloured external floor needs much less light than a dark-coloured one. Too much incident light on a light-coloured floor makes it glare;
  3. Light has the function of highlighting geometries and architectural details and today, thanks to LEDs, we can create exciting outdoor scenes. The functional aspect should not be overlooked, but neither should the emotional aspect;
  4. Insert floor spotlights that shoot the light upwards: as well as being prohibited, they are annoying for people walking on them at night because they generate glare;
  5. Disregard light pollution (more on this in the next section). 

Exterior floors illuminated with a light cut to the ground

The lights for this outdoor pavement were inserted inside the pavement: a led profile illuminates and delimits the space of the pedestrian path from the garden. 

Discover the realisation:

Ronco all'Adige: floors and bathrooms

Lighting of external floors: what does the law say?

When we talk about light pollution we mean the phenomenon whereby there are many forms of artificial light directed directly or indirectly into the sky. This not only wastes energy in lighting the sky, but also creates light pollution that makes it impossible to admire the sky. 

The problem is usually caused by faulty design, poor lamp arrangement or poorly constructed luminaires. It can also be due to the excessive intensity with which bright or reflective surfaces are illuminated. 

Inquinamento luminoso, i corpi illuminanti consentiti

How can light pollution be reduced? By taking care with the design and choice of luminaires and ensuring that they do not disperse light upwards. Be careful because there are many municipalities with directives against light pollution! Especially in Veneto where Regional Law 17 of 2009 is in force. 

Home exterior lighting project

Exterior floor design with lighting study

For this porphyry floor, we have designed floor lights suitable for outdoor use, combining two different light sources:

  • a grazing light placed inside the floor, which also highlights the decoration
  • diffuse lighting radiating from the planters and corten steel elements that border the porphyry floor.

Outdoor path lighting project: house in Vicenza

For this house, we also studied the lighting of the exterior floors: the entrance, staircase and pavement of the house. The lighting of the pedestrian walkways is important both for the safety of those walking along them and for the evening setting and enhancement of the exterior of the house.

Outdoor floor lights: outdoor in Colognola Ai Colli, Verona

Lighting an external floor in Verona

Selected outdoor lighting products

I'll leave you with some lighting products for your outdoors that, in my opinion, win in beauty, functionality and technology! As a company we like to chase novelties and find interesting products, but we value sharing even more.

Outdoor floor lighting column

Brand new LED garden light specifically designed for lighting large outdoor spaces. The lighting performance and mechanical characteristics (IK10) make Mr Bo by Targetti an ideal fixture for lighting any outdoor space. The optical system and the design, studied in every detail, allow a controlled and defined radial emission and guarantee a deep illumination on the walking surface avoiding any risk of glare. Mr Bo is composed of three different elements that, when combined, create different configurations to suit specific design requirements. Four different optical heads for as many radial emissions (from 90° to 360°) are combined with bollards available in three different heights: 334 mm.; 734 mm.; 934 mm.

Come and design your illuminated exterior:

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