Turnkey Bathrooms

"Bagno : stanza sempre occupata."
(Antonio Amurri, Famiglia a carico, 1975)

The complete renovation of a bathroom involves numerous operators: construction company, plumber, electrician, etc…

bagno chiavi in mano Vicenza Verona

Bathroom renovation in Vicenza

Looking for a bathroom interiors shop? Come and visit us: for 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to bathroom interiors and are specialists in this sector.

Our two stores have become a reference point for customers in Vicenza and Verona who, like you, are looking for ideas and solutions to renovate the bathroom.

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Complete Bathroom Project

If you are simply interested in knowing the prices of bathroom interiors and other elements to furnish the bathroom, contact us by clicking here.

If instead you prefer to have professional advice and a complete project for your new bathroom, we will be happy to host you in one of our two bathroom exhibitions and introduce you to one of our consultants.

Call us or make an appointment directly with our interior designers, tell us what style of bathroom you would like and give us a spending budget. With these we will create the project you desire staying within your spending goal.

Leggi la GUIDA di Erica alla progettazione del TUO bagno


Sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and bathroom accessories

We know you can't be without a bathroom for long.

We want to avoid you any further inconvenience and we will be at your side supporting you with the craftsmen who will work at your home.

We will put our experience at your disposal to avoid hitches, anger and waste of time.

We practically know all the craftsmen who work in the areas of Vicenza and Verona, as well as many design studios: we are able to interact with them and to give the specialist advice that will be necessary.

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Turnkey Bathrooms in Vicenza and Verona

If you decide to buy from us we will provide you with the executive project of the bathroom with a dossier that includes the pre-installation indications and the technical data sheets of the products to be delivered to your trusted plumber, installers and other operators on site.

If, on the other hand, you cannot follow the work or prefer to entrust everything to a single interlocutor, we can create your turnkey bathroom ourselves.

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Turnkey Bathroom Prices

If you choose the turnkey method, you will entrust us with the task of selecting and coordinating the many necessary operators: mason, plumber, electrician, floor layer, plasterer, painter…

We will organize the timing for the demolition of the existing bathroom, the arrival of the materials, the refurbishment of the existing systems, the laying of the plasters, the laying of the floor and wall tiles in the bathroom, the painting and the assembly of the sanitaries and bathroom furniture.

This will cost you a little extra, but how much less stress and loss of time?

Sometimes the surcharge is insignificant or even not present, but hear about the experience of one of our customers, Adriano, who agreed to tell us about his experience:

Un cliente racconta la sua esperienza con un bagno chiavi in mano realizzato da Pellizzari


Turnkey Bathroom Timeframe

Timing is a delicate topic: we work hard to avoid unexpected events and we try to ensure that in 15 days your bathroom will be completed.

To be able to guarantee these times and to guarantee an adequate quality level, we have set ourselves a limit of 2 bathrooms per month.

For this reason, we ask you to book the intervention well in advance if you wish to entrust us with the renovation of your bathroom and we apologize in advance if you are told that we are already full in the period in which you would like to renovate your bathroom.

Esempio di un bagno chiavi in mano a Verona

From old to new, bathroom renovation in Valdagno (VI)

Turnkey Bathroom in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)

From the old to the new turnkey bathroom, Vicenza

From the old to the new renovated turnkey bathroom in Vicenza

Marble bathroom, turnkey renovation Brendola (Vicenza)

Turnkey Mosaic bathroom renovation in Montebello (Vicenza)

Renovated bathroom with English style Boiserie in Altavilla - Vicenza

Turnkey renovation of a bathroom in Verona

Black & White Turnkey Renovation Verona

Turnkey renovation of stoneware and mosaic bathroom Vicenza

Turnkey mosaic bathroom renovation in Trissino, Vicenza

Turnkey bathroom: large shower, stoneware slabs and lighting in Vicenza

Bathroom with mini sauna and mosaic in Verona

Renovation of Bisazza mosaic bathroom in Trissino - Vicenza

Renovated Bisazza mosaic bathroom in Arzignano (Vicenza)

A modern turnkey bathroom - Vicenza

Resin application to make a modern bathroom in Vicenza? Done!

Rendering Bathrooms

To realize the executive and aesthetic design of the bathroom we use rendering software capable of giving a "photographic" idea of ​​what the finished bathroom will look like.

An example of a project is this: a feng-shui bathroom project for a client from Vicenza.

Guarda questo progetto di Bagno feng shui a Vicenza

Modern or classic bathroom furnishing? Let's choose it together

In addition to the design aspects, we want you to consciously choose the elements that will make up your bathroom, without stopping at the only question: "how much does bathroom furniture cost?" We will explain the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of:

  • Bathroom sittings
  • Taps
  • Sinks
  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Cisterns
  • Idroscopi
  • Wellness shower systems
  • Normal tubs and spa tubs
  • Bathroom mirrors


For example: we will explain the difference between traditional chromed brass and steel taps, complete with a price comparison. Are you curious?

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Styles and colours for bathroom furbishment

We will travel together amongst styles: do you prefer a classic bathroom, minimal or Mediterranean bathroom? English-style sanitary ware?

And then: what is your favorite color? Blue, Green, Yellow? Or were you thinking of a timeless black & white bathroom?

Have fun with us to choose the right environment for your bathroom and if you want to start working (and helping us) read the following guide:

Leggi la "GUIDA fotografica alla scelta dello STILE del TUO BAGNO"

Bathroom tiles and tax breaks

But in addition to choosing the materials together, we will provide you with the information to access tax breaks of 50% on spending and reduced VAT.

In short: are you thinking of refurbishing your bathroom? Do you live in the province of Vicenza or Verona? Do not miss the opportunity to come and visit us in our stores: we will reveal you all the secrets of the magical world of bathroom refurbishment.

Here are our addresses, phone number and emails to contact us.

We are waiting for you!



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