How will we work for you? With passion, experience and creativity!


Or do not.
There is no ‘try."

(Master Yoda)

Installation, projects and after-sales: "Pellizzari's style".


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1. Expertise at your disposal

"Experience is the name we give to our mistakes," said Oscar Wilde. In 50 years - while being careful - we have made mistakes, and we have learned. We have acquired experience and competence thanks to hundreds and hundreds of jobs carried out mainly between Vicenza and Verona. Our customers can testify to the fact that we know more than the book when it comes to flooring, cladding, construction and plumbing.

But we are never tired of learning and learning. And we put everything we know at your disposal. Sometimes we may seem more boring and pedantic than Alberto Angela when he talks about a classical monument, forgive us. Ours (like Angela's) is pure passion...

laying tiles Vicenza

2. Installation care

We are passionate not only about design but also about getting the most out of the installation of our products. How do we do that? 
►We pay our floor layers and bathroom installers well and promptly.
► We care about their financial satisfaction but also about their training. That's why we organise special installation courses for them.
► We are innovators: we were the first in Italy to create a showroom setting with large slabs. We used the one that, at that time, was the biggest in the world: 160 x 320
► We make sure that our craftsmen have the latest technological equipment: we immediately introduced floor levelling technology during installation and provided our tile cutters with tile sizes suited to the growing use of large formats.

Finally, we have good site managers who monitor the work of the installers with care and competence.

We support installers in solving site problems

3.We follow the work

A good design is very important for the success of a bathroom or floor covering. But equally important is the coordination of all the tradesmen so that the result meets expectations.

When a customer chooses us, we undertake to provide the various craftsmen with the necessary information to enable a workmanlike execution. Pellizzari becomes the customer's right-hand man and, trust us, we take care of the house as if it were our own.

We can't promise you that everything will go smoothly, without problems or delays... unfortunately, in construction, this is difficult. But we can promise you that we will work hard to find solutions and make things right!

Pellizzari after-sales service and assistance after installation

4. Easy after-sales

The after-sales service is important to us and is managed by trusted collaborators who put their name, face and heart into it.
Irene, Debora, Rosanna and Mary will ensure that your products arrive quickly and 'safe and sound' and will be available to resolve any problems, present or future. 

We will help you to take care of the products you have purchased in the future and we will be available to carry out all the "servicing" that will be necessary to prolong their life and beauty.
We have a spare parts warehouse specifically set up to deal with requests as quickly as possible, and a shop where you can find all products for the maintenance of ceramic, wood and Venetian floors...

Don't be afraid to ask for our assistance, even if several years have passed since the work was completed: we are here, at your disposal.

Tile and bathroom furniture delivery in Vicenza and Verona

5. We deliver with love

Deliveries are not made by external couriers, we much prefer to take care of them personally and lovingly.
Our drivers are experienced, courteous and helpful and know how important it is to take care of your purchases. We want to make sure that everything goes well and that the products are the ones you have chosen, so we open all the packages with you and, if you wish, we take care of the packaging.
We deliver Floors, Plumbing and Bathroom Furniture to Vicenza, Verona and all over the Veneto region. 

Bathroom and floor design with 3D renderings

6. Top projects

Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? In short: better Apple or PC? And then: Cad, Sketch up, Cinema4d, Maya or 3dStudio? Here at Pellizzari we have a lively discussion on these topics, but if technical aspects and design software are important, there is something even more important... and that is passion for one's work.

Passion generates curiosity, a desire to experiment, pure pleasure when good combinations are achieved. And finally enjoyment when these combinations result in a fabulous render.

If the client then helps us to transform a fabulous render into a fabulous bathroom... well, that's the TOP.

In any case, if you are still in doubt, well, we use both Apple and PC!  (below are some of our projects)