What can we do for you? A lot of beautiful things!

We are a team of designers at your disposal to help you create the interiors of your home!

Which advantages do you get with us? We help you with the choice of materials, we combine them with each other, we design and realize turnkey projects, relieving you from the efforts and stress of having to coordinate the various craftsmen with whom ... "we deal with for you”.

The complete renovation of a bathroom involves numerous operators: construction company, plumber, electrician, etc…

Il fascino di un pavimento in legno ti accoglierà ogni giorno, contribuirà più di ogni altra cosa a creare l'atmosfera familiare di casa tua e apprezzerai, per lunghi anni, il tepore al calpestio e le trame delle venature. Qui troverai molte realizzazioni ma anche informazioni utili sia per l'acquisto che per la manutenzione del parquet, i problemi che possono insorgere e gli errori da non fare: una vera e propria guida al mondo dei pavimenti in legno. 


The “Veneziana” has survived style and fashion changes for centuries thanks also to the customers who here in Veneto…


We have been floor and wall tiles resellers in Vicenza and Verona for over 50 years. We have lived the history of tiles, the transition from double firing to sing firing, the birth and diffusion of porcelain stoneware and now we are in love with large slabs.


The external floors, if well designed, will enhance the volumes of your home. The external flooring encloses and crosses the garden, communicates with public spaces, welcomes your guests and also performs other functions that you can discover by reading this article.


The thermal coating allows you to improve the hydrothermal comfort inside homes, eliminates thermal bridges and allows you to obtain significant savings on energy consumption to heat or cool a building.

Do you want to renovate the interior or exterior of your house? The best way is to call the Pellizzari color devision. Get advise on which color to use from the thousands of possibilities available.

Come and touch…

On this page I will tell you about stone cladding, both for their interior and exterior of your home. We will see together the differences between the natural stone cladding and the reconstructed stone cladding. You will find may pictures of projects we have worked on throughout the years to help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Warm and comfortable environments, suggestive and exiting spaces: this is what we create at Pellizzari taking care of…

The plumbing shop is located in Gambellara, next to the Pavement e Arredobagno showroom. In a space of about 2000 square meters we collected materials and tools for plumbers, selecting as usual…

The fireplace is the heart of your home! Fire is an atmosphere, it warms the environment and produces positive sensations. Not only that: it has become…

We take care of everything: study of the interior design, surfaces and floors.


Our houses

If you want to see what we do, you can see some of our achievements in the dedicated section of the website. 

Our projects

Before building and furnishing a house, you need a plan that turns ideas into concrete solutions. Here are some examples.