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«Non serve discutere con l'inevitabile.
Il solo argomento utile contro il vento freddo del nord è infilarsi il cappotto.»
James Russell Lowell

The thermal coating allows you to improve the hydrothermal comfort inside homes, eliminates thermal bridges and allows you to obtain significant savings on energy consumption to heat or cool a building.

The Fratelli Pellizzari thermal coat, in Vicenza and Verona
Diagramma cappotti termici

Thermal coating for houses in Vicenza

we carry out insulation coatings in the areas of Vicenza and Verona to improve the hydrothermal comfort inside homes. The coating also eliminates thermal bridges and allows you to obtain significant savings on energy consumption of heating or cooling in the building.


Professionalism, quality and guarantee

Be careful though: the simplicity of the system can be misleading. There are several risks associated with bad design or execution.

In the two offices of Gambellara and Arzignano our technicians in charge of the coat will explain to you that we have married the Kerakoll coating protocol which allows you to obtain a guaranteed ten-year warranty. Energy savings allow you to pay off your investment in a few years. If we add to this the tax deduction of 65% of all costs incurred, it is easy to understand how this investment has become so widespread recently: you will hardly find such a profitable investment.

Thermal Coating: Advice

It is such a simple but delicate intervention: an insulating material is glued onto the masonry, also ensured by anchors, which is then coated with special breathable mortars reinforced with fiberglass mesh. Finally, completed by a layer of aesthetic finish.

The heart of the system are the insulating material which is the most varied. Those that are most frequent in Vicenza and Verona areas are EPS, rock wool or cork. While the aesthetic aspect is given by the chosen surface finisher, such as plaster. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions: is the inner or outer coat better? How much does an insulation coating costs and which one is better? How much does it cost? What are the ricks of a bed insulation?

Let us advise you: we will explain what are the characteristics of a good coat, we will examine the thermal bridges and the critical points of your home with the thermal imaging camera, we will reason together on the choices to make, on the guarantees we can give you thanks to the collaboration with Kerakoll, for the tax recovery of 65% of the expenses and on many small details that distinguish us.

Rockwool coating in Vicenza

Thermal Coating in Bassano (Vicenza)

Thermal coat installation in Arzignano (Vicenza)