"I bambini illuminano veramente una casa.
Non spengono mai le luci!"

(Ralph Bus)

Warm and comfortable environments, suggestive and exiting spaces: this is what we create at Pellizzari taking care of…

Pellizzari in Vicenza: lights, chandeliers, lighting

Candeliers and led lighting shop for Vicenza and Verona

In our showrooms in Arzignano and Gambellara we design warm and comfortable settings thanks to also the light. Lamps, LED devices, spotlights make the spaces suggestive and exciting. For this reason, at Pellizzari we design with particular attention to lighting. Not only of the bathroom but of all the rooms of the house, both indoor and outdoor.


Study the lighting in the house

In the houses of Vicenza and surroundings, when customers ask us, we study, design and supply everything necessary to illuminate the house.

If you allow us we will also supply you with inner casings, spotlights and LEDs, but most importantly the right lighting study. Because the lighting of an environment is very important. It gives us atmosphere, splendor, reverberation and above all, colour.

It is a fundamental element for a good project and must be evaluated together with the other elements (colours and materials) that make up the spaces.


Designing the lighting of the house

Ask us without obligation, for ideas for bathroom lighting. We will surprise you by studying solutions, thanks to the LEDs, to illuminate all the rooms of your home.

We only project tailor made jobs, according to the needs and requirements of each of our customers and we determine the right primary lighting for each environment according to the purposes: relaxation, reading, playing, atmosphere…


Lighting for the exterior of the house

The design of outdoor light must enhance the garden and make pedestrian paths safe. When we think of a floor for the exterior of your home, we also imagine the feeling of walking, at night, in that avenue. An external sidewalk, which wraps around the house will have to enhance it together with the light that we will match. We want your outdoor spaces to turn into something magical!


Garden Lights

The lights can be hidden in the bushes and trees of the garden. In this way we will enhance nature with punctual illuminated sources that will give the sensation of diffused light. If you allow us we will also study the lights on the porch so that they allow you to illuminate the table to eat outside but, at the same time also allow you to enjoy the scenography that we will create in the garden.


Driveway illumination

The pedestrian entrance is important but we want you to be given peace of mind for you and your loved ones by driving safely home home in an illuminated environment. In this case the lights will be turned downwards for there to be light but without dazzling you. 


Atmospheric lights, courtesy lights, illuminated scenes, etc… 

There are many possibilities offered today thanks to LEDs that can be integrated into the architecture of the house. A wall, the fireplace, the staircase… All elements that can be transformed thanks to a good light setup.

We believe that our lighting projects are successful when they meet the needs for efficiency and comfort and, at the same time enhance objects, architectures, different materials and surfaces. In short, stage capacity and functionality is to warm your soul when you return home in the evening.