Who speaks well of us?

"Perfect people
don’t drink,
don’t lie,
don’t cheat,
don’t fight,
don’t complain
and...don’t exist"

(Paolo Coelho)

Fratelli Pellizzari Reviews

We could speak well of us for hours on end but... we're shy ☺️ and then we'd look slightly ridiculous ?.

We'd rather tell you what customers like you are saying about us.
As you will see, not everyone talks about us in enthusiastic tones, as we would like. But in construction, especially with renovations, there are many problems and unforeseen events that arise when running the site and cause delays, misunderstandings, sometimes even quarrels ?. We try hard to make it clear that tolerance and patience are needed, but we don't always succeed. 

You will see that there are also lovely customers ?, usually they are the ones who cooperate the most, who also help us physically with the work. They can't wait to tell you good things about Fratelli Pellizzari and the people who have worked with love in their homes to create interior and exterior floors, turnkey bathrooms or coats. 

We have collected some of these reviews here. But you can see for yourself - on our Facebook page or by consulting our Google tab and clicking on Reviews - the reviews of other customers who have placed their trust in us.

We believe that reviews also contain advice, ideas and suggestions, however critical, that help us to get to know each other better and allow you to understand our strengths and weaknesses. 

We value your opinion very much and we will do our utmost to make sure it is a 5-star opinion.

"The bathroom is too nice! I am delighted"

Our customer Armando shows us his beautiful new bathroom and explains how he got along with Pellizzari.

"You have won us over with your kindness, professionalism and competence".

"Thank God I listened to your advice!"

"You were one of the most beautiful choices!"

"Friends come to visit and say it's great."

"Recommended to everyone I know who is renovating their home."

Alice, why did you choose us for the finishing of your new house?

Lisa and Andrea tell us about their experience:

The best choice for Giorgia? Find out: