Fireplaces and stoves

"L’uomo avrà scoperto il fuoco, ma la donna ha scoperto come giocarci."

The fireplace is the heart of your home! Fire is an atmosphere, it warms the environment and produces positive sensations. Not only that: it has become…

Vicenza: camino in cartongesso realizzato su misura

In Vicenza a fireplaces and stoves shop dedicated to you

The stove or fireplace will be the heart of your home. And here at Fratelli Pellizzari in Gambellara (Vicenza) we know it well

Fire has always given atmosphere, warmth and intimacy. This is why we have dedicated a space in the shop to show you some fireplaces and stoves that will make your home warm and welcoming.

But it’s just a matter of atmosphere: the stove or fireplace will also be your precious allies for saving energy and for giving you an additional heating source compared to underfloor heating or radiators.

If you want to take a step back, you can always have fun discovering the history of the fireplace and stove to which we have dedicated an article. Here it is:


Stove installation in a house in Vicenza

Fireplaces and stoves: consultancy

Thank to new technologies and the introduction of high efficiency fireplaces and thermo-fireplaces, it is no longer just a romantic protagonist of our home, but represents an intelligent alternative source of heat. We will explain how effective it can be in helping to heat your home and save money.

 For example, if you already have an open fireplace, come and evaluate the possibility of “closing” it by inserting a mono bloc in the combustion compartment that allows you to save wood, pollute less and above all, increase the caloric yield. Do you think your fireplace yould go from 5%/ 10% (open) up to exceeding the caloric yield of 80% with modern insertion mono blocks.

Fireplace insert: from open to closed!

Discounts thanks to the thermal account

Thanks of the most interesting things you will discover going into the world of modern stoves and fireplaces, are the tax breaks.Today you have two possibilities: the first is to enjoy tax deductions and the second is the extraordinary possibility offered by the thermal account which allows you to have the benefits directly in your account in three months.

If you come back in these cases, you can pay the stove even less than half of what the retail price is. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Discover everything here:


A fireplace in Vicenza: from the project to the finished work!

Fireplace coverings: customized project! 

In the Fratelli Pellizzari store in Gambellara (Vicenza) you will find Gabriele and Antonio, two colleagues specialized in the world of fireplaces and wood or pellet stoves.

Together we will find and design the most suitable solution for your spaces, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Thanks to the collaboration with the bathroom and surfaces shop, we can also study an integrated solution for your fireplace wall, perhaps covered in large slabs.



Project of the “fireplace area” for a home in Lonigo

Stoves and fireplaces: from the flue to plasterboard and lighting

We are used to thinking in terms of project and solutions, and not of selling the single product. This is why we would like to be able to help you along the entire route: we can design and supply you with the chimney, give you indications on how to build a chimney.

But we can also design and supply you with plasterboard elements and also lighting. In short, you choose how much to involve us in personalization of your “fire place”.

However, I specify that we can only carry out inspections and installations in the province of Vicenza and Verona.

Fireplace installation in Vicenza

A thousand ideas and solutions in our stove shop

The new fireplace showroom in Gambellara (Vicenza) has been designed to give you various solutions and ideas, all customizable, for your fireplace.

We will advise you in choosing the insert and subsequently we will take care of the aesthetic aspect, complementing it with bookcases, TV stands or other furbishments.The fireplace covering can be in plasterboard but also in marble, metal or stone, put in place by our installers.


Camini e stufe Negozio di Gambellara Progetto camino


Pellet stove shop in Vicenza

Sale and installation of stoves and fireplaces in Vicenza and Verona

We have carefully selected suppliers of fireplaces, stoves and their products putting reliability over time first. The products are strictly Made in Itlay (in one case Made in Veneto) and in addition to the seriousness and historical of the brands, we want to be able to offer you durability and easy maintenance.

For this reason we have assessed the behavior over the years of the area service centers in Vicenza and Verona: if they are not reliable and dissatisfy customers, we stop providing the product.


Pellet ceramic stove installed in Brendola (Vicenza)

Pellet ceramic stove installed in Brendola (Vicenza)

Edilkamin stove installed in Vicenza

Edilkamin stove installed and working in Vicenza

Pellet stove sold and installed in Verona

A fireplace lit in our showroom

Make an appointment for your fireplace

Our stoves and fireplaces shop is in Gambellara (Vicenza), 400 meters from the Montebello Vicentino motorway exit. To visit us you need to make an appointment with Gabriele or Antonio to get advice.

Why an appointment? Because our two specialized sellers also follow the installation on construction sites so if you come without an appointment you risk not finding them and having to wait.
Ale you soon. Thank!


TEL. 0444649038  

Fissa subito il tuo appuntamento a Gambellara!

To make an appointment in one of our offices in Gambellara or Cost of Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, fill in the following form and we will contact you shortly.
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