La ceramica è una delle più antiche arti dell'uomo:
combina la terra, l'acqua, il fuoco e la manualità
e consente di creare oggetti di ogni tipo,
durevoli e funzionali.

We have been floor and wall tiles resellers in Vicenza and Verona for over 50 years. We have lived the history of tiles, the transition from double firing to sing firing, the birth and diffusion of porcelain stoneware and now we are in love with large slabs.


Floor Tiles for floors and bathrooms in Vicenza and Verona

Tiles: in Vicenza and Verona

Are you looking for a tile shop? Do you have to remodel you floors, do you live in proximity of Vicenza or Verona and are you considering using tiles? Do you need to ly tiles for the floors in your home or office? Whatever the environment you have in mind to tile, you are in the right place: we have been in love with ceramic tile floors for 50 years.

We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom and, infant of a good coffee show you which tiles could be suitable for your home, chasing the combinations together. We will also explain the technical characteristics and the criteria with which you chose and lay the floors and coatings.

If you are curious we can also tell you about the incredible story of tiles: from the first ceramic slabs used thousands of years ago to make eternal laws and codes, up to the coating if the Space Shuttle with thick tiles.

If you want to know everything on the history of tiles click bellow:

Storia delle piastrelle in ceramica

Which Tiles are used in Vicenza and Verona

Are you looking for modern tiles? Or do you prefer it rustic? Do you have to tile the bathroom home or bar with tiles?

Come and have fun chasing from thousands of examples of tiles in our two showrooms in Arzignano and Gambellara (Vicenza).

To give you the opportunity to find the tile that suits you, we have collected and exhibited the most beautiful ceramics produced by the Italian ceramic industries such as Floor Grès, Rex, Refin, Appiani, Sant’Agostino e many more.

In this article, if you want, we present each company briefly:

i migliori marchi di piastrelle
But if you come and visit us, it will be easier to tell you all about them and illustrate the advantages and characteristics of the different products. If you have to floor a house, a shop or office and you are from the areas of Vicenza or Verona… come and meet us: together we will find the right tile for you.

As we did for the floors of this luxury cars retail workshop in Vicenza.


Office flooring in porcelain stoneware tiles in Valdagno (Vicenza)

Stonewesr floors made at the offices of the Cromaplast company in Valdagno (Vicenza).

Click here to see all the offices: Pavimenti uffici a Valdagno

Modern tiles for the bathroom? Elegant tiles for the living area?

The range of floors and coverings that you will find in our showrooms in Arzignano and Gambarella is truly enormous.

So much that it is often difficult, if not impossible to decide without the right advice.

For this you will find in the showroom interior designers, not just simple sellers. If you explain more or less what you want and need to do and we will find the right solution together. We will try to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right flooring or wall covering for your home. We will explain the importance of buying Made in Italy ceramics and the luck of having them close by(between modena and Sassuolo), a production area recognized as the best in the world in the this industry.

We will see together the prices and different qualities of tiles, we will discover that there are surfaces in natural stoneware but also enameled, lapped, or polished.

Much will depend on the style of home and decor you have in mid. We will have to find the products that go well with your ideas and compose the right moldboard, combining the various colors and materials.

But if you are still unsure on the style you want to give to your house, in particular the bathroom we have prepared a photographic  guide especially for you:


Look for example at the style of floors these customers chose for their home on Lake Garda:

Marble and wood effect tiles in Verona

We have renovated these two bathrooms of a house on the shores of Lake Garda, laying particular tiles throughout the sleeping area: these marble and wood effect tiles.

Bathroom renovation on Lake Garda:

Ristrutturazione bagno sul lago di Garda: le piastrelle della zona notte

Large tiles for the living area and resistant for the garage!

Once the style of the house has been established, it is equally important to consider that each environment has different needs and characteristics. The ceramic tiles must be suitable for the destined environment.

For Example:

  • In the living room of your home we will advise you to enjoy the functionality and aesthetics of the new large tiles, for example the beautiful 120x120 format.
  • In the bathroom you can indulge yourself by using slabs that, thanks to new digital graphics, will transform the environment into an original design.
  • For the bathrooms we always suggest to use antibacterial tiles which help keep a better hygiene.
  • We will try to find a low-priced tile for the garage, but that will guarantee you the necessary resistance for a much more stressed environment than other rooms in the house.
  • Outside instead we will give priority to anti-slip and frost resistant tiles.


In the next house located in Vicenza which we designed the interiors off we decided to lay large- format tiles which are bright, fresh and dynamic but nowhere near basic.


Living room floors in the province of Vicenza

This house in the province of Vicenza needed to be modernized: the choice for the tiles in the living area was simple.

To find out what finishing and format it is click here:

Modernizzare casa a Vicenza, i pavimenti

Bathroom Wall Tiles

We have been tile retailers for 50 years and the bathroom is certainly the environment where tiles, especially the wall tiles are the masters. Today, thanks to digital graphics, huge range of products and large formats, perhaps even more.

But how do you choose a tile covering for your bathroom? What are the most trendy coatings?

We have dedicated a specific study on this topic where you can find hundreds of ideas, creations and photos from which to chose the right tiles to cover your bathroom:


The world of ceramic wall tiles for bathrooms has evolved very rapidly, as always Milan leads most trends and the cement, metal, cortex effects were first used there. But the trend towards modern , minimal and large ceramic wall tiles is also taking hold here, in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza.

Just as the combinations between ceramic and resin coverings, tiles and wallpaper, or between stoneware and mosaic slabs, are increasingly bold, as in this bathroom:

Bathroom Tiles in Verona

Bathroom located in Verona with a combination of large black tiles and very small format of mosaic.

To see more photos of this project in Verona click here:

Piastrelle nella casa di Marco a Verona

All kinds of Tiles in our showroom: also artistic and signed

If you love to surround yourself with art er will offer you tiles designed and signed by the best interior designers, stylists, architects and artists in the world!

Artists such as Philip Stark, Versave, Valentino or designers such as Milo Manara have ventured into the design of spectacular ceramic tiles.

If you love street art don’t miss Keith Haring’s beautiful tiles:


Tiles: A “personalized” bathroom in Verona

Personalized tiles in Verona: a totally tailored bathroom with printing on Picasso paint tiles.

Click here to see more photos of this bathroom:

Piastrelle per pavimenti e rivestimenti personalizzati, Verona

Shop with a large selection of large format tiles

Today the best production of floor and wall tiles are developed in larger sizes, we call them “large stoneware slabs”.

Here the digital decoration on large tiles give amazing results. What if you wanted to be the photograph or artist?

No problem: we can create tiles or large slabs starting from your own photo or own design.

If you are looking for a shop with a wide choice of large sized tiles and live close to Vicenza or Verona, come visit us in our showrooms to discover all sorts of colored slabs.


Large format tiles, wellness bathroom in Vicenza

Large format bathroom tiles laid in a wellness bathroom in Lonigo, Vicenza. They are large slabs with a black slate effect that encloses the bathtub and shower area.

To see more photos of this realization:

Vasca da bagno e grandi lastre, bagno wellness a Vicenza

What format of tiles for your floor?

If you’re wondering which tile format to use for your home, well today you have a great range of choice. You can decide to use a small format such as 20x20 or 30x30 for technical environments(boiler room or garage) in case it is necessary to convey water through a drain. In this case small formats are more adequate.

But for the floors in the living room? What is the tile format to use? Well, there is no absolute “right format”, but I confess that we have a preference…

Find out here:


120x120 Tiles in Montegalda, Vicenza

We have renovated this period building in Montegalda, Vicenza. In contrast to the rustic style, a 120x120 tile floor was laid.

To scroll through more pictures of the project, click here:

Pavimenti e bagni: ristrutturazione a Montegalda

Laying of Tiles in Vencenza and Verona

The more beautiful the tiles you chose the more you will have to pay attention when laying them down. Let us give you some advise. Let us explain when, with what equipment and how we will lay your new tile floor.

We will try to make boring topics such as the importance of points in floors or how to make a screed for laying tiles and many more.

If you live in Vicenza or Verona you can easily visit us in our stores, but if you live further away and want information on the installation?

You can write to us(below and above you can find our email) or you can read a series of tips that we put at your disposal for free on the installation:


Laying large format tiles in Vicenza

In this bathroom in Montecchio Maggiore we are laying large format tiles.

To see pictures of finished bathroom click here:

Pavimenti per una casa moderna a Vicenza

Tile maintenance department in our showroom

We can carry out the maintenance of a tiled floor for you, or we can recommend the best products to use so that your tiles remain beautiful. We have a dedicated area for the maintenance of tiles.


Tiles decorated in a bathroom in Vicenza

For a boys attic in Verona, we laid small decorated tiles.

To see more pictures of this project  made with a combination of tiles and wood click here:

Un bagno a Verona: piastrelle e legno

Price of tiles in Verona and Vicenza

Are you wondering how much tiles can cost you?

It is a difficult question to give a precise answer to: we have many different sorts of tiles, some costing less than 10€ per square meter and others which we sell at over 100€.

But how can we explain the difference in price between tiles?

There are many elements that influence the cost of production of a tile and they are all factors that heavily effect the look of the final product.

An intelligent and aware customer wants to know these factors and has every right to do so.

We try to strive to give everyone as much information as possible, to be as transparent as possible to avoid falling for the usual “low prices” trap.

Here is a small guide to help:


Wood-effect tiles in a B&B in Verona

We bring you inside the suite of a B&B in the center of Verona where a wood-effect tile has been laid.

To see other details of this realization click here:

Ristrutturare B&B a Verona, le piastrelle

Tiles: Floor and wall projects

To decide together the right tiles for your home we will have to face a rather boring phase.

This will consist in informing you on the technical characteristics tiles have: mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance,etc..

But after this we will dedicate ourselves to the most beautiful part of our work, designing together with you your home environments.


There are three fundamental elements for the success of tile layering:

  • Selecting a quality ceramic product
  • Professionale installation
  • Project made with passion and care


We consider these three elements “like the three legs of a stool” and that these must be taken care of to achieve good results, otherwise problems occur:



Sorry… the passion of our work has made us write much more than we wanted to.

But if you have had the patience to read this far thank you.

We hope that you will now give us the chance to meet you and help you chose the flooring for your home.

If you want you can call us, write to us(below you can find all of our details) or click here to book an appointment: we can’t wait to be at your disposal and meet in our showroom to chose the right tiles for you.

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The appointment is free and recommended

Bagni, Cucine e Superfici
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Stoneware Tiles in Verona

In this house in Ronco all’Adige, Verona, we dealt with the interior and exterior floors. The ones you see here are non-slip stone effect outdoor tiles.

To see all the tiles laid in this house, click here:

Piastrelle per pavimenti e bagni a Ronco all'Adige, Verona 

Polished ceramic flooring, marble effect in Zermeghedo Vicenza

2cm stoneware floor in Verona

Stoneware flooring around a swimming pool in Lonigo (Vicenza)

Outdoor stoneware flooring in Monteforte (Verona)

Wood effect ceramic tiles for a shop in Monitors Vicentino

Wood effect stoneware tiles, Azienda Agr. Marcato Vini (Verona)