Who are we today

We are handsome, good and nice. And above all humble... :)

Fratelli Pellizzari: flooring, bathrooms and building

If you're on this page of the website, it means that you want to understand more about who are we, how we work, maybe even know our turnover.
Theoretically, therefore, we should now tell you how good we are, how handsome and nice we are, that our prices are good and our services punctual and that we're "the sector leaders"... Well, no, we won't do that. We'll let our customers tell you about us. Both the good and the bad.


Compliments and criticism

Of course, even the flaws because we are and will be transparent: we will post both the compliments and criticism.
Because we are people and we are not perfect.

All reviews and comments are verifiable: you can find them on our Facebook page (comments on post and reviews), on Instagram posts, on Google reviews. 

Giulia: "Bold but grat solutions!"

Recensione Pellizzari Giulia roberto


Alessandra: "Too hot!"

troppo caldo


Alessandro: "Take a tour of the shop!"

Cliente consiglia fratelli pellizzari


Paola: "They put their heads and hearts into it"


We are not perfect, but we do our best, we put our passion and heart into it, as Paola, one of our customers, says after moving in: 


Opinione fratelli pellizzari Arzignano


Renato: "A fortune to work with them"

Renato, below, confirms our passion with a beautiful review on Google. And we can assure you that there were a few problems at his house too: it's inevitable when you're faced with a major renovation like his.
You'll tell us we're teary-eyed, but we were moved when we read it!

passione fratelli pellizzari costo di Arzignano


Angela: "They are professional and helpful"

For us it means being competent and prepared. You can't know everything, so we have divided up tasks and responsabilities so that we can devote time to research, study and professional preparation.
Angela also adds nice things about us (thank youuu):

professionalità fratelli pellizzari



Michela: "Available until the end... and more!" 

professionalità fratelli pellizzari



Sibilla: "Beautiful people"

We will close with Sibilla's comment on professionalism (the last one, otherwise we will get too excited and stop studying...).

recensione positiva sibilla


The critics: "expensive transport!"

We've said it before, we're not perfect and we admit our mistakes
One of our "lost customers" blames us for charging him for the transport... we're sorry for the misunderstanding (we explained it to him but he had already bought elsewhere).
It hurts us not only because of the loss of a sale, but also because if the customer writes a negative review for this, it means that he wanted to be our customer and we didn't let him.

So double whammy

Fratelli pellizzari


Ingrid: "They do stunning bathroom designs"

What are the consultants you'll find in the showroom like? 
We've chosen Ingrid's review, which she even says is "astounding". :) 

recensione pellizzari bagni gambellara

Milvana: "They have friendly and professional fitters"

All four of us siblings work in the company, and our parents are still a great help to us.  But all 35 of our colleagues and craftsmen who work with us are also our brothers.
Matteo, for example, is one of our installers:

opinioni su posatori pellizzari

Greta: "... that extra touch"

Guido and Giulia's teamwork has satisfied Greta and her fiancé who will continue to "recommend everyone to come to us".
Wow! Thank you Greta!


recensione guido e giulia



Mauro: "totally dissatisfied"

We told you, we are not perfect. 
Mauro says he is totally dissatisfied. 


But what happened?  

Mauro trusted a building craftsman - our client - who had to order the sanitary ware and taps on his behalf for a new bathroom.
The craftsman ordered the parts very late (after the bathroom renovation had started!).
The sanitary ware and taps were not ready for delivery and the customer became angry with him and us.

Our attempts to solve the problem by hurriedly retrieving the material were to no avail: when you only have one bathroom in the house, even one day's delay is unbearable. We understand that.  
On the other hand, the craftsman is our client... and we couldn't put the blame on him. 
At other times it's the craftsmen who take the blame...  this time it was us. 


Enrico: "good people, even in the after-sales phase".

If you become our customer, you will realise, as Enrico writes on our Facebook page, that we are a team that will follow you not only in the proposal and sales phase but also in installation and after-sales:

recensione fratelli pellizzari


Mirka: "They followed us from A to Z"

Mirka writes that in addition to advising her during the sale phase, they followed her both on the technical and administrative side (she is referring to the contribution from the thermal stoves account that we obtained for her):

recensione stufa


Mirko & Elisa: "They follow the sale and the installation well"

Mirko and Elisa also appreciated the teamwork and commitment. 
Ours is not an easy job; those who seek absolute perfection and hate unforeseen events should never renovate a house. 
Unexpected events and mishaps are the norm on a building site and work is done by hand: not everyone understands this. 
Not everyone understands this. There are those who engage in "error hunting" and live in dissatisfaction, and those who, like these two clients of ours, instead appreciate  

Opinioni sulla ditta fratelli pellizzari di Arzignano


Giovanna: "We care about customer satisfaction"

At Pellizzari we know - and we all know it - that even the most humble of tasks is a fundamental building block in achieving our goal: your satisfaction 😍:

Recensione fratelli pellizzari Arzignano


Lucia: "Non-existent after-sales service"

Lucia complains on Facebook about our after-sales service, which she describes as non-existent, yet we go out of our way to please our customers. What happened?

senza nome


More than a year and a half after her purchase (made in April 2017), Lucia asked us to help her with her floor, which had some greasy halos against the light. 

This is quite a common problem, just look at how many people describe this problem in the article we dedicated to cleaning stoneware.

If you read the article you will see that we also provide solutions to people who are not customers, so obviously we also gave Lucia solutions over the phone explaining how to clean, indicating both the product to be used, a degreaser, and the method.
But we were told that her mother was in charge of cleaning and that she expected us to come to her home, "as a guarantee and after-sales service", and not just give a simple answer over the phone.
Our colleague Roberto tried to explain that it would be useless, that the problem was easily solved, but the customer was so insistent that she agreed to travel the 30 km distance from Gambellara to Valdagno. Once he arrived, he simply poured on the degreaser and then wiped it off with a cloth, showing that the greasiness had disappeared.
You'll say: "So everything's fine! And why the review?".
Because Roberto only showed it for a small portion of the floor, while the customer demanded that we do it for the whole floor, specifying that "this maintenance work must be included in the after-sales service we have to give to customers".
Next time we will clean the whole floor.... 😢

Luca: "We couldn't have made a better choice"

We'll be really pleased if you're happy enough to speak well of us. And maybe give us a review as nice as Luca and Demelza's 😘 (to be framed): 



Alberto: "They want you to make an informed choice"

We believe that a good result is mainly down to you, the customer. We have to work together, 'collaborate', to try to achieve the best.
That is why we are also convinced that in order to be able to satisfy you, we have to share with you - first - information, knowledge, culture, news.
Only if you know something well can you appreciate it, and we try to make our world known to you through the wikipelli section of our site, and we are really happy when someone appreciates our efforts: 

Referenza di un progettista sui nostri contenuti

Wow 🤓! 

Michele appreciates it too:

sito curato e ricco di informazioni

But we also organise courses and meetings for private individuals, designers and craftsmen. We try to provide in-depth information on new developments, explain the regulations, and let people try out new products or new laying or installation techniques.
If you too would like to become a super-expert on the subject of the "home", write to us and we will keep you up to date on the "Pellizzari Academy" courses.

Corsi di formazione Pellizzari Academy


Roberto: "They offer lower prices for the same products"  

Roberto, an attentive 🧐 and very precise customer, claims that:

Recensione Roberto prezzi


Dariush: "They have good prices and they deliver on time"

Dariush, a customer of ours from Milan, also bought his bathroom furniture from us after comparing us with other shops nearby. He is also a very price-conscious customer 🧐 and testifies to his satisfaction in this regard. 

fratelli pellizzari sono cari?


Alexandra, in a comment about us, suggests raising prices 😜:

pellizzari prezzi cari


Alice: "They turn a building into a HOME"

We like our work, we don't care about the amount of invoices. We care about the amount of happy customers.

fratelli pellizzari costo di Arzignano critiche

To receive a picture on Whatsapp of a smiling family who have moved into their new home - that is our goal.
Or responding to a phone call in which our client is moved and says: "I never expected it to be so beautiful! I swear I feel like crying". 
These are the important things, these are our values, our goals, this is our mission

Recensione Fratelli Pellizzari Gambellara


Alice: "I recommend them"

Our best paycheck is the thank you emails, wedding confetti, words of admiration and positive reviews on Facebook.
We strongly believe that if our clients are happy they will speak well of us and other clients will come confidently. This happened for example with this client of ours:

opinione fratelli pellizzari Arzignano


But you might be curious to know, this blessed turnover, so here it is: we slightly exceed nine million euro per year. 
Almost all of this work is carried out in the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, and we have the majority of the inhabitants of these provinces to thank for the fact that they continue, year after year, to choose us. 

"They made me happy!"

In this society where dissatisfaction is a status symbol and those who say they are happy are looked down upon by their friends, we do everything we can to please our customers.
To tell the truth, we don't always succeed: some people are very dissatisfied and look for any excuse to be dissatisfied. Sometimes even bad luck gets in the way....
But we aim to get a message from you on WhatsApp like these: 


Il nostro "fatturato" migliore.


Andrea: "The best place"

Kaizen is a beautiful Japanese word meaning "continuos improvement".
If you have visited us in our two shops in Gambellara and Costo di Arzignano you know what we mean. It isn't easy to keep everything in order and decide to dismantle a bathroom that is still nice to replace it with something new. But we want to and we have to.
Andrea is an architect from Verona who often comes to Gambellara with his clients: he likes the shop...

recensione di bravo architetto


Marco: "If only I had a home.."

When we have to change the floor and wall coverings in some area of our showroom, to renovate it, we forget about the dust and the noise: yes, it's hard work.
But if, when you get to the shop, you say to us: "How beautiful is this bathroom!"... well, we'll immediately forget all about it.

P.S. If you don't have a house yet, like Marco, but you come to the shop and decide to entrust us with the tiling of your future home... that's fine too!  In this case the "potential customer" is an employee of a company for which we were doing the offices. We published it because it was too funny:

"finished the offices of xxx I would like to...

Complimenti fratelli pellizzari gambellara



Arch. Marchezzolo: "A pleasure to work with you"

recensione pellizzari architetto




Some photos of our showrooms