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All you need to know about the living room: furniure, coatings, flooring, illumination.

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On living room furniture you can read:

Modern living room decor in Vicenza

This modern living room furniture were customised in order to accomodate the requests of the customers, so we created the entire living room furniture, as the rest of the house.

Take a tour in this dreamy house:


Open space living room: the guide

Modern living rooms aren't usually arranged with the outdated arrangement in which there were small, enclosed rooms. The living room-kitchen open space solution represents the most modern arrangement in a living setting. The open living room leaves an ample space for an optimal mobility in design terms and, thanks to the lack of walls, you can enjoy a more ample square footage and a lot of brightness, together with an enviroment that helps socializing.

It is important to know how to handle the setting and think of arrangement solutions that help us taking full advantage of the square footage, especially in small living rooms. In this article we give you many advices on the furniture, illumination, rooms arrangement, trends, heating and present you many projects designed specifically on modern open space living rooms:


Modern open space living room in Arzignano, Vicenza

Modern living room furniture and its illumination were customized: we have made the most of a small open space!

Find out the story behind the project: 


Living room: how to cover the wall

How to cover living rooms walls? Which is the best colour? There are many possibilities and the first advice I would like to give you is to this: think about the style and mood you want to give to the room. Will your living room be light or dark? Classic or modern? Do you want it to have a romantic and warm feel or a distinct and minimalistic one? By answering these questions you will already have a clear idea of the colour palette you want to maintain.

Today one of the most popular solutions for covering of a modern living room is the use of porcelain stoneware, in its various sizes and colours, to cover the walls of the living room. You can deepen this topic in the following article:


But this isn't the only option that goes well with a modern living room, the options are many and below you will find some of the possibilities that can enrich your living room:

Modern living room furniture and flooring in Vicenza

For his penthouse in Vicenza, the client asked for a piece of suspended furniture for the living room that would best frame his beloved television, embellished with a raw lime wall.

Turn freely in this home:


Living room with fireplace

The fireplace is the centrepiece of many living rooms, a meeting point for family and friends on cold days and a functional element for heating the home. Nowadays we often propose to our customers to embed this element in plasterboard walls and then cover it with large porcelain stoneware slabs. The fireplace thus becomes a design element, and can be a highly scenic or minimalist structure depending on the slabs chosen.

You can choose from a wide variety of textures: from a marble effect to a stone effect, a modern resin effect or a metal effect. The options are really many and by covering your living room fireplace you will ensure easy cleaning of the surface and a colour that will remain unchanged over time.

You can read more about this in this article: CLADDING FIREPLACE AND WALL WITH LARGE SLABS

Modern living room furniture with fireplace in Vicenza

The fireplace in this modern living room becomes a partition, a design element and centrepiece of the enviroment. Covered in stoneware,  goes well with modern furniture in line with the style of the house. 

Take a full tour of the house: 


Living room chandeliers and all about lighting

In the living room we look for soft lighting suitable for relaxing moments, such as reading, but also for watching television, wanting to avoid annoying reflections on the screen. For your living room, therefore, I would suggest modern floor lamps and a soft light. 

Ideally, you should have a system for dimming the light so that you can change the intensity of the lighting according to your needs and the atmosphere you want to create.

Learn more about the topic:  LIGHTING

Furnishing a modern open-plan living room in Valdagno, Vicenza

A warm and bright modern living room is created next to the kitchen. The rooms are separated by a bookcase whose details reflect the wood flooring of the house.

Take a tour of the entire house:


Living room furniture: ideas and projects 

When creating a living room you may be lacking ideas for your own designs. So, knowing that sometimes designing your own living room can be a challenge, we've collected our best modern living room designs for you to help you get some inspiration for your own living room.

You'll find the designs in this article


Furnishing for a modern living room in Vicenza

The family that realized this house opted for an oak wood floor, complemented by clean, linear custom-made furniture in green tones with a modern character.

Take a look around the house:


Furnishing the living room: how much does it cost?

Would you like to furnish your living room with us, but you don't know how much it might cost?  

We are a team dedicated to transparency, so I leave you here the article dedicated to the cost of living room furniture. You will find the prices that some of our customers have spent on the furniture for their living room, as well as the cost of other furnishings linked to projects that have not yet been completed.

If you are curious, come and find out: GARDEN FURNITURE: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

How much does insted customised furniture cost? Find it out in this specific article: CUSTOMISED FURNITURE

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