Laying parquet

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The substrate for laying wood

A good parquet installer must first ensure the quality of the substrate on which the wooden boards are to be laid. 

There are two main situations

In the case of renovations we often find ourselves in the first case, due to the customer's wish to transform a tile floor into a wooden floor.
In the second case, the end customer wants to renew the tones or surfaces, still using a parquet floor, but perhaps with more up-to-date colours. 

In the case of new construction, it is almost always the case that the floor has to be laid on a new screed made especially for wood

Of course, in addition to these two cases, there are many others, for example:


  • Installation of parquet on a slab 
  • laying on sand and boards

Laying parquet in renovations

In the case of renovations, it is often decided to preserve the existing floor and to overlap it with the laying of the new parquet. We may be faced with a ceramic floor or a wooden floor. In both cases, the installer of the wooden floor will have to check certain conditions of the substrate, mainly: 

  • flatness,
  • absence of humidity of the old floor (no elements that "sing loose"), 
  • correct adhesion

During the initial assessment phase, the designer must take into account the impact that the possible renovation of the systems will have. In the event that there are plans to make numerous tracks in the floor, it may be more convenient to completely remove the floor and make a new screed, thus finding ourselves in the same situation that we will describe in the next paragraph when we talk about new construction. 

Laying parquet in new buildings

In the case of new construction, we will have to lay parquet on a newly created screed. If you have read some of our articles, you will know that the screed is the layer of sand and cement about 5 centimetres thick, which is laid on top of the installations and becomes the "support" for your wooden floor. 

For a good final result this screed is very important, much more so than you would normally consider. You will find useful information on how to create it and what checks need to be carried out before laying the parquet in this in-depth study:

 wood laying underlay

Laying parquet in a renovated house in Vicenza

Parquet layers at work in Vicenza and Verona

In the following photo galleries you can see some of our wood floor installers at work on construction sites in Vicenza and Verona. If you want you can visit us in our shops and we will be happy to study the best solution to meet your expectations and your budget. 

We have several proposals but we do not have Chinese or South-East Asian parquet floors, only Italian and Swiss products. 
Don't let the economics scare you: there are also great bargains to be found in the wood flooring market! For example, if you are happy with "submisure", that is, planks with dimensions slightly different from those in the catalogue, you can spend up to 30% less and still have a Swiss product, without being forced to buy imported parquet. 

When you come to visit us, if you want, you can leave us your e-mail address and we will send you a sequence of 10 e-mails with 10 informative guides (in instalments) containing all the things you need to know about laying wooden floors in your home.

Laying parquet floors and walls in Vicenza

Wooden floor: how important is the laying?

You can imagine that laying parquet requires more preparation than laying ceramic floors. That's why, if you are looking for a parquet installer in Vicenza or Verona, you have to make sure that he is reliable, experienced and professional. 

In many years of work, we have selected the best installers in the area and, together with them, we have laid thousands of square metres of indoor and outdoor wooden floors in Vicenza and Verona.
In this article we will tell you about our wood floor installers, floors that, year after year, continue to testify our care and attention to the final result. 

We'll also tell you about some of the little things you can do when laying a wooden floor. With the right care, your parquet will last much longer.

Laying parquet in Vicenza

Wood flooring installer: prices

How much does it cost to lay parquet? Answering this question is much more difficult than giving you the price of the floor alone. The latter is a product, the price is set by a price list and a discount. When it comes to installation, however, there are a great many factors to consider and variables that influence the price. 

On the other hand, I don't want to avoid the question, so I will tell you in advance that the cost of laying parquet is around 20 euros per square metre, including adhesives. This price can drop by one or two euros or increase depending on various factors. 

Let's take a look at the elements that vary the price of laying a wooden floor: 

In short, each job is unique, which is why I wrote to you that giving a price is extremely difficult. To give a correct estimate, you need to examine your specific case. 

Laying parquet in Verona

Laying herringbone parquet

Laying herringbone parquet

Laying oak parquet

Laying of dark Hungarian herringbone parquet flooring

Cutting planks and laying wooden floors in Vicenza

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