From Bathtub to Shower

"L’umanità si divide in due: 
quelli che si fanno la doccia e
quelli che si fanno il bagno in vasca.

(Luciano De Crescenzo)

Among the ways of transforming a bathtub into a shower, the following two are the most requested:

  • The first is less invasive…
Bathtub to shower transformation

A modern Shower instead of a bathtub

There are many ways to transform a bathtub into a shower.

In the provinces of Vicenza and Verona two of these are most requested:

► The first is less invasive and involves the creation of a new shower plate with glass walls without any further masonry work or need to lay a new wall covering.

► The second way is a more radical intervention. The bathtub is dismantled, new  drainages are laid down and the walls and flooring are taken out, which will then be covered with a new coating (perhaps using large laminated stoneware or marble-resin slabs). Finally we proceed with the shower installment.

Transform your bathtub into a turnkey shower with Fratelli Pellizzari

In the areas in which we operate - Vicenza, Verona and its surroundings - the first type of intervention is much preferred and much simpler. But in both cases, Fratelli Pellizzari can take care of all the construction phases to transform your tub into a shower with the "turnkey" formula.

trasformare vasca in doccia Vicenza Verona

Tax deductions for your bathtub transformation

Both types of interventions allow the buyer to obtain tax breaks

Are you tired of having an unused bathtub? Do you want to turn it into a shower?


If your bathroom is located in the provence of Vicenza or Verona call us or send us an email! We would be glad to work with you to realize your new shower.


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