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Modern Venetian-style floor in a house in Verona

In this house in Albaredo d'Adige, the living area has been embraced by a Venetian floor in light tones with mother-of-pearl highlights.

Take a short tour of the house:

floors in verona: a house in Albaredo d'Adige

Difference between traditional Venetian-style floor and resin Venetian-style floor

The composition of the Venetian floor has evolved over time. The classic Venetian floor would have a cement base with marble fragments of various sizes and colours, the mixture would be laid in this way. Today the proposals are more extensive and innovative: have you ever heard of a resin Venetian floor?

Today it is a real proposal and an alternative for those who do not want to use cement. Discover it in this article:

Difference between traditional venetian-style floor and resin venetian-style floor

Venetian-style floor in a renovated house in Lonigo

In the renovation of their house, the clients opted for a Venetian-style floor with a light-coloured seeded floor, a linseed oil finish and small mother-of-pearl details that reflect the passing light.

Discover the realisation:

Renovate home in lonigo: floors and bathrooms

Why is it called sown in Venetian-style floor?

Venetian-style terrace is often also called "sown in Venetian-style floor". This name derives from the technique of execution that foresees the "sowing", that is the distribution of the marble fragments that was (and still is) carried out by hand spreading marble and mother-of-pearl on the mortar while it is still fresh.

The act of sowing has an ancestral meaning, it was taught to us by nature and is therefore a name that takes us back to our origins.

Verona: modern Venetian-style floor in a private house

A Venetian blind floor in the house is an elegant and timeless choice for this house in the province of Verona.

Be inspired by the rest of the realisation:

floors in Soave

The differences between Palladian and Venetian floors

The "Palladian" floor differs from the traditional Venetian-style terrace because the small fragments of marble or marble granules are not used. In the palladiana, larger marble slabs, flakes, usually of various colours, are used, which are in any case fragments or discarded pieces of irregular shape. The shapes and sizes of the marble fragments used for palladiana vary greatly: trapeziums, rectangles, squares and triangles are combined, with sides varying from a few centimetres to 15/20 centimetres maximum.

Find out the rest in this article:

the differences between palladian and venetian

Vicenza: Venetian-style floors in a private house

This Venetian-style terrace floor occupies the living room and bathroom of this house in Montecchio Maggiore. The background colour of the Venetian tile is very light, and biancone, botticino and mother-of-pearl marble tiles are added to embellish the floor.

Discover the realisation: 

floors in Montecchio Maggiore

Decorations in a Venetian-style floor

The Venetian-style terrace floor certainly has great decorative potential, but in modern times it is increasingly disappearing in the name of minimalism. Few still choose a decorated Venetian floor, but perhaps thanks to this article you will rediscover the beauty of an all-Italian tradition.

I will explain here how it is possible to recreate a decoration in a Venetian-style terrace, spoiler: there is a great deal of painstaking manual work behind it, which is difficult not to appreciate. An old technique that still has its own charm:

venetian-style floor with decoration

Verona: modern Venetian-style floor in a renovation

In this realization, the entire ground floor is traversed by a Venetian-style flooring, enriching it with an intense green decoration.

Click here to see the rest:

Renovation on lake garda

How to clean stains from a Venetian-style floor?

A characteristic of Venetian-style terrace is its porosity: marble and cement tend to absorb and are delicate materials. This is why it is necessary to treat the surface with care and protect it. Knowing its weaknesses will help it last longer and avoid having to resort to extraordinary maintenance operations.

Find out in this article:

stains and venetian floors

Venetian-effect stoneware floor

Did you know that you can reproduce the pattern of Venetian blinds on a stoneware floor? If you like the style, but some of the drawbacks of the floor frighten you (such as its porosity), you might consider choosing stoneware: it doesn't stain and has impressive resistance.

So you get the best of both worlds: the safety of stoneware and the beauty of Venetian-style terrace.

Discover the Venetian-effect stoneware in this article  venetian-effect stoneware

Famous Venetian-style terraces

The Venetian floor has ancient origins, and it was under Roman rule that this flooring gloriously entered Italian history. For centuries, the Venetian terrazzo floor covered the floors of the homes of the rich and noble, providing the floor for some of the greatest historical palaces ever built.

In these two articles I'll tell you about the Venetian floor used in two buildings of great historical importance:

the most famous venetian-style floor in the world  Pfamous venetian-style floors: the pastellone della Rotonda, Vicenza

Venetian-style floors with decorations

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