Yasmine Benetti

Yasmine Benetti, designer for Fratelli Pellizzari, Gambellara (VI)

ROLE: Saleswoman designer of complete houses
OFFICE: Gambellara

MOTTO: Ensure that you never do less than your best.



Yasmine Benetti

Who is Yasmine?

Yasmine was born on 10 february 1989 in Arzignano, she attended the scientific high school and then found her way by enrolling at ISAI to study interior design. At the end of her studies she found a job in a mosaic company where she worked on the design and rendering of decorations, a job that allowed her to develop and deepen her skills, but which she felt lacked a part that was fundamental to her. She lit up when she could talk to the public, explain the work she was so passionate about and in turn excite her listeners about the project she was working on. It will be the need to be in contact with people that will lead her to respond to an advertisement of Fratelli Pellizzari in 2018: she starts to work alongside Andrea Ferrari, dealing mainly with renders and occasionally helping him in the direct approach to customers.

Yasmine grows very quickly within the company and over time she and Andrea find a wonderful professional understanding. Over the years their team has expanded to include talented renderers and 3D designers:Giada RossiVanessa Zanetti and, most recently, Luis Ahmeti. Today, Yasmine's team in the Gambellara office is a close-knit team capable of tackling even the most complex and articulated furnishing and interior design projects. 

Yasmine, who arrived to support Andrea, is now able to give you advice and design your home at 360°: interior floor and wall coverings, outdoor paving and garden design, as well as swimming pools, interior furnishings, bathroom and bathroom furniture, living roomkitchens, bedroom, lighting and everything that may come to mind when you think of a house!


Yasmine Benetti


Colleagues say about Yasmine

Yasmine came to Fratelli Pellizzari wanting to be independent and grow as an individual, but in working with Andrea she rediscovered the beauty of teamwork and the potential of a cohesive team. Having to put several brains together, it is very important for her to communicate and share everything with those around her: "We work in a group, but everyone can express themselves 100% and each member, regardless of their level of experience and knowledge, is treated as an equal. We all work close to each other and our ears are always on the alert to keep up to date by listening to Andrea's phone calls with clients and vice versa". According to Yasmine, this also benefits the customer: "If one member is absent, the customer is not passed on to a salesperson who knows nothing about them, but to the other member who already knows everything about their project".

Needless to say, this 'bubble' of people is passionate about their work and by sharing so much time together, an atmosphere has been created that is increasingly reminiscent of a family environment. You'll find Yasmine grinding out hours upon hours in the office with colleagues trying to simultaneously carry out each project they pick up, sharing a packet of crisps or a pizza, having a laugh between jobs, but always focused on achieving their goals. 

So who better to describe her than the colleagues with whom she shares the jar of sweets and chocolates, the pains and joys of work? Here is what her team members give her credit for:



Yasmine BenettiYasmine Benetti
Yasmine BenettiYasmine Benetti


Her style: the life of the individual determines the house

Yasmine is known for always coming up with new and 'unsettling' ideas. Seemingly calm on the outside, a strong creative flair shakes inside her that finds its greatest satisfaction in the design stages of a project. Working on several different projects at the same time, as she does, can be a pain and a joy, but her chameleon-like nature allows her to move from one project to the next in a fluid manner. The important thing for her is to have a clear idea of who is in front of her, and she reminds me of her habit of asking herself at the first meeting with a new prospective client: 'Who is it? What are you looking for? What do you do for a living? Why did he choose to live in that particular place?".

She acts aware that a person's lifestyle determines a lot what he will look for in his home: "Think of a salesman who travels a lot or is always in his car: when he enters his home he probably doesn't want things that are too minimal, he wants warm colours because he is used to the greyness of the street or the aseptic bathrooms of bars. He needs to feel welcome, because in his daily life he is always in a hurry and in new places. A person's idea of home, what he will choose later, depends a lot on his lifestyle."

And so, if you are curious, for her "home" represents a container: "Now "home" for me is represented by all those elements that I have collected over time, month after month, journey after journey, experience after experience. For me, home is the centrepiece I picked up on a trip to Marrakech, as well as the photos hanging from my last trip to America". Casa is a good starting point and so, by trying to read the needs and dreams of her clients, she hopes to be able to give the same good base to the family that will inhabit the house she has in her hands, in the hope that it will represent an evolving space of growth, welcome and warmth. 

To better understand her style, I leave you her project portfolio created in collaboration with Andrea:

Let yourself be inspired by Yasmine's personal touch and discover her projects 

hOme prjects:
The style of Yasmine 

Realisation: opening the doors to the new

Once the appointments have been made, the materials have been chosen, the estimates have been signed, and the work has begun and been completed, we come to a moment of closure and, at the same time, of opening. The collaborative relationship between interior designer and client comes to an end, while the owner can finally enjoy the finished home. From idea to paper, to digital project, and finally to concrete reality, this is the moment when we can draw conclusions, overcome possible difficulties encountered during construction, and understand whether the work satisfies the client and his expectations.

Yasmine also has a critical eye on completed projects, convinced as she is of Andrea that there is always room for improvement. Despite this, she can admit when something is particularly successful. So here are some of the achievements that see her as a protagonist, always with her team, and that make her particularly proud!




Andrea Ferrari  Andrea Ferrari
Yasmine Benetti Yasmine Benetti  
Yasmine Benetti  Yasmine Benetti

Do you want to contact Yasmine?

If you like her style and think that your home (or business) needs Yasmine's touch, you can contact her via mail: she will be happy to accompany and advise you o the journey of creating your new space. Whether it is the whole house or large projects you will find her in the Gambellara office together with her colleague Andrea Ferrari.

We receive customers by appointment, so we can devote the right space and attention to anyone who needs it. We inform you in advance that we work in the areas of Vicenza and Verona, while we can supply our materials, of Italian origin and often handcrafted, thoughout the rest of the Italian territory.

NUMBER: 0444649038,413         EMAIL: yasmine@fratellipellizzari.com                                                                             J   

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