Alberto Savegnago

Alberto Savegnago, insulation technician, coatings, plasterboards Fratelli Pellizzari (VI)

ROLE: Technician specialising in coatings, plasterboard, paints
OFFICE: Costo di Arzignano


Alberto, who was born in Valdagno (Vicenza) and lives in Cornedo Vicentino, is our technician for the world of 'light' construction (acoustic and thermal insulation and overcoats, plasterboard and false ceilings, paintng and resins) and is our manager for whole house turnkey solutions.

He arrived at Fratelli Pellizzari in 2001 and, after gaining a great deal of experience in this field, he introduced the painting and plasterboard service! He now acts as a skilled coordinator for plasterboarders, painters, coaters, installers and window and door fitters. If you have chosen a turnkey option for your entire house, it is highly likely that you will be dealing with him from the start of the work on site. Don't worry, we'll leave you in good hands!

You may not immediately notice the important contribution he makes to the company and to Fratelli Pellizzari houses, but he is there and he is essential. Here are some of the houses in which his presence has been felt and the reviews that explain when his contribution is important:

Turnkey solutions he has worked on

Turnkey renovated private house, Arzignano

This house was entrusted to us for a turnkey renovation: Alberto directed the installers and created false ceilings and plasterboard partitions to better redistribute the spaces in the house.

Click here to see all the work behind the finished job: Renovate house in Arzignano

Turnkey refurbished offices, Arzignano

A room used as a shop that we were called upon to transform into the offices of Retecasa in Arzignano. Alberto supervised and coordinated the work of the painters and plasterers!

Click here to see all the steps of this renovation:  contract offices in Vicenza

Renovation and coating in Arzignano

A major renovation that involved transforming not only the interiors but also the exteriors. Coating and painting were carried out by expert teams coordinated by Alberto.

Click here to see in detail the work carried out in this house: turnkey renovation in vicenza

And what do customers say about him?

Vuoi contattare Alberto?

Trovi Alberto tutti i giorni nella sede di Costo di Arzignano, anche se lavora per tutta l'azienda! Non c'è giorno di riposo per lui e se hai bisogno di informazioni puoi contattarlo via mail: sarà felice di rendersi disponibile se qualcosa in cantiere non sta andando bene o se senti che sia necessaria la sua presenza.


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