New external flooring in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza

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12/15/2021 - 17:30

Porphyry, cobblestones and Prun stone are used in positive and negative ways in the design of this exterior. Curious to understand more? Read what Andrea thought.


Hi! I'm Andrea and today I'm taking you to Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza), where I designed an outdoor floor that is different from the usual. The starting point of the design was based on two assumptions:

  1. The areas to be paved were of two types, a sloping slide and a flat manoeuvring area;
  2. The client wanted the new paving to match the stone paving of the swimming pool, the porch and the external stairs, which would therefore not be renewed.

The end result is a functional paving with a very interesting decoration. Find out what we achieved below!


Watch the video of this exterior:

External renovation: before work

The existing external cobbled floor needed to be refreshed after years of wear. As it stood, it failed to enhance the structure of the house, which appeared much older.

However, the existing cobblestones and the stone sculpture in front of the house immediately inspired me. Back in Gambellara, I took the plan of the house in my hand and started to draw an exterior on it that would give it new light.

Exterior before work

External paving: project

On the basis of the client's requirements, I created a pavement that combined pebbles, cubed porphyry and squared porphyry with decorative plates of Prun stone to reflect the paving of the swimming pool, porch and stairs. 

A single decoration is used in two solutions playing on the "positive-negative":

  1. In the slide, the background is characterised by pebbles, set off by bands of porphyry that facilitate the ascent and descent by car, given the steep slope;
  2. In the second part, on the contrary, a flat and manoeuvring area, the bands are in pebbles and the background is in porphyry, so as to make walking easier and more comfortable (we all know how uncomfortable it is to walk on cobblestones).

The play of the braid remains unchanged by being mirrored on the other side with inverted materials, allowing the use of materials to be adapted to the purpose of the area. The result is a very practical, yet aesthetically interesting outdoor floor.

How do you design an outdoor area? Find out: how to design the outdoor floor: advice and precautions

Exterior floor design

Laying external floors

The laying phase was challenging for our installers, who had to deal with a design that did not involve the usual solid field, but inlays and decorations studied in every detail. When laying an outdoor floor, it is important to take the right measurements before starting, and here even more so given the number of details and the importance of the geometry of the design!

The skill and patience of our craftsmen led to a result identical to the digital image I created in the office. Here are some photos of the construction site!

Laying the external floor

Outdoor porphyry and cobblestone paving

When the work is finished, I have to say that the result is even better than I would have hoped for when I saw the render. The client herself was so enthusiastic about the work that she even told me: "I sometimes look out just to look at it! I think it's a work of art." So we can only thank the installers once again for their patience and making the idea a reality!

And when I look at it one last time, I can't help but appreciate the porphyry selected and its nuances, which at times reflect the colours of the pebbles and match the green of the garden. There is a fresher, quieter air in this new space, where the house is finally framed and enhanced.

External floor in Montecchio Maggiore

Thank you! ?

Thanks to the customers who entrusted us with their external floor and to our team for making their wishes come true! You wouldn't get anywhere on your own.

Thank you for reading the whole article! I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired you. If you have any doubts or questions, you can write to me below using the comments box. If, on the other hand, you would like to make an appointment to design your exterior or your home, use the form below. I will be happy to accompany you on this journey, putting all the creativity I have into it, together with my team!

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