New house in Brendola: customised bathrooms and modern surfaces

"A home is not a mere transient shelter:
its essence lies in the personaities of the people who live in it."

_H.L. Mencken_

12/10/2021 - 11:40

Martina has helped personalise every room in this house with details, finishes and surfaces that meet all the needs of this wonderful family.

A family of 4 and their new home

Hi, I'm Martina! Today I'm taking you with me to visit Lorenza and Dario in their new home.

They made an appointment at our Showroom in Costo di Arzignano in search of the finishes for their home, designed by surveyor Giuseppe Castagnaro.
From the very first inspection, I was captivated by the context of the home, which is surrounded by expanses of green. This led to the idea of choosing materials with the most natural effect possible and the need to combine the interior and exterior spaces. 

We are talking about a family of 4, parents and 2 daughters, all four with very specific needs! The challenge was to combine aesthetics with functionality and practicality, and the result is truly remarkable: I am very pleased to have been able to fulfil their wishes.

Let's open this regal door and enter!


Would you prefer to take a video tour of the house? Click here:

Nature bathroom for the living area

The bathrooms are completely diffrent from each other, although they have a few small details in common. 

The daytime bathroom is for guests, so the idea was to create a scenic effect different from what we are used to seeing in a space like this, taking care not to make it out of context with the style of the house.
Since it is a small room, I reccommanded light colours to mantain a certain amount of light, and I wanted to emphasise the double-height ceiling, which is a special feature of this bathroom, with a natural material called raw lime, which covers the whole main wall with a very elegant and sophisticated three-dimensional effect.
At the centre of the wall is a niche entirely covered in wood, the same material we'll find in the bedroom area, interspersed with small smoked glass shelves and illuminated by a lateral LED profile that enhances its verticality

Do you know how useful niches are in the bathroom? You can read more about them here: illuminated bathroom niches

Since surfaces are the protagonists of this bathroom, the furniture was deliberately chosen in a white colour and glossy finish to make the walls and surrounding colours stand out: a freestanding ceramic washbasin, a mirror descending from the ceiling and a wall-mounted satin-finish stainless steel tap.

The lighting has been specially designed to enhance all areas of the bathroom: 2 wall lights that are more functional, as they are adjustable, on the side of the mirror to provide more light, and 3 scenic wall lights that enhance the three-dimensionality of the wall finish.

A modern bathroom for the tavern

In the tavern it is natural to think of rustic or at least more classic floor and wall coverings. In this case we have chosen to create a very modern tavern bathroom in which a floor in the (large) format, 120x120, contrasts sharply with the oxidised copper effect of the large wall slabs. 

The details here make all the difference! The freestanding washbasin in corian is matt white on the outside, while the washbasin integrated inside is matt black.

The same matt finish is used for the accessories, the profiles of the shower cubicle, the hose of the shower mixer and the structure of the mirror anchored to the ceiling.
Speaking of taps, stainless steel was also chosen for this room and for all the other bathrooms, precisely to maintain the same style.

Do you know the characteristics of stainless steel taps? Click here: stainless steel taps

The lighting in this small bathroom is integrated into the sides of the mirror for a frontal light and in the ceiling cylinders in an oxidised metal colour to recall the veining inside the slabs.

Girls' bathroom

The girls' bathroom could only be in shades of pastel pink! 

Wood on the floor also enters this room where it meets a hexagonal shaped stoneware tile which mixes 3 feminine colours: pastel pink, white and beige. In this bathroom, I did not want to create too clear-cut geometries; I was thinking more of a game of constantly changing materials to give a sense of irregularity, which I managed to create thanks to the laying pattern chosen. 

I wanted to be daring, and the customers with me, by bringing the same dynamism of the floor to the wall covering of the sanitary ware. This decoration, created on site by our installers and craftsmen, stops just outside the shower area, where the shower tray and walls are covered with resin-effect porcelain stoneware which was deliberately chosen in a light, neutral colour, precisely to let the opposite wall take centre stage. 

Well, what about the bathroom cabinet? An element that certainly does not go unnoticed thanks to the powder pink of the lacquer which perfectly echoes the tone of the hexagon. In addition to the two washbasin bases, it is composed of two side elements that recall the wood of the floor and two washbasin integrated on the resin-effect stoneware top. 

The words that best describe this bathroom, in addition to the aesthetic effect already perceptible from the photos below, are practicality and functionality. The perfect place for two young women who need a make-up area with a large illuminated mirror and plenty of space for their preparation.

Bathroom night area dedicated to Him&Her

The master bathroom is a real pampering!

Dario and Lorenza both had very clear requirements: she wanted a comfortable bathtub with a more natural shape, while he wanted a very large shower that would fit into the bathroom as a light and not too visible element. Now you will find out how I managed to reconcile their two requirements.

The wooden floor continues from the master bedroom into the bathroom, but is interrupted in the area for the bathtub and shower: a sinuous curve created by our installers, who cut out a large slab to create this unique piece.
The same stoneware is also used on the walls, where it contrasts with a marble effect in shades of teal, caramel and hazelnut: these beautiful nuances form the backdrop for a custom-made piece of solid oak furniture that picks up on the shades and sinuous lines of the floor.

Another detail that underlines the Him&Her concept is the colour of the two countertop washbasins. They are made of coloured ceramic: respectively the shade of aqua green combined with the flexible of the bathtub hand shower and the shade of clay that recalls that of the shower.

Coloured ceramic bathroom furniture, click here to read more: coloured sanitaries

You must know that one of the main aspects I like to take care of in every room I work in is definitely lighting, and in this bathroom I had a lot of fun!
I inserted a vertical niche inside the shower and a horizontal one behind the bathtub, while a counter wall was added to the wall of the furniture and sanitary fixtures to obtain three-dimensional elements that would give dynamism to the environment thanks to the recessed LED lights. 
I can assure you, as Lorenza and Dario say, that relaxing in a shower or bath in an environment where the light is not direct gives a real feeling of well-being.

Light-coloured stoneware for living areas

Often the first question we ask customers when they are choosing tiles for the living area is: do you prefer a light or dark floor?  The choice of flooring for the large open space  living area was made with one important element in mind: the clients wanted a single material both inside and outside the house.

In fact the sense of continuity between inside and outside, made very visible by the large windows, makes the home seem larger and more spacious.

Indoor and outdoor tiles, here are some examples: 120x120, In&Out

We opted for a porcelain stoneware tile with a stone effect, which we called "Vicenza stone", in light ivory tones, but at the same time shaded and with dots that make it look very realistic and give it all the practicality you need in a living area.

Outdoors? We go out with the same stoneware tile

While the surface is natural to the touch inside the house, I have recommended a slightly non-slip version of the same tile for the outside.
Specifically, these large R+PTV outdoor tiles correspond to an R10, which indicates a non-slip surface, but one that is not difficult to clean.

In a porch environment such as this, this was the right choice to make in order to provide security even on the coldest and rainiest days of the year.


If you want to find out more about outdoor stoneware, here is the right article: stoneware for outdoors

The greenery that surrounds us on this hillside blends in perfectly with this warm, shaded stone effect that has allowed us to give continuity to the rooms without changing colours or formats.

A warm floor in the sleeping area

Let's go up to the sleeping area and find a wooden floor, which the clients opted for right from the start to maintain a feeling of warmth, especially in the bedrooms.

The staircase leading to this area anticipates the material we will find there, and we decided to cover it with the same oak wood in a varnished finish.
Faced with the choice between varnished or oiled parquet, the former prevailed after we examined the pros and cons of both finishes with the client.

The wooden floor was laid in all the rooms and also, as you can see, inside the bathrooms to give continuity: a project made possible because a varnished parquet was chosen, which therefore already has the protection it needs to be inserted in damp environments, just like the bathroom. It is a matt varnish, invisible to the naked eye, which does not allow you to see the difference between this varnish and an oil finish, except for its priceless practicality.

You really can rest easy if you have a wooden floor in your bathroom! See here: wood in the bathroom


Two design staircases


Since the house is divided into several floors, the stairs were certainly so important that they had to be studied very carefully.

The internal staircase, covered in wood, is a real furnishing element which makes it possible to perceive the passage between the living area and the sleeping area and has been skilfully illuminated by markers embedded in the wall.

The other internal staircase leads from the entrance to the living area, with the riser covered with warm-toned technical marble and the tread with the same large stone-effect stoneware slabs used for the floors. 
The outside staircase, just beyond the entrance door, is covered with the same combination of materials, stoneware and technical marble, again reflecting the continuity between indoors and outdoors.

Thank you 🥰

Thank you for reading this article realisation! I hope you enjoyed it and that it sparked your creativity. If you have any doubts or questions you can write to me below using the comments box. If, on the other hand, you would like to make an appointment to renovate your bathrooms and your home use the form below, we will be happy to accompany you on this difficult but beautiful journey!

Keep in mind, however, that we are a small company, a company specialised in interior finishes and with a team of interior designers. We like to find the right solutions and work with the most beautiful and newest products, preferring the Made in Italy to everything else, so it is difficult for us to use cheap products because we provide a series of services that are "included in the price" including advice, design, inspections ... Also: 

  • We can do very few jobs in a year: on average a dozen turnkey jobs;
  • We do not have the capacity to do jobs with immense sizes;
  • Nor can we move too far from Vicenza-Verona.

This is because we have to provide the right assistance to jobs and customers. That's why I'm already warning you that if you have to do floors thousands of metres long or if the site is far from Vicenza and Verona, the areas where we operate, it's very likely that I'll suggest another colleague. If, on the other hand, you live or will live in these provinces, you can visit us in our shops and we will be happy to design your home together. 

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