Ceramic boiserie

boiserie classica


The word "boiserie" comes from French and means "panelling". Indeed, in the past, boiserie was a wooden panelling that protected the side walls of a room (and in some cases the ceiling). Used from the late Middle Ages onwards, it was decorated, inlaid, carved, gilded or painted. 

Today, wood panelling is available not only in wood but also in ceramics, ensuring a more durable use in rooms where there is moisture, for example in the bathroom. On this page we will focus on ceramic panelling and see how it is designed and some examples of its application. 


Classic boiserie in Vicenza

Boiserie in white ceramic, in a bathroom with a classic style.

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Ceramic tile boiserie

Are you thinking of tiling your bathroom with tiles only in the lower part? Would you like to create a ceramic wall paneling? You have come to the right place. On this page we will see ceramic tiles used for this purpose.

As we know, tiles are extremely versatile. Thanks to new technologies, they can replace other materials, improving their performance or overcoming certain disadvantages. 

boiserie in ceramica classica per bagno

This is the case of classic stoneware boiserie with a glazed wood effect, typical of the English style to which we dedicated the first article: classic ceramic boiserie. 
In the article you will find some proposals but also advice, ideas, heights to be respected and costs.

Boiserie in a bathroom in Verona

Verona: wood-effect boiserie at our trade fair stand

Modern ceramic wall panelling

On this page we will also dedicate space to other boiseries, always made using ceramic tiles, which are more modern or minimal, in which the wall covering covers the lower part of the bathroom (or living spaces) leaving space for upper finishes in other materials. 

We will also try to suggest materials which can be used in combination with ceramic tiles for the upper part of the walls, which must be decorated in a coherent manner and which must match the ceramic tiles, enhancing them.

Verona: classic boiserie in a bathroom

Boiserie: beware of heights

When designing a bathroom with a panelled wall, attention must be paid to all the elements in the room: electrical sockets, switches, flush plates, windows, mirrors, etc. Any of these elements could be a problem for the height of the panelling and could perhaps fall at the top end of the wall, spoiling the aesthetics of the bathroom. 

Any one of these elements could be a problem for the height of the panelling and perhaps fall right at the top end, spoiling the aesthetics of the bathroom. 

Other wall panelling made in Verona and Vicenza