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1) Renovating a bathroom on a turnkey basis - Giulia explains you the reasons and steps for renovating a bathroom on a turnkey basis. A broken pipe, a style that is too retro, the desire for change, incentives with a 50% discount on the invoice... these and other reasons for renovating your bathroom. 



2) Wellness showers - Erica wanted to share with you her passion for designing wellness spaces in private homes. Benefiting from the well-being of water should not be a privilege of the few, it should be a daily gift we give ourselves.



3) The boiserie - Greta and Guido will try to make you understand how this traditional covering becomes absolutely up-to-date if the design of your bathroom is studied in detail, combining modern materials with the classic vision of bathroom coverings.


1) 9 questions and answers about porcelain stoneware - Roberto answers some of the most frequently asked questions about porcelain stoneware and its characteristics as a floor, wall or furniture element. Roberto will answer questions about joints, the unevenness that can be created during installation, explain the different types of grout that can be used, the tile sizes available today and much more.

2) Large slabs of decorated stoneware, with customisable printing - In this webinar Yasmine explains the possibility of customising floors or walls by taking photos (or buying photos online) and then printing them on large slabs. She will reveal the costs of these "custom slabs" and the possibilities of using them to brighten up and decorate our homes.


The laying patterns of wooden floors - Roberto, as head of the wooden floor sector, shows us and explains the different ways of laying wooden floors. The traditional laying pattern, the very special module laying pattern and then the dowels... Italian or Hungarian?
Costs, technicalities but also a lot of design!


1) Wallpaper - Greta tells you about wallpaper and how it can enhance living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. For the bathroom there is a special trick to adopt, and you will discover all the innovations of modern wallpaper.


2) Raw lime - Martina tells you about this novelty in the world of wall decorations: a natural material such as lime that makes the wall breathable and resistant to mould and a professional workforce that creates true works of art, each one different from the next.


1) Lighting in the bathroom - Martina will explain to you the criteria to follow for lighting the bathroom, how many lux are needed in the different points of the bathroom, the possibility of inserting Led profiles in the covering to highlight surfaces and architecture and other suggestions and advice for not making mistakes in lighting the bathroom.


2) Chromotherapy in the bathroom - In this video Martina continues her discussion on bathroom lighting by delving into a more specific aspect of light, chromotherapy. Skilfully designed coloured lights generate well-being, find out how.


The kitchen tops - Ilaria tells us in this webinar the characteristics and differences of the materials currently on the market for kitchen tops. Fratelli Pellizzari has made a very precise choice of the material to be used for the production of kitchen tops, and in this video you will discover why.


1) Outdoor minipools - Erica continues to talk about wellness, but this time we're leaving the home. Outdoor spas, if well designed with all the necessary provisions, can be a source of relaxation that has nothing to envy to spas!

In-person courses and conferences for craftsmen and professionals

We believe in training and we invest a lot of resources and time to grow. The construction industry is constantly evolving and it is important to 'keep up'. 
That is why we organise meetings with the protagonists of innovation to learn about and test new products.

La Formazione Academy alla Fratelli Pellizzari

On this page we will include some of the training courses open to all those who are building or renovating their homes. Some of the courses are dedicated to designers or craftsmen who are our customers. We won't be bored, guaranteed!

Formazione Academy in Pellizzari sul cartongesso

For designers, we have trained and dedicated one of our colleagues, Demis, who is in charge of visiting the studios, passing on information, updates and news in technologies and construction materials.