Decking, outdoor flooring


Decking is the term used to describe the wooden flooring used to decorate your terrace or garden. 
On this page we will report on our experiences with this material, discuss the problems, costs and which types of wood are more suitable than others. 
The term today also identifies flooring made with "imitation wood", an imitation obtained with technical materials or mixtures of resin and wood powder. 

Wooden decking

We'll talk about wood decking in a very detailed article: we'll tell you which types of wood to use, how to lay them and what treatments to use. We talk about costs and maintenance... in short, it's a complete guide that we recommend you read if you want to pave the outside of your home with wood:

► The complete guide to exterior wood flooring

WPC decking

A material that is rapidly growing in customer demand is WPC, a composite of wood and plastic, hence the name: wood plastic composite. 
We have dedicated an article to this type of flooring, which you can find below:

► The WPC external floor