20 mm thick stoneware for outdoor use

piastrelle gres esterno, gres porcellanato esterno

High thickness stoneware is an extraordinary innovation in the ceramic tile sector. Discover in this article its characteristics, application possibilities and prices. 

thick stoneware for outdoor use 

If you are thinking of using this thick stoneware for an outdoor raised floor, you will need a support system that is durable, easy to install and quick to adjust. We have looked at the supports on the market in this other article:

supports for laying thick stoneware on a raised floor


Some application of 2 cm thick stoneware outdoors

Laying 2 cm thick stoneware on substrates on a terrace

2 cm thick outdoor stoneware with pebbles

Vase and floor made of 2 cm stoneware.

2 cm thick stoneware with synthetic grass

Outdoor stoneware 2 cm thick on grass

Laying stoneware 2 cm in verona